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4.69] [DAIFHANTUS] The PASSIONS OF Love. 391

Although his guise were fashioned to his mind,
And wording Love, as compliment he used;
Seemed still to jest at Love and lovers' kind,
Never obtained, but where he was refused:

Yet now, his words with wit so are rewarded ;
He loves ! loves two! loves all ! of none regarded.

Now he that laughed to hear true lovers sigh,
Can bite his lips, until his heart doth bleed !
Who jibed at all, loves all! each day 's his night!
Who scorned, now weeps and howls! writes his own meed!

He that would bandy Love, is now the ball !
Who feared no hazard, himself hath ta'en the fall!

Beauty and Virtue, who did praise the fashion ;
Who, Love and Fancy thought a comedy:
Now is turned Poet! and writes Love in Passion!
His verses fit the bleeding Tragedy !

In willow weeds, right well he acts his part !
His Scenes are tears, whose embryon was his heart !

He loves, where Love to all doth prove disaster!
His eyes no sooner see, but he's straight blind!
His kindred, friends, or foes, he follows faster
Than his own good! He's now but too too kind !

He that spent all, would fain find out Love's treasure !
Extremities are, for extremes the measure.

Thus thinks he, of the words he spent in vain ;
And wishes now, his tongue had eloquence!
He's dumb ! all motion that a world could gain,
A centre now without circumference!

CUPID, with words who fought! would teach him Art,
Hath lost his tongue; and with it, left his heart!

392 [DAIPIANTUS] The Passions of Love. [4:

A. Sa 1604

He swears he loves! (the heat doth prove the fire !)
He weeps his Love, his tears shew his Affection.
He writes his Love, his lines plead his Desire.
He sings his Love, the ditty mourns the action.

He sings, writes, weeps, and swears that he's in sadness!
It is believed, Not cured, Love turns to madness!

Love once dissembled, oaths are a grace most slender !
Tears oft are heard, Ambassadors for Beauty !
Words writ in gold, an iron heart may render!
A Passion Song shews much more hope than duty!

Oaths spoke in tears; words, song; prove no true ditty :
A feignèd Love must find a feignèd Pity!

Thus is the good DAIPHANTUS like the fly,
Who playing with the candle feels the flame.
The smiles of scorn are lovers' misery :
That soul's most vex't, is grieved with his name.

Though kind DAIPHANTUS do most love protest;
Yet is his cross, still to be thought in jest !

Poor tortured lorer! Like a perjured soul.
Swears till he's hoarse, yet never is believed !
(Who's once a villain, still is counted foul !)
O woful pity! when with wind relieved,

Learns this by wrote, Though Love unconstant bu,
They must prove constant, will her comforts see !

Now to the humble heart of his dread Saint,
EURIALÆ, he kneels; but 's not regarded !
Then to URANIA sighs, till he grows faint:
Such is her Wit, in silence he's rewarded !

His humble voice, EURIALÆ accuseth !
His sighing Passion, URANIA refuseth !

4.68] [DAIPHANTUS] The Passions of Love. 393

Then lifts he up his eyes, but Heaven frowneth!
Bows down his head, Earth is a mass of sorrow !
Runs to the seas; the sea, it storms and howleth!
Hies to the woods, the birds sad tunes do borrow!

Heaven, Earth, sea, woods, and all things do conspire
He burn in Love, yet freeze in his Desire !

The Ladies jest ! command him to feign still!
Tell him, how, one day, he may be in love!
That lover's reason hath not Love's free will !
Smile in disdain, to think of that he proves !

(O me, DAIPHANTUS! how art thou advised ?
When he's less pitied, then he is despised !)

They hold this but his humour! seem so wise !
And many lovers' stories forth do bring !
Court him with shadows, whilst he catcheth flies,
Biting his fingers till the blood forth spring!

Then do they much commend his careless Passion!
Call him “a lover of our Courtiers' fashion ! "

All this they do in modesty; yet free
From thinking him so honest, as in truth:
Much less so kind, as to love two or three,
Him near allied ; and he himself a youth !

Till with the sweat, which from his sufferings rise,
His face is pearled, like the lights his eyes.

Then with his look down-cast, and trembling hand,
A High Dutch colour, and a tongue like ice,
Apart with this EURIALÆ to stand
Endeavours he. This was his last device,

Yet in so humble strains, this Gallant courts her;
The wind being high, his breath it never hurts her!

394 [DAIPHANT US] The Passions Of Love.

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Speechless thus stands he, till She feared him dead,
And rubs his temples, calls and cries for aid.
Water is fetched and spunged into his head:
Who then starts up; from dreaming, as he said,

And craving absence of all, but this Saint,
He 'gan to court her, but with a heart right faint.

“ Bright Star of PHeBUS! Goddess of my thought!
Behold thy vassal, humbled on his knee !
Behold for thee, what gods and Art hath wrought,
A man adoring! of Love, the lowest degree.

I love! I honour thee ! ” No more ; there stayed
As if foresworn; even so, was he afraid !

EURIALÆ now spake, yet seemed in wonder,
Her lips when parting, heaven did ope his treasure,
“O do not, do not love! I will not sunder
A heart in two! Love hath nor height nor measure !

Live still a virgin! Then I'll be thy lover!"
Heaven here did close. No tongue could after move her.

As if in heaven, he was ravished so.
O love ! O voice! O face! which is the glory?
O day! O night! O Age! O worlds of joy !
Of every part, true love might write a story.

Convert my sighs, O to some angel's tongue.
To die for Love is life! Death is best young!

She gone, URANIA came. He, on the flower,
But sight of her revived his noble fire:
And as if Mars did thunder, words did shower!
(Love speaks in heat, when 'tis in most Desire)

She made him mad, whose sight had him revived;
Now speaks he plainly! Storms past, the air is glide.

A. Sc. 2604.

] [DAIPHANTUS] The Passions of Love. 395

“Why was I made, to bear such woe and grief?
Why was I born, but in Love to be nourished ?
Why then for Love (Love, of all virtues chief),
And I not pitied, though I be not cherished ?

What ! did my eyes offend in virtue seeing ?
O no! True Virtue is the lover's being !

“ Beauty and Virtue are the twins of life;
Love is the mother which them forth doth bring.
Wit with discretion ends the lover's strife.
Patience with silence is a glorious thing.

Love crowns a man, Love gives to all due merit;
Men without love are bodies without spirit.

“ Love to a mortal is both life and treasure.
Love changed to Wedlock doubleth in her glory.
Love is the gem, whose worth is without measure.
Fame dies, if not entombed within Love's story.

Man that lives, lives not, if he wants Content.
Man that dies, dies not, if with Love's consent."

Thus spake DAIPHANTUS, and thus spake he well;
Which wise URANIA well did understand :
So well she like it, as it did excel.
Now graced she him with her white slender hand,

With words most sweet, a colour fresh and fair,
In heavenly speech, she 'gan his woes declare.

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My good DAIPHANTUS! Love, it is no toy !
CUPID, though blind, yet strikes the heart at last.
His force, you feel! whose power must breed your joy ;
This is the meed for scoffs, you on him cast!

You love, who scorned ! your love, with scorn is quite !
You love, yet want ! your love, with want is spite !

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