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it is a great hazard if ever we are recollected. This is spoken of the orderly Course of our Devotions, when we have nothing as miss in our Bodies or Minds. But if either Care; Trouble, or Indisposition distract our Thoughts, and make them apt to ramble from our Duty, there will be more Pains ftill requisite : It is not enough to se: our

selves a certain time, but we must lay aside ' so much at large, as will be necessary to re

cite our Devotions attentively. If when your Mind is in a good frame; a Quarter of an Hour is sufficient for this, you are not to

think much, if now you can be able to do . it in a whole Hour. That is, if you can

recite your Devotions fo, in an Hour, as

to be able to attend to each Article of them. ? For taking in the large Intervals, in which ' (in such a case) your Thoughts will be quite

lost, and roving far away from the matter

they are about, and in which time you pro • ceed nothing at all, in your Devotions; and

that many times you will be forc'd to repeat ' that same Sentences, over and over again,

before you will be able to acquit your self

of your Duty, and attend to what you say : · Thrice your usual time, or more, may well « be suppos’d to be spent; and 'tis well if you

come off so. From which we see, that Pa

tience is a virtue, as necessary fometimes in, 'Devotion as in Afflictions; and the want 6 of Patience, does as often make our Devoti.

ons defective, as the wart of Recollee aion.

< take

"Another Rule to prevent Distractions in Prayer, is to give no way to Vain Amusements out of it. By vain Amusements, I mean thinking of things that never will be, or perhaps never can be; meer Chimera's. It is a good Mastery of our Thoughts, to be able to reject these immediately, as soon as we reflect, that our Minds are busied about them: For perhaps, our Minds may be got a good way in them, before we take notice of it. 'Tis enough then, when we find it, to cast them out, and say, Away with this vain Amusement : To what purpose this Chimera? Why do I spend Time and Thought d'bout it, mbo have so many necessary things to


both. Again, in another Place he Advises thus:

<if thou art troubl’d with Unattentiveness (and wandring Thoughts in Prayer ; confi

der whence they spring, and that will discover ' what they are. If they are such, as depend

upon any Affection, or Passion in thy Heart,

which is not yet mortify'd, as it shou'd be : 6 Then believe me, they are unclean Birds, ' and pollute thy Sacrifice. If they spring ' from any thing, that is thy Burden, and

which thou labourest to subdde; 'tis still a ( little better: Be not discouraged ; cast

them from thee calmly, beg Pardon, and pursue thy Duty. If they be the Thoughts of Business, in which thy Affections are not concern'd; only that thou art unhappily engag’d in an over-multiplicity of Affairs : Rid thy Hands by degrees, as fast as thow


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canst, that the Waters may settle, and thy

Thoughts be free to wait upon God. For . this Diversion from his Service, is evil, but

not to be helpd, till the Business that feeds ! it be withdrawn.

Lastly, if the Thoughts be only of indif! ferent Matters, and Trifles; wandring on • several things, without coherence; to which thou hast neither Affection, nor Engage

ment: Roufe up, and awaken thy felf; put thy Heart into the presence of God, · and lie naked before his Majesty. For this · is the Sleepiness of the Head, and the < Drow liness of the Senses. For as in Sleep, cour Thoughts run incoherently, to and fro; <fo this is a degree of Sleep,and thy thoughts

ramble, proportionably to this degree : < But check them, awaken them, and bemoan • thy self, and say; Pardon, O Lord, the Bee & haviour of thy Servant, fo unsuitable to thy

Tremendous Majesty. Thy holy Angels may justly have Indignation, against such a s Wretch as I am; that presume to treat the ç adorable Majesty of their Lord, with fo lit

tle Reverence and Respect : While they, < who are so much above me ; so high in E;

minency and Honour ; yet pay thy Infinite « Majesty, infinitely more awful Homage. " Ah! poor Soul, what Advantages dost thou ç lose of improving thy Soul in Grace! what ! Strength, what Spiritual Knowledge, what • Comfort, what Humility,what Divine Love, : mightest thou have acquir'd ; by dwelling in the Presence of God, and fitting at his

* Feetą

Feet, in this time, which thou hast perfect

ly lost, in Vanity and Dreaming ! Aslift me, 'O my God, to Conquer this Evil also, and ? then my Soul shall be Happy in Conversing

with Thee.

I shall conclude the Account of his Devotions, with a Copy cf his private Prayers which I find among hỉs Papers, which will give the Reader a clearer View of Mr. Bonnell's Piety than any thing I am able to fay of it, and which I hope many devout Christians will offer up to God with great Comfort in their Retirements,

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A Prayer. Compos'd as Lord my God,heavenly Father ! Mabout the rearlo ker of all things ; Judge of all Men, 1691, or "molt worthy Judge Eternal; Thou arc a 1692. « Righteous Judge, strong and patient, and

" Thou art provoked every Day ; and that « by my wretchedness. I have signed, what -66 shall i do unto Thee, O Thou preserver of ci Men? God be merciful to me a Sinner; "Mercy, mercy, O‘my God, in and thro' is thy Dear Son : Accept of that full, peris feết and sufficient Sacrifice, Oblation, and “ Satisfaction, which he hath offered upon < the Cross, not only for my Sins, but for " the Sins of the World, on my behalf, and Śc of thy infinite Mercies make me partaker

of it. O my most gracious Saviour, vouch• safe yet to own me before thy Father for I thine, and obtain for me pardon and for


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“ giveness for all my Sins. Accept of me, O

most merciful Father in him thy beloved u Son, as thou hast enabled me humbly to

offer up my self to thee thro' him ; and

grant me Grace to serve thee faithfully, " sincerely, uprightly, heartily, all my Days.

Fill, O fill my Soul with Zeal for thy “ Glory, and with longings for the coming li of thy Kingdom, that thou, O most Grasi cious Lord Jesu, may'st see abundantly of • thy Seed, and of the travail of thy Soul, 6 and be comforted over all the trouble and - Sorrow which thou hast endur'd for our “ fakes in bringing forth Salvation to the k World; that thou may'st be exalted in 66 the Hearts of Men, and that the Kingdom " of Sin and Satan may be done away. En“ crease the number of thy own Servants,

strengthen their Graces, be glorified in 66 them, and let their Hearts ever rejoice in $c thee, Fill my soul with such a deep sense 6. of thy wonderful Love to us, and of thy " bitter Sufferings for us, as may provoke " me for thy fake, to love those Souls ! whom thou hast so tenderly lov'd, and « so dearly bought; and to endeavour to u fpend and be spent for them.

« Lord, have Mercy upon us in these sin

ful Nations : Spare us good Lord, we u have grievously sinned : Righteous are “ thy Judgments which thou hast brought

upon us ; pardon our crying Sins, which Le have provok'd them; pardon our vore

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