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supper was the man who had bought some oxen and had to go and prove them. What were the five yoke of oxen? The figure five always represents the incomplete sense plane--- you will find the key to it by looking into your own five senses. This means the state of animal consciousness. If you are going to give yourself up to this animal consciousness, you are simply going the way of all animals. We are all at the center spiritual, but if we allow these five senses, these five yoke of oxen, to have their own way, then we are no better off than beasts.

But what is the yoking together? You will find that everyone of your senses is yoked with the I am; that is, the personal I AM. There is the yoke of the two eyes, the two ears, one on the right side and one on the left. Some people chew altogether on the right side, and if you notice carefully you will find that you taste more of your food on the right side than on the left, and you will probably find that your right side is more sensitive than the left. We are all rightminded people, and should have the use of both sides. Some people are paralyzed on the left side. Why? Because they have used the right side so much that the other side fails them through lack of exercise. When we come into this great Universal Truth and use aright this great Universal Substance, we shall know how to handle each of these senses and how to yoke them up evenly and make them pull together. This man believed these were material things; he had to go and prove his oxen; that is, he had to go away off and attend to the matter. Now we don't have to go away off to prove these things at all; they are to be proved from the inner side only, and you will find these are good oxen; they are something that you as a spiritual being need in your business; they are good things to have in doing your work, but your whole existence is not dependent upon these senses— they are absolutely without permanency until spiritually proven. If you try to prove them by going off into external conditions, you will fail.

the eyes.


As was said last Sunday, if you wear glasses that indicates that you are going off to prove those oxen,

You must accept the invitation of Jesus. He will show you how these oxen are to be trained, how they are to be yoked up and draw on the substance within. If you think substance is material, pretty soon it will deposit itself in your bones as matter -- it will begin to crystalize. If your hearing is bad, change your ideas about the substance in your ears, and you will find that your hearing will clear up; you will find that you can yoke up the oxen easily. Some people yoke up their two sides in such an uneven way that either is


behind or away ahead of the other; they are like oxen not yoked, one is racing down one street and the other off down some alley in another direction, and they will never work at all in that way.

If you will take this substance idea right into your consciousness and say, “Substance is spirit,” it will mean something to you. Get this idea of substance before your mind right and it will bring you onto a firm basis.

Then there was another man a man who had married a wife; he also could not go to this great supper. You will find that as you come into this part of your consciousness that it will make excuses for you

of all kinds. It will say to you, “Oh, you are so wrapt up in other and more important things that you can't give your attention to metaphysics — you have not yet gotten to that point in evolution where you can grasp the high ideas of these people." You will doubtless also find yourself making very flimsy excuses, probably like Mark Twain's man in the Orient, who when asked the loan of an ax, said no, he could not loan his ax, for he had to have it to eat soup with; but when reminded that he could not eat soup with an ax, replied, “Oh, well, you know when an excuse is needed anything will do."

We are told in this lesson that when these different people did not respond to the invitation of the Spirit the master told the servants to go out in the highways and byways, everywhere, and bring in the blind and the halt and the maimed and the poor, and everyone. These people who received the invitation last came in, all bringing their friends with them. What does this mean? It means that within your consciousness you are to accept the invitation of the Universal Substance; you are to build up in the body and in all forms the perfect substance with the right ideals, and if you don't accept the invitation from this standpoint, which is the first invitation that was sent out, then you will find that other thoughts will flock in and take possession - come in and eat the supper.

You have a blind man in your consciousness when you do not see the truth, and he will take this Universal Substance and eat of it, and you will become aware that you are blinder than you ever

A poor man is the idea of insufficient supply. If you are lacking in any way, you may know that you are eating of this supper in that state of mind instead of eating in your right mind — you are letting in the rabble--you are showing forth untrained ideas.

If you are not thinking true, orderly thoughts, you are thinking disorderly thoughts. The law is that mind is continually at work, absorbing, or eating, the great Universal Substance. The great supper is continually going on, and if we have not brought our good and careful thoughts to the feast, the poor and lame ones have come in and are growing fat in our consciousness.


As flowers never put on their best clothes on Sunday, but wear their spotless raiment and exhale their odor every day, so let your righteous life, free from stain, ever give forth the fragrance of the love of God.


How e'er it be, it seems to me,
'Tis only noble to be good;
Kind hearts are more than coronets,
And simpie faith than Norman blood.


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The race has been taught for ages that evil is a self-existent force; that there is a conscious power, or devil, working against the good of mankind.

But God is no respecter of persons, and would not in His universal love for all alike give some person or power the monopoly of using His power and intelligence for evil ends.

No, this is a negative belief arising from ignorance, or only a partial knowledge of the Goodness of the All Intelligence.

Positive knowledge reveals the truth that the intelligence in man, bird, beast and all created things is good, in fact very good. All created things are the intelligence of God manifest, and evolving through the successive steps of progressive life. All are growing from negative to positive continually through the grades of unconscious intelligence or ignorance, and will finally reach the development that will enable them to grasp the positive knowledge of Eternal Truth, and work consciously with the One Intelligence, the Father of all created things.

All is good, every step is good, even though it be a misstep or a seeming mistake, for through their mistakes they learn which path does not lead to happiness, and thus advance in knowledge.

This faith, that all is good, can become the salvation of each and everyone from all the erroneous devitalizing beliefs of the race.

We should cultivate ourselves in the recognition that all life is truth on its own plane; and that in evolving and progressing minds live in the experience of truth negative before advancing into the realm of positive truth. This will give us the patience of God with all the ideas and creeds of mortal mind which the race have evolved as they progressed through negative mind or nescience.

This is positive knowledge.

This is the faith of God that overcomes the world mind.

This is the revelation of truth that heals and harmonizes all elements of mind and body.

There is no real or positive evil.

All so-called evil beings and actions are in and from ignorance.

There may be thoughts of the race, or race beliefs, that have grown positive through ages of existence and universal acceptance, nevertheless they live in and belong to the negative sphere of mind, having no real principles of reason or truth to substantiate them; while thoughts of truth are alive with the positive force and Spirit of God, and the mind that expresses them is en rapport with the minds of angels and archangels and every healing, illuminating potency in the universe of Divine Mind.

Every mind and condition of ignorance can be developed into the more positive condition of knowledge and health through the omniscient power inherent in the thought, “All is Good."

Everything, no matter how evil it appears, is undeveloped God substance, and will grow and progress to a more intelligent condition under the fertilizing recognition that all IS GOOD.

Nothing, nothing can turn against the one who lives in the positive recognition and avowal of this ever-present Truth. This one statement of Absolute Good, that our reasoning powers can glory in for weeks and rejoice in for months, will prove itself the Voice of Omnipotence, by making all of our mind and world good and prosperous, and glorify our whole nature with the exhilerating life that comes to those whose minds are wholly in tune with the Infinite Good.

All the pain, disease and poverty of a patient is the outpicturing of negative beliefs. Then the healer must be conscious of the power of thought,

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