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Strona 20 - BARNABY RUDGE : a Tale of the Riots of 'Eighty. With Seventy-eight Illustrations by George Cattermole and HK Browne. Uniform with the other volumes, ;£ i is.
Strona 18 - Large crown 8vo, 2s. 6d. MANUAL OF DESIGN, compiled from the Writings and Addresses of RICHARD REDGRAVE, RA, Surveyor of Her Majesty's Pictures, late Inspector-General for Art, Science and Art Department.
Strona 7 - ENGEL (CARL)— A DESCRIPTIVE AND ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE OF THE MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS in the SOUTH KENSINGTON MUSEUM, preceded by an Essay on the History of Musical Instruments. Second Edition. Royal 8vo, half-morocco, i2s.
Strona 27 - ANALYSIS OF ORNAMENT: THE CHARACTERISTICS OF STYLES. An Introduction to the Study of the History of Ornamental Art. With many Illustrations.
Strona 244 - You have already been informed of my arrival on the borders of the Red Sea, with an innumerable and invincible army, full of the desire of delivering you from the iron yoke of England. ' I eagerly embrace this opportunity of testifying to you the desire I have of being informed by you, by the way of Muscat and Mocha, as to your political situation.
Strona 6 - Dickens : The Letters of Charles Dickens edited by his Sister-inlaw and his eldest Daughter 4 v.
Strona 25 - Selections (from the above) of 20 Plates, for the use of the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich. Oblong folio, half-bound, i6s. BURCHETT— LINEAR PERSPECTIVE. With Illustrations. Post 8vo, PRACTICAL GEOMETRY.
Strona 22 - This Edition is printed on a finer paper and in a larger type than has been employed in any previous edition. The type has been cast especially for it, and the page is of a size to admit of the introduction of all the original illustrations. No such attractive issue has been made of the writings of Mr. Dickens, which, various as have been the forms of publication adapted to the demands of an ever widely-increasing popularity, have never yet been worthily presented in a really handsome library form.
Strona 20 - THE MYSTERY OF EDWIN DROOD. With Illustrations by SL Fildes, and a Portrait engraved by Baker. Cloth, 7s.
Strona 43 - I always was of opinion, have ever acted up to it, and never had any reason to repent it, that one Englishman was equal to three Frenchmen.

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