The Annual of Scientific Discovery: Or, Year-book of Facts in Science and Art, Tom 13

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Gould, Kendall, and Lincoln, 1862

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Strona ix - I first entered this city, the whole of the machinery was executed by hand. There were neither planing, slotting, nor shaping machines, and, with the exception of very imperfect lathes and a few drills, the preparatory operations of construction were effected entirely by the hands of the workmen.
Strona 150 - The result of this would be a state of universal rest and death, if the universe were finite and left to obey existing laws. But as no limit is known to the extent of matter, science points rather to an endless progress through an endless space, of action involving the transformation of potential energy through palpable motion into heat, than to a single finite mechanism, running down like a clock and stopping for ever. It is also impossible to conceive either the beginning or the continuance of...
Strona 423 - LECTURES, embracing the METAPHYSICAL and LOGICAL COURSES; with Notes, from Original Materials, and an Appendix, containing the Author's Latest Development of his New Logical Theory. Edited by Rev.
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Strona 423 - WORDS AND PHRASES, so classified and arranged as to facilitate the expression of ideas, and assist in literary composition. New and Improved Edition. By PETER MARK ROGET, late Secretary of the Royal Society, London, &c.
Strona 201 - The colloidal is, in fact, a dynamical state of matter; the crystalloidal being the statical condition. The colloid possesses Energia. It may be looked upon as the probable primary source of the force appearing in the phenomena of vitality.
Strona 420 - CHAMBERS' HOME BOOK; or, Pocket Miscellany, containing a Choice Selection of Interesting and Instructive Reading, for the Old and Young. Six volumes. 16mo, cloth, $3.00 ; library sheep, $4.00 , half calf, $6.00.
Strona 429 - GOTTHOLD'S EMBLEMS ; or, Invisible things understood by things that are made. BY CHRISTIAN SCRIVER, Minister of Magdeburg in 1671. Translated from the twenty-eighth German edition, by the Kev.
Strona 426 - abridged for the use of academies," it deserves to be introduced into every private family, and to be studied by every man who has an interest in the wealth and prosperity of his country. It is a subject little understood, even practically, by thousands, and still less understood theoreticallv.

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