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kept in remembrance of, were Fulfill'd in our Saviour, and therefore the same Festivals were to be kept by Christians, in remembrance of this Fulfilling. Thus the Pasiover was the Type of our Saviours Suffering, and Transferr’d to our Easter : The Feast of Tabernacles, to Christmas, in remembrance of God's having pitched his Tabernacle among Men. And so the Sab.

bath, transferr’d from an Outward to a SpiCritual Reit; in Remembrance of Christ's

having perfected the work of our Redem. ption, and our Rest from Sin procur'd

thereby: So that we are not to look up. : 'on it as a Jewish, but a Christian Festival; for to do otherwise is blam'd by the Apostle, and Paralleld with setting up of Circumcision.

The Jews observ’d the Sabbath for a long time, only as a Day of Rest, and not of Holy Exercises. The Christians at first, did meer in the Night of the Lord's Day, because of Privacy ; and several of them

were Slaves, who cou'd get no other time; " in the Morning those that cou'd went 'to their Repose ; the others to their Labours.

The Laws of our Church and Land are not so strict in forbidding Work, as requiring Allembling to the Worhip of God. And for the rest of the Day, we are particularly directed to Acts of Charity; and no doubt such Innocent Relaxation is lawful,


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as does not take us off from that serious
Temper of Mind, we ought to maintain.
" It seems Impoflible for Men to be Savid,
without Sanctifying One Day in Seven ; I

mean in the ordinary Course of Living. · Less than this, will not keep their Minds

above Sin, and the World. “And then all Visits and Idle Chat is to be avoided, and we ought to be altogether alone, or in Company and Conversation, that may Edifie; and we are to consider, that the Lord'sDay is not only a Remembrance of what is past, but a Type of the Eternal Sabbath in Heaven; and therefore ought to be spent in such Exercises (bating Acts of

Charity and the Necessities of our Mor“tal State) as we hope to be employ'd in there.

And as he kept the Lord's Day most strict- Heol serv'd ly Holy, so he was a Religious Observer the Feafts of the Feafts and Fasts of the Church, giv. and Fosts of ing them up to Devotions proper to them, the Church, as much as his Engagements in the World wou'd allow; to Humiliation and Repentance, if Days of Sorrow; to Praises, if Days of Joy. And what he thought of our Festivals, and how he observ'd them, the Two following Meditations will shew.

Solibus estivis non consule computat Annum, W. Mato was the Character of the happy Man of thew's Day < Old. But our Happiness is of another 1135, ' fort, and our Computation different, O

happy Soul! when the Offices of Religion do measure out to thee the Time and the

N 4

§ Year i

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• Year; and Devotion in its Decent Drefs,

is thy Kalendar ; when as thou doft receive with pleasure, the Fruits of each Seafon, which the Bounty of thy God causeth the Earth to bring forth to thee; the Sun and Heaven yielding successively their grateful Changes, so thou may'st measure out thy Time, with suitable variety of Praise and Devotion ; aspiring in each Season, after some new Grace in return, till thou hast run the Circle of them all with the Year, and summ'd up thy Gain at last in a happy Eternity. Happy Soul! to whom each new Week is welcome, and known

not by the Almanack, or the outward Face ' of the Year, but by the Grace it proposes

to thy Meditation and Practice in its Collect, while thou dost join with the whole Church, in making this Theme thy Study and thy Care : When each Month is known to thee, not by the Old Heathen Name it bears, but the blesled Saints it Commemorates, welcoming with Joy their Holy Festivals. ( happy Souls who unite in this Blessed Study! May my Soul enter into your Secrets, and dwell with you in

this Sacred Exercise ! May I ever rejoice ? in this orderly Revolution of Time, ever ? be with you, the Children of the Kingdom,

the Favourites of Heaven, the Delights of my Soul, and Heirs of Eternity, in all the happy Periods of this Revolution, and thys employ'd through the Mercies of our good God, 1nay we roul insensibly on from

i Grace

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• Grace to Glory, from Time to Eternity,

and from Commemorating the Saints here, to enjoying our Lord, and them for ever c hereafter. Amen.

The Other Meditation I shall Insert, is upon the Festival of our Saviour's Nativity, and those Holy Days which attend it.

* Lord, Thou hast made this Blessed Festival, seem to us, as the Forty Days afç ter thy Resurrection did to thy Disciples ;

when every Day thou didst present thy self to them, sometimes in one Form, sometimes in another, now to this Company, now to that; reviving their Hearts by

Turns, and chearing them with thy graci"ous Presence; and filling their Souls with ? Joy and comfort. So art thou now plea

sed, to be continually, as it were, coming to and fro among us, sometimes Visiting us in thy Worship, sometimes in thy Word,

sometimes in thy Sacraments, sometimes ? in this Assembly, sometimes in That : ;

and in all Places, dost thou meet us at eve: ry turn : Like a Gracious, Master of a Feast, that goes to and fro, among his many Guests, to see that all be Serv'd, all

Abound, and none Want ; ordering one while Wine, another while Musick, ano

ther while Choicer Messes, and calling upon all to be welcome, and make good Chear. So graciously Busie and Kind haft

hou been amongst us in this Holy Time. ! Dost thou not fulfil thy. Word, that Thy

Delight is with the Children of Men? Olet

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our Delight be with theee, while thou art thus graciously pleas'd to be with us. Let

us flip no opportunity of meeting Thee, - where ever thou art pleas’d to be present

in thy Holy Ordinances. Find a way, good Lord, to present thy self to the Souls of thy poor Servants, who enjoy not these Blessed Opportunities at this Time; who see nothing of the Festivity of this happy Season; break into their Souls by the immediate working of thy Spirit ; and let them rejoice with thee alone, since they

cannot with the Gladness of thy People. · Let their Inward joy be to much the great

er, as they are deprivd of means of Outwardly expresling it. It were easie to add many other of Mr.Bonnell's Meditations upon our Festivals, especially the greater Festivals, set apart more immediately to Commemorate our Blessed Saviour : All which Holy Times he observ'd with a most Religious Careand Zeal, his{Thoughts being wholly taken up in Contemplating the several parts which our Lord acted upon Earth, and are then particularly Commemorated. But I must not let this Work Swell too much upon my Hands, and shall therefore pass on to other

Instances of his Piety. Ajtriet Obser- He had very early resolv'd to keep Fasting

Days, and to his Lait, continu'd a strict Ob. Fasts of the server of the Stated Fasts of the Church i Courch. . and hardly ever, in any Period of Life, was Diverted by Business, Company, or Care,


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