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Downing in Bartholomew.Close near

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H E Harmony of the Holy Gospels digested into

one History, according to the Order of Time ;

divided into Three Hundred and Fifteen Lcffons; with suitable Meditations and Prayers fubjoyned to each Leffon. Done originally by the Author of the Devotions by way of Offices. Reformed and improved by James Bonnell Etq; late Accomptant-General of Irea land, for his own Ure. And now published from his own Papers, for the use of others. By the Author of bis Life.

The History of Infant-Baptism, in Two Parts, The First being an Impartial Collection of all such Paflages in the Writers of the Four first Centuries as do make Fire or Against it. The Second, containing several Things that do help to illustrate the said History. By William Wall, Vicar of Shorebam in Kent. The Second Edition Quarto.

Pictas Hallenfis: Being an Historical Narration of the wonderful Footsteps of Divine Providence in Erecting, Carrying on, and Building the Orphan-House, and other Charitable Institutions at Glaucha near Hall in Saxony, without any visible Fund to support it. By Auugastus Hermannus Franck, Professor of Divinity in the Frederician University of Hall, Paftor of Glaucha, and Director of the Pious Foundationis there. Continued to the Beginning of the Year MDCCII. In a Letter to a Friend. With a Preface bringing it down to this present Time. And an Appendix containing several considerable Papers. relating to this Work ; giving a more clear and full Views of the Progress of Learning and Christian Piety both in the said Univerfity and in the Royal Collegiate Schools under the Protection and Patronage of the prefint King of Prusia,


Nicodemus : Or, a Treatise against the Fear of Man, Wherein the Causes and fad Effects thereof are briefly describ’d. With some Remedies against it. Written in High Dutch by Augustus Hermannus Franck, Professor of Divinity in the University at Hall, and Minister of Glaucha near Hall: And Dedicated to the Clergy in Germany.

The Young Man's Monitor : Shewing the great Happiness of Early Piety, and the dreadful Consequence of indulging Youthful Lusts. Price bonnd 6 do or cheaper by the Hundred

The Baseness and Perniciousness of the Sin of Slandring and Backbiting. Price 2 d. or 10 s. the Hundred. Both by the Reverend Dr. Woodward, Minister of Popler.

Christian Equity : Or, the Royal Law of doing as we would be done by, stated and urged in a Sermon preach'd at the Friday Lecture appointed by his Grace the Archbishop of York. By fames Talbot, D. D. Chap lain to his Grace the Duke of Somerset, and Rector of Spofforth in Yorkshire. Price 3 d. or 20 s. per Hundredo

A Conference between two Men that had Doubts about Infant-Baptism. By W. Wall Vicar of Shorebani in Kent. Price 4 d. or 25%, a Hundreds

The Husbandman's Manual : directing him how to improve the several Actions of his Calling, and the most useful Occurrences of his Life, to the Glory of God, and the Benefit of his Soul. Written by a Minister in the Country, for the Use of his Parishioners. Price 3 d. or 16 s, a Hundred.

A Letter to a Prophane Person, perswading him to consider his dreadful Sin and Folly, and betake himself to a new Life. Price i do or 6 s, a Hundred.

An Account of the Spcieties for Reformation of Manners in England and Ireland, &c. The Fifth Edition.

An Account of the Progress of the Reformation of Manners in England and Ireland, and other parts of Eitrope and America. The Fourteenth Edition.

A Help to a National Reformation, ds. Printed for the Pase of Magistrates, Ministers, and Inferior Officers, The Fifth Edition with large Additions,

#WA.aeimal, ?of. Splan). $1 1664 15 yem of this

and 2016 May,176others. Aderne lo medio

In intew upon H. Poprie in 1694 31 Years, old. 2011

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