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Thoughts, and keep us from over-rating our own worth, which falls so vastly flori of his; who yet was as low in his own Esteem, as he was high in that of others, But chiefly, his Example shou'd enflame our Zeal, and set every Faculty in Motion; Mou'd make us Earnest in our Prayers for his Graces, and in our Endeavours to Imitate his Virtues ; that we may at last are in his Reward.

And since Angels Rejoice at the Conversion of Sinners; and since Mr. Bonne li's Zeal for Souls, was so great in his Imperfect state; and no doubt is now Refind into a Seraphic Flame: We cannot but hope, that if either bis Writings, or his Life, be instrumental in turning one Sinner from his Evil Ways ; or confirming any in their good Purposes and Actions; it will add to his Joy, and im, rove his Glory in Heaven.

And we need not Question, but we shall partake in his Happiness, and join forever with him in that work of Praise, which was his most delightful Exercise below, and is a great part of his Reward above: If with his Diligence and Care, we watch over our Hearts, our Tongues and Steps: Jf wich the Fervours and Humility of his Soul, we pray for Grace and Strength from God to walk in the Divine Laws and Commandments; and particularly, to be kept (as he in one place expresles it) from speaking a R 4


Vain or Proud thing, doing an unjust thing, or thinking an Impure thing.

In short, if, like Him, we wou'd be ḥappy; like Him, we must be Wife. Not according to the mistaken Wisdom of this World, which is Foolishness with God: But that Wildom which is from Above ; which descends from the Father of Lights, and God of all Grace. And St. James's Description of that Wisdom, gives us Mr. Bonnell's Character in yery few Words: For he was Pure and Peaceable, Gentle, and easie to be Entreated; full of Mercy and good Fruits; without Para tiality and without Hypocrisie, Jam. 3. 17.


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Printed and Sold by Joseph Downing in Bar

tholomewp-Close near Smithfield. 1707.

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Sermon and its Subject. .

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ment 10 me.


HE following Sermon was Drawn up

and Preach'd in much haft; My Dear Friend's Death being a great Surprise to Me, who was then but just come up from my Home, into the City, and very full of Business, which bad been as Unexpected as it was of Concern.

From such haft and discomposure it necessarily came to pass, that I could neither do the numerous Congregation I was to Preach 10, that Service ; nor the Deceased, that Justice, which I willingly would have done to both. But having endeavoured what I could, in those Circumstances, and finding my poor Performance accepted ; I could not deny a Copy of it (such as it was) to the importunity of some, whose Grief and Weakness sufferid them not to be Hearers: Nor do I think it Reasonable now, at the Instance of the same Persons, to withstand the Publication of it, which is but a poor Duty

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