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! self thou wilt Rejoice in having done it ; ç even at a time, when thou hast not Heart,

or Grace enough to do it, were it then

to do.

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And why thoud'It thou desire Poffeffic ons in this would ? Sometimes thou art able to flight them, and sometimes thou forgetrest thy self and thinkest them fine things. Why shoud'st thou have Footing here? Look up to Heaven, see if that a

bode (to which thou hast a Title as to an * Inheritance, when for God's sake thou dost

despise this Earth,) be not more Glorious ! than the most Magnificent Earthly Structure. . God hath not thought fit thou shou’dst be

Born to these; why than should'st thou fix ? thy Heart upon them? God has made thee « loose to the World. Keep thy self so, and < think his Providence a better Provision, than

any Fund of Riches, thou canst heap up or & fave.

And then for Posterity, remember that (notwithstanding Abraham's Numerous

Progeny, They are not all Ifrael, which are (Born) of Israel; neither because they are the

Seed of Abraham, are they all Children; But " they are the true Children of Abraham, ( who follow his Faith; and such, even ont of Stones were rais'd up to him. So that < 'tis no matter for a worldly Succession

ว we live by Faith, not by Sense: We speak the Language, and have regard to the State of the other World.Lift upthen my Soulthine Eyes to the everlasting Hills; contemplate the state of the other World ; and forget these


Transitory things below. Our Conversa'tion, our Citizenship is in Heaven ; let us

mind the Customs of our Country, and not

be conform’d to the vain Fashions of this ( World.

And do Thou, O God, who inspirest " the Hearts of thy Servants, with Grace to seek Thee, and drawest them after Thee; stay up my Soul upon Thy Self; keep it above the World ; let it Converse with that heavenly Country which Thou þaft reveal'd to it, and grow more and more

acquainted with its Blessed Customs; that ' it may become a natural Denizon of it,

by Breathing the Air, Speaking the Language, and having all its Faculties Influenc'd by the Spirit and Genius of that happy Seat. Let me with great Unwillingness, descend to the Concerns of this World, left I grow Familiariz'd to it, and forget my own Country; which yet is not mine, but as Thou, my God, art pleas’d to make it so. Thou who haft Adopted me into it, art only able to keep me a Living Member of it; let not my Unworthiness make Thee repent of the Favour Thou hast granted me ; perfect thy own Mercy, and let me ņot Live but to glorifie thy Clemency. And that for the sake of the Blessed King of those Heavenly Mansions; who being the Life, and

Light of the whole Region, fills all the < Blessed Inhabitants of it, with Joy and Peace, and Love, and Wonder, and ne

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ver ceasing Praises; the Lamb who was a « Slain for us, and Purchas'd us with his < Blood, the Son of thy Love, the Lord Je. < sus Christ. Amen. Here follows the other Meditation

upon the same Argument.

I have often Dreamt to have found great Riches, or to have been in much Trouble, when yet I have known my Self to have been in a Dream, and have said to my

self, tho' I hug these Treasures never so ' much, I shall not be able to keep them,

they will vanish before Morning, and I < fhall awaken without them. So also when

I have been in fear and much trouble, I ? have said to my self, come let me strive to

awaken out of this troublesome Dream, s and have awoke upon it. But then it has

been a miserable delusion, and a grievous trouble,, when I have thought all real, and have not known it to be a Dream, then my Sleep has been profound indeed.

What is this World, O my Soul, is it any more than a Dream? Thou art happy when thou canst know it so, then thy

Senses are awake. But sadly art thou im( merst in Sepse, when thou takest it for a .

reality, thy carnal slumber is then too pro

found. Are not our true Senses as much 'opprest with the Clog of this Body of Sin,

as our vital Senses are by Sleep? Can it • be other than a Dream, when we are sub

ject to so many Thousand delusions in our opinions of things, and to such' frequent

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forgetfulness of our true awakened state ' in another World? Sin, O Sin, is a pro' found Sleep, and Grace brings fome de

grees of awakedness to let us know that here we are but in a Dream, and see but Duskishly and in part. The more fenfual I am, the more wretchedly I sleep and forget my self, and all things, but those deluding Phantoms about me, which I take for realities. When I look about me and

see the Fields adorn'd with Flowers, and the Trees with Leaves, and fine Houses * Built of lasting Fabric, I pretend to reason, and say, are all these things nothing ? 'Tis true they are something, but nothing to thee. Alas what is one Generation of Men,

or thy shorter span of Life; God in "his Wisdom has provided these things ' for a proportionable End, even for many Generations and Series of inhabitants, which he has brought, and still desigas to bring into the world. We have but a Life in them, and that very short and uncertain ; we must leave them to our Successors, and be accountable for the use. They are things of durable continuance, and what proportion do they bear to thy Moment of Time which thou hast to spend among them ? None at all, and so they ' are nothing to thee. They are not made s for thee, but for many Successions of • Mankind, thou art only to view them and pass away. But have I then no proper


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ty nor Inheritance any where? Yes, look up and thou shalt see thy. Portion among the. Saints ; lift up thy Eyes to Heaven, there is thy Treasure laid up securely for thçe, there is thy home, there thy being. Look down on this world, and know assuredly that it is but a Dream at best; see if it has not all the Properties of a Dream, of all the Riches which we hug, of all the pleasures we enjoy, we can cara ry no more out of it than from a Dream; the good Man knows this, and therefore despises them, the Sinner is drown'd in slumber, and therefore Insatiably embraces them. And of all the Evils we suffer, none can pursue us out of this World

i shall awaken in our Rosie Bed of Blissful Security and Rest, and find all the dread ful Phantoms vanisht with our mortal sleep. The good Man knows this, and regards them not; ignorance opprefies the Sinner, and therefore he lives in perpetual Terror and is overwhelm'd with Trouble; O lift up thine Eyes to the Hills, from whence cometh thy Help, look up to the top of the Rock, and behold thy Bed of Rest : , Long to awaken there and be present with thy God, that the Night may pass away, and the Day of eternal Happiness shine upon thee. This is not thy home, nor can all the malice of Devils, (those Rulers of darkness, and domineering Tyrants of the Night) keep thee here long among their Terrors, and more dangerous Allurements.


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