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a sleek adulterer. Their portion is the eminent virtue of their parents, and a chastity reserved from any other man by a steadfast security and it is forbidden to sin, or the reward is death. O, if there be any one willing to remove our impious slaugh ters, and civil rage: if he is desirous to be inscribed THE FATHER OF THE STATE, on statues erected to him, let him dare to curb insuperable licentiousness, and be famous to posterity; since we (O injustice!) detest virtue while living, but invidiously seek for her after she is taken out of our view. To what purpose are our woful complaints, if sin is not cut off with punishment? of what efficacy are empty laws, without morals to enforce them? if neither that part of the world which is precluded by the fervent heats, nor that side which borders upon the north, and snows hardened upon the ground, keep off the merchant, and the expert sailors get the better of the horrible seas. Poverty, being esteemed a great reproach, impels us both to do and to suffer any thing, and desert the path of virtue as too difficult. Let us then cast our gems and precious stones, and useless gold, the cause of extreme evil, either into the Capitol, where the acclamations and crowd of applauding citizens call us, or into the adjoining ocean. If we are truly penitent for our enormities, the very elements of depraved lusts are to be erased, and the minds of too soft a mould should be hardened

by severer studies. The noble youth knows not how to keep his seat on horseback, and is afraid to go a hunting, more skilled to play (if you choose it) with the Grecian troque or dice, which are prohibited by law; while the father's perjury can deceive his co-heir, partner, and friend, and he hates

to get money for an unworthy heir. In a word, iniquitous wealth increases; and yet something is ever wanting to the incomplete fortune.




His design is to praise Augustus, being elevated to it through the inspiration of Bacchus.

WHITHER, O Bacchus, are you hurrying me, replete with your influence? into what groves, into what recesses am I driven, actuated with uncommon spirit? In what caverns, meditating the immortal honour of illustrious Cæsar, shall I be heard, enrolling him amongst the stars, and the council of Jove? I will utter something extraordinary, new, hitherto unsung by any other voice. Thus the sleepless Bacchanalian priestess is struck with enthusiasm, casting her eyes upon Hebrus, and Thrace bleached with snow, and Rhodope, traversed by the feet of barbarians. How am I delighted, in my rambles, to admire the rocks and the desert grove! O lord of the Naiads and the Bacchanalian women, who are able with their hands to overthrow lofty ash-trees: nothing little, nothing low, nothing mortal will I sing. It is a charming hazard, O Bacchus, to accompany the God who binds his temples with the verdant vineleaf.



He bids farewell to love.

I LATELY lived a proper person for the services of the girls, and campaigned it not without honour; but now this wall, which guards the left side of the statue of sea-born Venus, shall have my arms and my lyre discharged from warfare. Here, here, deposit the shining flambeaux, and the wrenching irons, and the bows that threatened the resisting doors. O thou goddess, that possessest the blissful Cyprus, and Memphis, that is free from the Sithonian snow, O thou Queen of love, give the haughty Chloe one cut with your high-raised lash.


TO GALATEA, UPON HER GOING TO SEA. His best wishes attending her departure, he sets before her the dangers of the sea, and most particularly the example of Europa.

LET the augury of the chattering jay, and a pregnant bitch, or a tawny wolf running down from the Lanuvian fields, or a fox with whelp, conduct the impious on their way: the serpent also breaks his undertaken journey, if, like an arrow athwart the way, it has frightened the horses. I, a provident augur for her whom I shall be concerned for, will invoke from the east,

with my prayers, the raven foreboding by his croaking, before the bird that is presaging of impending showers revisits the stagnant pools. May you be happy, O Galatea, wheresoever you choose to reside, and live mindful of me, and may neither the unlucky pye, nor the vagrant crow, forbid your going on. But do you see with what an uproar the prone Orion labours on? I well know what the dangerous bay of the Adriatic is, and in what manner* Iapyx, seemingly serene, is guilty of deceit. Let the wives and children of our enemies feel the dark tumults of the rising south, and the roaring of the blackened sea, and the shores trembling with its lash. Thus, too, Europa trusted her fair side to the deceitful bull, and, bold as she was, turned pale at the sea, abounding with monsters, and the cheat now become manifest. She who lately in the meadows was busied about flowers, and the composer of the chaplet meet for nymphs, now saw nothing in the dusky night but stars and water; who, as soon as she arrived at Crete, powerful with its hundred cities, cried out, overcome with rage, O father, O the lost name of daughter, O my duty! from whence? whither am I come? one death is too little for a virgin's crime. Am I awake while I deplore my base offence? or does some vain phantom, which, escaping from the ivoryt gate, brings on a dream, impose upon me, as yet free from vice? Was it better to travel over the tedious waves, or to gather the fresh flowers? If any one

*See note to Ode III. lib. 1.

+ The poets fabled two gates of dreams, one of horn, and the other of ivory; out of the former, the true ones were supposed to proceed, and the false ones from the latter.

now would deliver up to me in my anger this infamous bull, I would do my utmost to tear him to pieces with steel, and break off the horns of the monster, lately so much beloved by me. Abandoned, I have left my father's house, and yet, abandoned, I procrastinate my doom. O if any of the gods hear this, I wish I may wander naked amongst lions. Before a disagreeable decay seizes. my comely cheeks, and moisture leaves this tender prey, I desire, in all the perfection of my beauty, to be the food of tigers. "Thou base Europa, thy absent father presses thee: why do you hesitate to die? you may do for your neck, suspended from this ash, with your girdle that has commodiously attended you. Or if a precipice, and the rocks that are edged with death, please you, come on, commit yourself to the rapid storm; unless you that are of blood royal had rather card your mistresses's wool, and be given up as a concubine to some barbarian dame." Here the treacherously smiling Venus, and her son, with his bow relaxed, approached the complaining maid. Presently, when she had sufficiently rallied her, Refrain (she cried) from your rage, and passionate chidings, since this detested bull shall surrender his horns to be torn in pieces by you. Are you ignorant, that you are the wife of the invincible Jove? Learn duly to support your distinguished good fortune A division of the world shall bear your name.

* The continent of Europe.

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