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the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength and my redeemer.' We have been going round saying we had broken hearts, we had more trouble than we could bear, we had hard times, we had so much to endure, and everything we could think of that was a lie, for God never made or gave any such things, and then, when we feel almost overwhelmed with these things, we wonder what we have done to merit any such experience. Then we have laid it to the devil, and to the flesh, and to fallen man, Adam, and to everything but the right thing. But we did n't know any better, though that did not relieve us from the penalty of our wrong thinking and doing, or wrong believing, for 'as a man believeth in his heart, so is he,' and so

are his experiences. Then comes in the old story of the Adam man, who ever blames it onto the woman. Did you ever think of that poor wo-man (woe-man)? Born of the flesh from which comes all our woe, and so we have piled it off onto the wo-man,

instead of saying, 'I am not born of the flesh, but of the Spirit,' for Jesus said, Call no man on earth your father, for One is your Father, even God.' That is it, I am born of God, I am born free. What then becomes of your sin? Ah, Who shall lay anything to the charge of God's elect? It is Christ (the I Am in me) that justifieth.' • I am clean through the blood (life) of Christ' in me, for Christ is my Life, immortal, for ‘Lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of world.").

C. A. SHAFER, Secretary.


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Never ask advice of any other thought
But faith, fullness, courage.


God, the more
Communicated, more abundant grows.



Devoted to Practical Christianity.

$1.00 per year.

10 cents per copy. Foreign Subscriptions, 5 shillings per year.

Published on the 15th of every month by UNITY TRACT SOCIETY, Kansas City, Mo.

Entered in the postoffice at Kansas City, Mo., as second-class matter.



Publishers' Department.

Unity is issued on the 15th, and Wee Wisdom on the 1st of the month.

CLASS ANNOUNCEMENT. The next regular course of instructions at the Unity Rooms, in Kansas City, will begin Monday, January 21st, at 8 P. M. Charles and Myrtle Fillmore will lead in the twelve lessons composing this course - one lesson each evening for two weeks. Freewill offerings.

UNITY MEETINGS IN KANSAS CITY. Every Sunday. During January a Bible Lesson at II a. M. by

Jennie H. Croft, and sermon at 11:30 A. M. by Charles Fillmore. Every Wednesday. Open meeting, in which all take part, at

2:30 P. M., led by Myrtle Fillmore. Every day, except Sunday. Silent meeting 12 to 12:30, High


Healing by the spiritual influence of the law of truth. Great success in healing absent patients. Instructions given by letter in healing by Spirit instead of the law of suggestion.

FLORENCE C. GILBERT, 1090 Dawson St., Cor. 156th St., East Side, New York City.

Practical Ideals is the ideal title of a new monthly magazine published at the home of the Metaphysical Club, 200 Clarendon Street, Boston, by the Star Publishing Co. We welcome its appearance in the fold of advanced spiritual journals.

For a quick response in all matters not especially personal, address your letters, Unity Tract Society. 1315 McGee Street, Kansas City, Mo.

A pretty Christmas card was issued by H. H. Schroeder, emblematic of the season with a picture of the Sunday School of the St. Louis Society of Practical Christianity.

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The Divine Truth Home, of Holton, Kan., sends greetings to the Society of Practical Christianity, of Kansas City, Mo. Our blessing rests on every thought, word, and deed for the purpose of bringing peace on earth and good will to men. We are one with you in will and purpose, as well as one in God-Mind. May the first year of the 20th Century be filled with abundance of power, light, and love, for each and all of you. As we realize, “I am the power of eternal light," we realize the same for all. Thus we are one power, and the united brilliancy of our Truth word will illumine all souls, for which we praise the One Mind from whom all blessings flow. We are ever yours in Love and Truth,

Mrs. Vivia A. LEEMAN,

To UNITY — I am in receipt almost daily of letters containing the following question, “Am I too late to become one of the founders of The Truth Circle'?" No, dear ones, you are not too late. The three hundred are not all to the front yet but are gathering at the average rate now of one a day. We have the matter for the first number of the paper ready, an excellent article from Bro. A. P. Barton, and other well-known metaphysical writers, but the good things will not spoil. There is no time in Spirit, and when “The Truth Circle" is founded it will appear. Lovingly,

Mrs. T. B. H. BROWN, 3040 Washington Ave., St. Louis, Mo.

“UNITY" AND " MIND" FOR $2.00. By special arrangement we are able to furnish these two andard magazines for the price of “ Mind" alone to all new subscribers or renewals. This is a special opportunity for our readers who desire more reading on vital questions in Metaphysics, Science, Philosophy, Psychology, etc.

"Mind" is a magazine of liberal and advanced thought, edited by John Emery McLean and Charles Brodie Patterson. It is published at $2.00 per year, and issued on the first of each month.

We cannot send free sample copies; if you desire to see a copy, send 20 cents to the Alliance Publishing Co., 19 West 31st Street, New York City, but to obtain these two magazines under the special offer send your subscription direct to UNITY Tract Society, 1315 McGee Street, Kansas City, Mo.

The January issue of the Ideal Review appears under the old name, “The Metaphysical Magazine." It would seem there is considerable in a name after all.

We desire to reach out and bless all of God's beloved with health, happiness and prosperity, for we grow only by expressing Truth. Glorious results are attending our efforts.

COLLEGE OF FREEDOM, 705 East 63rd St., Chicago,
Mrs. M. J. Thayer, Pres.; Walter DeVoe, Sec'y and Treas.

Elizabeth Read, of the Metaphysical Library, 58 San Pablo Avenue, Oakland, Calif., issued that beautiful little poem, “Life's Mirror," by Ella Wheeler Wilcox, as a souvenir, mounted on gray matting, 8 xro inches. Price, io cents.

Our lessons come to us one by one. We meet them as we will. As rare opportunities, stepping-stones to a higher, nobler life, and reap the benefits to be derived from them, or we can sit down and whine and call them misfortunes, and grumble and growl and groan over our load, and let those listen to our groaning receive the benefits that were intended for us, just as we choose. The lesson to us is just as we see it, just as we use it. It requires tact and discretion to know just how to take advantage of these opportunities and learn the most profitable lesson. A little advice from one who has been through many experiences is of inestimable value to all who sincerely seek growth.

Anna MCGOWAN, Los Angeles, Cal.

Author of “ Wrinkles " and “Supply."

Commercial advertisements are not published in Unity, but we will make announcements without charge, if the subject matter is in line with the cause we advocate and we can conscientiously endorse the same. We stand for free-will offerings as compensation for teaching and healing and all that part of the divine ministry where the Spirit is directly involved. This magazine is $1.00 per year, and is never sent to anyone who has not subscribed. Yet we find that generosity begets generosity -"Freely ye have received; freely give "--- and we gladly send it to those who order it whether they can pay at once or not.

The fact is that the teaching found herein stimulates prosperity, and those who think at the beginning of the subscription that they are not able to pay, usually remit the one dollar before the year is out. We will also send out any of our own books on inspection. If they meet your approval, remit; if not, return to us and no

will be made. Over twelve years' experience proves these methods satisfactory, and we are in our prosperity glad to continue them.


WORDS OF APPRECIATION. There are many books published in these days upon the science of life, and teachers superabound, but still the “ Lessons in Truth,” by H. Emilie Cady, are in greater demand than ever before, and are attracting the notice of publishers outside the line of metaphysical works. The Christmas number of DeLestry's Western Magazine, published at St. Paul, Minn., by Edmund Lewis DeLestry, refers to these Lessons in the following fraternal


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"•Lessons in Truth,' is a beautiful little book which was first published in three booklets, but there has been such a demand for it that the publishers have sent it out for the holiday trade in lavender and gray cloth, a much more attractive and convenient size. It is between the covers, however, that its worth lies. It is so simple that a child may read and hear.

Yet so deep and pure that many reading it fail to exhaust it. The author did well to call it ‘Lessons,' for lessons of priceless value it truly is. For the practical Christian of whatever denomination this little book comes as a boon. From the same pen and house comes, 'Finding the Christ in Ourselves,' . Oneness with God,''Neither Do I Condemn Thee,'God's Hand' and 'Loose Him and Let Him Go,' all beautiful, restful and elevating thoughts; bound in the daintest possible manner, making beautiful little gift books for old and young.” Published by UNITY Tract Society, 1315 McGee Street, Kansas City, Mo.


BACK NUMBERS OF UNITY. It is usual that back numbers of any periodical are double in price, but we call your attention to a list of back numbers of UNITY for an exceptionally low amount. These magazines are rich in metapyhsical teaching by some of the best-known writers. If you are provided with plenty of reading matter, perhaps you can think of some friend who would be made happy, healthy and prosperous by reading a package of this literature.

Complete year, January - December, 1897, (24 numbers) 50c.

Complete year, September, 1898 – August, 1899, containing full course of Primary Lessons in Christian Living and Healing, by Annie Rix Militz, 50 cents.

Leatherette bound volume, June - December, 1896, 50 cents.

Package of about twelve miscellaneous numbers of 1896 and 1897, or all in 1897, 10 cents.

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WEE Wisdom is the only metaphysical journal for children now published. It is a sixteen page paper, printed monthly, and freely illustrated. Only 50 cents per year.

Send all subscriptions to UNITY TRACT Society, 1315 McGee St., Kansas City, Mo.

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