Table Talk, and Other Poems

Przednia okładka
Thomas Desilver. Clark & Raser, printers., 1818 - 179

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Strona 54 - ... night Lies down secure, her heart and pocket light ; She for her humble sphere by nature fit, Has little understanding and no wit, Receives no praise, but (though her lot be such, Toilsome and indigent) she renders much ; Just knows, and knows no more, her Bible true, A truth the brilliant Frenchman never knew, And in that charter reads, with sparkling eyes, Her title to a treasure in the skies.
Strona 111 - To associate all the branches of mankind ; And if a boundless plenty be the robe, Trade is the golden girdle of the globe. Wise to promote whatever end he means, God opens fruitful nature's various scenes : Each climate needs what other climes produce, And offers something to the general use ; No land but listens to the common call, And in return receives supply from all.
Strona 132 - Dubius is such a scrupulous good man ! Yes, you may catch him tripping if you can. He would not with a peremptory tone Assert the nose upon his face his own ; With hesitation admirably slow He humbly hopes, presumes, it may be so.
Strona 102 - Assailed by scandal and the tongue of strife, His only answer was, a blameless life ; And he that forged, and he that threw the dart, Had each a brother's interest in his heart.
Strona 62 - Since the dear hour that brought me to thy foot, And cut up all my follies by the root, I never trusted in an arm but thine, Nor hoped, but in thy righteousness divine...
Strona 138 - He says but little, and that little said Owes all its weight, like loaded dice, to lead. His wit invites you by his looks to come, But when you knock it never is at home : 'Tis like a parcel sent you by the stage...
Strona 144 - That, reaching home, the night, they said, is near. We must not now be parted, sojourn here — The new acquaintance soon became a guest, And, made so welcome at their simple feast, He...
Strona 66 - Then ceremony leads her bigots forth, Prepared to fight for shadows of no worth, While truths on which eternal things depend Find not, or hardly find a single friend : As soldiers watch the signal of command, They learn to bow, to kneel, to sit, to stand ; Happy to fill religion's vacant place With hollow form, and gesture, and grimace.
Strona 158 - To trace in Nature's most minute design, The signature and stamp of power divine, Contrivance intricate expressed with ease, Where unassisted sight no beauty sees, The shapely limb and lubricated joint, Within the small dimensions of a point, Muscle and nerve miraculously spun, His mighty work who speaks and it is done, The invisible in things scarce seen revealed, To whom an atom is an ample field.
Strona 43 - Faults in the life breed errors in the brain, And these, reciprocally, those again. The mind and conduct mutually imprint And stamp their image in each other's mint : Each, sire and dam, of an infernal race, Begetting and conceiving all that's base.

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