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It is well known that the Roman Poets drew many of their images from the works of art, especially Greek, with which they were so familiar. The design of this Volume is to put before the readers of Horace a few good specimens of the source from which many of his expressions are no doubt derived; as well as to provide an Edition of a favourite Author, with appropriate and suggestive embellishments.

The Illustrations have been selected chiefly for the purpose of throwing light upon the text, and the few that have been chosen for their own artistic excellence will be found for the most part to illustrate allusions in the Author.

The Text is printed from the editions of Mr. Macleane, published in the Bibliotheca Classica and Grammar School Classics. In the notes of the former of these editions, some of the Illustrations in this volume are alluded to and explained.

The Drawings have been made by Mr. T. D. Scott, and the Engravings executed under his superintendence.

May, 1855.

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