Examining the Levallois Reduction Strategy from a Design Theory Point of View

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John and Erica Hedges, 2005 - 176
This volume presents research that attempts to examine the potential advantages of the Levallois reduction theory that led to its long history of use. Thus the development of a model of Middle Palaeolithic lifeways from which can be identified those factors that influenced and constrained the design of Middle Palaeolithic stone technology and tool kits is also presented. From this, several hypotheses were developed and then tested through analysis of the products of different reduction strategies at four Middle Palaeolithic sites in SW and SE France. The analysis showed that the Levallois strategy presents advantages in cases of restricted access to raw material, and is inherent in all such strategies.

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1 Classic Levallois technique
1 Average Levallois Indices for the Mousterian Industries of 13 French sites
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