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2. It should further teach us, be we of what Condition soever, not to puc off any 5 Preparation for Death to the last. If such a

Person as this was, so Upright and Innocent, Eso Religious and Devout, so Temperate, nay

even Abstemious, had but little more than Lucid Intervals on his Death-bed; what may

they expect, who have scarce ever seriously -. entertained the Thoughts of God, or their

Duty? Who at Night seldom go to Bed soe bër? Or in the Day-time live regularly many & Hours in all their Life? And if these should

then want the Use of Reason, how can they prepare for another World ? Repentance is a long and serious Work; to Men of

readiest and largest Parts, of most composed I Minds, hard to be performed as it should be. . We have been a long cime committing Sins, i and that in great Variety, and cannot polįsibly in a few Moments look over all that

has been so long in doing. A general Re| pentance will not serve for all Sins. Many

require particular Tears, Humiliation, Acts

of Faith, Charity, Reconciliation with, or . Satisfaction to our Neighbours. Ah! conș fider, all ye vain Ones, how can all this be I done on a Death-bed, and in a few Hours, .. yea, though it should happen you had Days

in a few Days? The good God grant all may I take warning early. I There are other things I Mould have taken s notice of, as to the Memory of our dear : Brother deceased. But possibly some may think I am too much a Friend to be


de impartind

And I confess I am otlerways unfit for Panegyricks; 'I am sure I am unable for such Performance, on this Occasion. I therefore conclude, commending him as a Pattern of most universal Virtue to all your Imitation; and beseeching God, that being admonish'd by this Instance of Mortality, we may all of us, it not in the Days of our Youth ( for those are past with many of us ) yet in the time of our Health and Vigour, in the time of our soundeft Reason and best Judgment, remember our Creator, acquaint our selves with God, and make our reace with him; live always prepared for our Lord's coming, whensoever and howsoever he shall call us hence; that so at last, when we are taken away, and our Bodies return to the Dust as they were, our Souls may be gathered to the Spirits of Just Men made perfect, as I doubt not this our Brother's iş. Amen, Amen, Good Lord.

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THE Injury that some, and the Good that

1 other sort of Lives do us, pag. 3, &c.
'Twas Mr. Bonnell's way almost every Day to
put down fome devont Thoughts in Writing?

p. 7,8
The Division of the Life,

. p. 9
The Attestations,

P. ?5



He is sent to a private Academy, p. 8

His Opinion of Education in those Places, p. 9

He is remov'd to Catherine Hall in Cambridge,

Receiving the Holy Sacrament of great Use to

p. ja
He keeps Fasting-days,


He removes into Mr. Freeman's Family to be

Tutor to his Son,

p. 12

He travels with his Pupil,

p. 13

He is much afflicted with Sickness, P. 16

Meditations on Sickness, p. 17, 20, 113,

114, 116,118, 119

The great Benefit from Sickness, and other


p. 23

As he was a constant Communicant, so his

- Self-Examinations for the Sacrament were

strict and severe,

p. 25

He enters upon his office of Accomptant-Gene-


p. 30

He is desirous of quitting all Secular Employ-

ments, and entring into Holy Orders, p. 30,


His Opinion of soliciting for Church-Prefér.

... 31
He opposes the purchasing the Advowson of a
· Living which Mr. Freeman designd to pre-
fent him to,

. ibid.

How necessary he judgd a fincere Intention

to promote the Glory of God, and the Good of


'p. 34

His Behaviour in King James's Reign, p. 39

: He was continued in his Place then, the

Profits of which he bestowed to relieve op.'






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