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328 LYRICS, ELEGIES, &C. FROM [Ed. by Lwillige

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LAS, what hope of speeding,

Where Hope, beguiled, lies bleeding ?
She bade me come, when She spied me;
And when I came, She fied me!
Thus when I was beguiled
She, at my sighing, smiled.
But if you take such pleasure,
(Of joy and hope, my treasure !)
By deceit to bereave me;
Love me! and so deceive me!

ADY, when I behold the roses sprouting,

Which clad in damask mantles, deck the arbours;
My eyes present me with a double doubting :
For viewing both alike; hardly, my mind supposes,
Whether the roses be your lips, or your lips the roses?

Hus saith my Cloris bright
When we, of Love sit down and talk together.
“Beware of Love, Dear! Love is a walking sprite!

And Love is this and that.

And O, I know not what !
And comes and goes again, I wot not whither!"
No, no, these are but bugs to breed amazing :
For in her eyes, I saw his torchlight blazing!


Dieu, sweet AMARILLIS,

For since to part your will is,
O heavy tiding!

Here is for me, no biding !
Yet, once again, ere that I part with you,


Ed. by Wilbye:] MADRIGALS, CANZONETS, & c. 329



Ie, helpless man, since She denies thee grace!

Die and despair, sith She doth scorn to love thee ! Farewell, most Fair! though thou dost Fair deface!

Sith for my duteous love, thou dost reprove me ! Those smiling eyes, that sometimes me revived, Clouded with frowns, have me of life deprived.

Fall, O stay me!
Dear Love, with joys ye slay me!
Of life, your lips deprive me !

Sweet, let your lips revive me !
O whither are you hasting? and leave my life thus wasting !
My health on you relying, 'twere sin to leave me dying !

And though my love abounding
Did make me fall a swooning,
Yet am I well contented
Still so to be tormented.
And Death can never fear me,
As long as you are near me.

ALWAYS beg, yet never am relieved ;
I grieve, because my griefs are not believed ;
I cry aloud in vain, my voice outstretched,
And get but this: mine echo calls me “ Wretched !"

Thus Love commands, that I in vain complain me;
And Sorrow wills, that She shall still disdain me.
Yet did I hope, which hope, my life prolonged;
To hear her say, “ Alas, his love was wronged !"

Dy, your words do spite me!
Yet your sweet lips, so soft, kiss and delight me!
Your deeds, my heart surcharge with overjoying;
Your taunts my life destroying,

330 LYRICS, ELEGIES, &c. From [F.d. by Aprilbage

Since both have force to spill me.

Let kisses sweet, kill me!
Knights fight with swords and lances :

Fight you, with smiling glances !
So like the swans of Leander,
My ghost from hence shall wander,

Singing and dying.

LAS, what a wretched life is this?

Nay, what a death? where tyrant Love commandeth.
My flowering days are in their prime declining,
All my proud hope quite fallen, and life untwining
My joys, each after other, in haste are flying,

And leave me dying

For her that scorns my crying,
O She from hence departs, my love refraining.
For whom, all heartless, alas, I die complaining.

NKIND! O stay thy flying !
And if I needs must die, pity me dying!

But in thee, my heart is lying ;
And no death can assail me,

Alas, till life doth fail me!
O therefore, if the Fates bid thee be fleeting;
Stay for me! whose poor heart thou hast in keeping.

SANG sometimes my Thoughts and Fancy's pleasure.
Where then I list, or time served best, and leisure,
While Daphne did invite me
To supper once, and drank to me to spite me.
I smiled, yet still did doubt her,
And drank where she had drunk before, to flout her;

But 0, while I did eye her,
Mine eyes drank Love! my lips drank burning fire!


&c. 33!

LORA gave me fairest flowers,

None so fair in Flora's treasure :
These I placed on Phillis' bowers.

She was pleased, and She my pleasure.
Smiling meadows seem to say,

Come, ye wantons, here to play!

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Weer Love, if thou wilt gain a Monarch's glory,

Subdue her heart, who makes me glad and sorry!
Out of thy golden quiver
Take thou thy strongest arrow,
That will through bone and marrow
And me and thee, of grief and fear deliver.
But come behind ! for if she look upon thee,
Alas, poor Love ! then thou art woe begone thee !


Hen shall my wretched life give place to death?
That my sad cares may be enforced to leave me.
Come, saddest Shadow ! stop my vital breath!
For I am thine! then let not Care bereave me
Of thy sad thrall! but with thy fatal dart,
Kill Care and me, while Care lies at my heart !

F joys and pleasing pains, I, late, went singing!

(O pains with joys consenting!)
And little thought as then, of now repenting.
But now think of my then sweet-bitter stinging;
All day long, I, my hands, alas, go wringing.
The baleful notes of which my sad tormenting.
Are Ruth and Moan, Frights, Sobs, and loud

From hills and dales, in my dull ears still ringing.



[Ed. by

April 1598.

My throat is soar, my voice is hoarse with shrieking.
My Rests are sighs deep from the heart-root fetched.
My Song runs all on Sharps, and with oft striking
Time on my breast, I shrink with hands outstretched :
Thus still, and still I sing, and ne'er am linning ;
For still the Close points to my first Beginning.

Ruel, behold my heavy ending !
See, what you wrought, by your disdaining!
Causeless, I die, Love still attending
Your hopeless pity of my complaining !
Suffer those eyes, which thus have slain me,
With speed to end their killing power !
So shall you prove how love doth pain me,
And see me die still your !


Hou art but young!” thou sayest,

“And Love's delight, thou weigh'st not."
O take time, while thou may'st,

Lest when thou would'st thou may'st not !
If Love shall then assail thee,
A double double anguish will torment thee!
And thou wilt wish (but wishes all will fail thee!):
“O me! that I were young again!” and so repent



Hy dost thou shoot, and I seek not to shield me?

I yield, sweet Love ! Spare then my wounded liver!
And do not make my heart thy arrows' quiver,
O hold, what needs this shooting! when I yield me?

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