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pressid Protestants,

P. 54 Prov. xxviii. 1. interpreted,

p.41 How we are to govern our Affections, with respect to worldly things, both in Prosperity and Adversity,

P.43 His Behaviour upon the breaking out of the late Troubles in Ireland,

p. 46 Ireland universally allarm’d at the Report of a Massacre, ibid. Meditations thereupon, p.

47, 50 His Charity to the Poor in those times of Distress,

P 54 How he supplied the Want of the Churches publick Prayers,

P. 57, 58 A Meditation on Dublin's Deliverance, p. 60 'Twas Mr.Bonnell's usual Practice to draw such

Reflections from the daily Occurrences of Life, as might beft serve to keep his Mind in a devout Frame,

p. 62 He laments the Prevalency of Vice, P. 63,

67, 189 His Prayer on his Birth-day,

p.69 His Marriage,

p. 72 A Meditation, which he entitles, The Wish, or an Idea of Marriage,

p. 73 He had high Thoughts of the Extent and Difficulty of the Pastoral Duty,

p. 34, 75 1 His Sickness and Death,

P. 75 A brief Account of the Daughter that sur

vived him, who has since followed her Father,

p. 77



P. 80

p. 82

Giving a more particular View of his Life,

p. 79 His Person, Temper and Accomplishments defcribid,

ibid. He read all Books of Devotion with a very sen

sible Pleasure ; but the Holy Scriptures were

his constant and daily Study, His Love to God, Meditations to excite our Love to God, p. 83,

85, 87, 89 A Meditation on the Love of God's Laws and Commandments,

p. 93 His Humility, p. 94. Meditations thereupon,

p.95, 96. A Prayer for it, p. 98. Mr. Bonnell's happy Progress in Humility, p. 99

A Description of it, Remedies against Pride and Vanity, p. 100, Using his Voice in private Prayer, was sometimes of great Use to keep his Thoughts attentive,

p. 102 Why by doing our Alms openly we have no Reward,

p. 103 God principally regards the inward Graces of our Minds,

ibid. Of Secrecy ir doing Religious. Actioas, p. 105

Meditations thereupon, His Meekness, Pride is the Sting of all Affiliation, ibid. Wby People so much resent Injuries, p. 110

p. 1oź


p. 106 P. 108

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