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be the concurring Instrument, or means of this Divine Quickning. Then they become to us the Seeds of Glory, and the af, sured Conveyances of Spiritual Nourishment, and Immortal Happiness. And as such, they come to us from a Higher Table: And while we are admitted to fit at that Table, well may we be content, and

well does it become us, to Kneel outwardly in the Church. While we lit

with the Church Triumphant, well may we ( be content to Kneel with the Church Militant.

O Lord, while my Body kneels outwardly in thy House, and my Soul fits at thy Mystical Table, in thy Presence, thro'

thy great Favour ; (for it is Thou, O my • most merciful Saviour, haft been pleas’d to bring me, and seat me there, else how shou'd I have dar'd to have appear'd) What is the

Food, thou wilt give me from this thy Ta<ble?' It is Immortal Love, wrapt up in

Bread. Surely then this is glorious Bread, " which contains fo infinite a Treasure, and

may well be callid Thy Body and the Pledge

of thy Love. And is Immortal Love, the 'Mystical Food of our Souls? O most Lov. .ing Saviour, who wert content to have thy

Body Broken, that thou mightest Nourish ' and Sustain us with this precious Food; give us ever of this Bread, and be it unta us according to thy Gracious Intentions, Amen.

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His Meditations upon the Sacrament, are very numerous, as I have already said; fo that, instead of being inserted in a Life, they would make almost a Volume themselves. A Spirit of Primitive Piety runs through them: And it plainly appears, that the Author of them, spoke from his Heart; and was deeply affected with the Subject, about which he Wrote. I shall here give the Reader a Taste of them; and by these Few that here follow, he may make a Judgment of the Rest.

We pray to God, and our Saviour, for Pardon by his Agony and bitter Sufferings;

how does this oblige God to Pardon us? ? What Right have we, to insist on these and

represent them before God? Women indeed Expostulate with their Husbands, by the Common Pledges of their Love: Their

Children, by their mutual Endearments : "And sometimes one Friend with another,

by their common Sufferings, in the same Cause. And it is an Argument prevailing upon Humane Nature, to yield to what is so desir'd. But still there must be fome

thing Common. We must have a Share, and ' Interest our felves, in what we so plead by;

if we hope to prevail. When therefore we ' use this fort of Expostulation with God, as

the strongest and highest Argument to obtain what we desire, there must be Something common in what we plead by, or the Argument lofth its Force. Becaufé the Son of God endur'd bitter Sufferings, what then? What is that to us if we are


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you not.

by it.

Strangers to these Sufferings? It is like the
case our Saviour himself puts; Thou haft
Prophesy'd in our Streets, we have Eaten and
Drunk in thy Presence. To whom he will
Reply, What then? Te are Strangers to me,
I know

So that it is not enongh, that the Son of God hath Suffer'd for us ;

we must have a common share in it, and i be mutual Sufferers with him, and then in

deed we have leave to Expoftulate with ! God by his Sufferings, and shall prevail: • We have a kind of Right to mention them ; ç and God will gractously be wrought upon

But how shall we be Mutual Sufferers ' with him? By laying to Heart what he

hath Suffer'd for us; by being Wounded with his Wounds, and Bruised with his Strokes; by having the Reproaches of them, s that Reproach'd him, fall on us; by having

our Souls sorrowful with his Soul, even unto Death; by Trembling at the Wrath of God, due to our Sins, which caus’d him such Amazement, in making Atonement

for them. Let us go to Mount Calvary, ' and endeavour to put our felves in his place. “We are They, Lord, who have sinn'd, 6 let us suffer the Pains: Thou hast one

nothing amiss, why then shou'd thy Holy Body suffer these Tortures? Thy Righteous Soul feel this Anguish? But since we

cannot bring thee down, nor exchange « Conditions with thee, Othat we cou'd "give thee one Moments Ease! O that we had not so sin’d, as to procure these thy


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· Tortures! O Wretches that we are ! to

have brought this load upon Thee! See, "O my Soul, what thou hast done! They

have brought thy greatest Friend, the Be

loved of God, His only Son, the Everlast'ing Prince, to this sad Condition? Canst ! thou see it, without trembling? Canst thou

fee it and live? It wou'd be grief extraordinary, only to see him in this Condi

tion; what Heart cou'd not be moved at 'it, that knows who it is that Suffers? But

to be thy Self the guilty Cause of it, ought

est thou not to wish, that the like Pains ' might fall on Thee, and that thou might'st Suffer with him a little, to cover thy Confusion ! For this Confusion to an Ingenuous Soul, that truly stood by our Lord in this Condition, wou'd certainly be a Tor

ment so great, that one wou'd almost with "to hang on a Cross, to divert it by a new

Pain. O my Redeemer, if knowing what ' I now know, I had stood by thy Cross, I hope

the Confusion of my Soul, wou'd be nothing less, than what I have here describ'd. Since then, I believe Thee to have Suffer'd all this, as much as if I had stood by Thee, and that Thou art pleas’d to represent thy Sufferings often again to us, and to be

set forth as evidently Crucified among us : "O strengthen my Imagination, and my Faith, from Mystical Representations of

Bread and Wine, broken and poured out; to pass to thy real Sufferings, and take up some of those Affections, some degree of


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that Confusion (if, alas ! I cannot take up the whole of it) which I shou'd be seizà with, at Thy actual Crucifixtion : Then may I have Leave, O my Saviour, having • Suffer'd with Thee, to plead with thy Fa

ther, by thy Sufferings. By the Agony of thy Soul, when thou didst make Atonement for Sins; pardon my Sins, and have ' Mercy on me.

Wherefore didst Thou endure that Agony, but to obtain Remission

of Sins ;. that Thou might'st distribute, 6 and give it to those that humbly Cry unto " Thee for it; that Thou might'st give Gifts

unto Men, of the Trophies purchas'd with

thy Blood ? My Soul is wounded by thy ! Agony; O let me partake of the Fruits of ' it. David's Law was, That Those that stay'd ' by the Stuff, shou'd share with those that took " the Spoil: Lord, who is able to bear Thee

Company in Thy Grievous Conflict? Weak and Faiat we must be left behind: But our Soul goes along with Thee, is bound

up with Thine, and is wholly fill'd with ' Concern for Thee. O let us partake of

the Fruit of thy Labours, of the Issues of thy Sufferings. Thou hast obtain'd Pardon and Peace; O bestow some share of it upon thy Servants.

Let me go on, O my Lord, to Suffer with Thee, while I live in this Sinning World.

vouchsafe to let me have a share in thy Sufferings, and speak Peace to my Soul; that I may pass my Days in an humble

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