The Holy Gospels in Anglo-Saxon, Northumbrian, and Old Mercian Versions: Synoptically Arranged, with Collations Exhibiting All the Readings of All the Mss, Tom 4

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Walter William Skeat
The University Press, 1878

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Strona iv - The Gospel according to St Matthew in Anglo-Saxon and Northumbrian Versions, synoptically arranged : with Collations of the best Manuscripts. By JM KEMBLE, MA and Archdeacon HARDWICK.
Strona vii - Bishop of Lindisfarne, bound it on the outside and covered (?) it, as he was well able to do. And Billfrith, the anchorite, wrought the ornaments upon the outside and adorned it...
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Strona xii - Anglian, with a tendency to be slightly more northern, perhaps as being somewhat later, than its original; but the translation of St Matthew is in a dialect which differs but little from the West Saxon of the period, and may probably be Mercian or, at least, West Saxon written by a Midland man.
Strona viii - And St John's part for himself, together with four oras of silver, (deposited) with God and St Cuthbert ; to the end that he may gain admittance into heaven, through God's mercy, and on earth happiness and peace, promotion and dignity, wisdom and prudence, through St Cuthbert's merits.
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Strona viii - Billfrith, the anchorite, wrought the ornaments upon the outside and adorned it, this unalloyed metal gilded over, with gold and gems, and also with silver (?) And Aldred, an unworthy and most miserable priest, with the help of God and St. Cuthbert, wrote an English gloss above, and obtained for himself a home (?) with the three parts ; (he glossed) Matthew's part for God and St.
Strona xviii - With this compare the following: "In Kentish, we have the numerous Charters, most of which belong to the first half of the ninth century, the gloss on the Psalms (Vesp. A. 1) in the British Museum, which originally belonged to Christ Church, Canterbury, and the gloss on the Proverbs (Vesp. D. 6), unpublished. These two are written in a very similar hand, probably of the last half of the ninth century"; H. Sweet, Trans, of the Phil. Soc. 1877. Part III. p. 555. It is only from the 'Early English Psalter...
Strona vi - ... throughout St Matthew's Gospel are independent1. ST LUKE. The Preface again explains the arrangement of the subject-matter. At p. vii, an account of the pedigree of the MSS. is attempted. It is proved (1) that the Hatton MS. is copied from the Royal MS.; (2) that the Royal MS. is copied from the Bodley MS.; (3) that the Corpus, Bodley, and Cotton MS., were all copied from one and the same original at the same time ; and (4) that the Cambridge MS. was ultimately derived from the same original,...

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