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Three Ballads on the Armada fight.

(Original broadsides, in British Museum. C. 18. e. 2/62-64.) A joyful new Ballad declaring the happy obtaining of the great Galleazzo, wherein Don PEDRO DE VALDEz was the chief ; through the mighty power and providence of GOD: being a special token of His gracious and fatherly goodness towards us; to the great encouragement of all those that willingly fight in the

defence of His Gospel and our good

Queen of England.

To the tune of Monsieur's Almain.

[Entered at Stationers' Hall, roth August, 1588; see Transcript, ii. 495. Ed. 1875.)

Noble England,

fall down upon thy knee ! And praise thy GOD, with thankful heart,

which still maintaineth thee! The foreign forces

that seek thy utter spoil, Shall then, through His especial grace,

be brought to shameful foil. With mighty power,

they come unto our coast; To overrun our country quite,

they make their brags and boast.


40 “ Fight for LORD & OUR GOOD QUEEN !" [T. Alle onged

In strength of men

they set their only stay;
But we, upon the LORD our GOD

will put our trust alway!

Great is their number

of ships upon the sea;
And their provision wonderful :

but, LORD, Thou art our stay!
Their armed soldiers

are many by account;
Their aiders eke in this attempt

do, sundry ways, surmount.
The Pope of Rome,

with many blessed grains, To sanctify their bad pretence,

bestoweth both cost and pains,
But little land

is not dismayed at all!
The LORD, no doubt! is on our side,

which soon will work their fall.

In happy hour,

our foes we did descry!
And under sail, with gallant wind,

as they came passing by.
Which sudden tidings

to Plymouth being brought;
Full soon our Lord High Admiral,

for to pursue them sought.
And to his train

courageously he said,
“Now, for the LORD, and our good Queen,

to fight be not afraid !
Regard our Cause !

and play your parts like men !

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This great Galleazzo

which was so huge and high, That, like a bulwark on the sea

did seem to each man's eye.
There was it taken,

unto our great relief,
And divers nobles, in which train,

Don PEDRO was the chief.
Strong was she stuffed

with cannons great and small,
And other instruments of war,

.Which we obtained all.
A certain sign

of good success, we trust :
That GOD will overthrow the rest,

as he hath done the first.

Then did our Navy

pursue the rest amain,
With roaring noise of cannons great,

till they, near Calais came.
With manly courage

they followed them so fast; Another mighty Galleon

did seem to yield at last:
And in distress

for safeguard of their lives,
A flag of truce, they did hand out,

with many mournful cries.
Which when our men

did perfectly espy
Some little barks they sent to her,

to board her quietly.



10 Aug. 1588.

But these false Spaniards

esteeming them but weak,
When they within their danger came,

their malice forth did break:
With charged cannons

they laid about them then,
For to destroy those proper barks

and all their valiant men.
Which when our men

preceived so to be;
Like lions fierce, they forward went

to 'quite this injury;
And boarding them

with strong and mighty hand, They killed the men, until their Ark

did sink in Calais sand.

The chiefest Captain

of this Galleon so high, Don HUGO DE MONCALDO, he

within this fight did die :
Who was the General

of all the Galleons great,
But through his brains, with powder's force,

a bullet strong did beat.
And many more,

by sword, did lose their breath, And many more within the sea

did swim, and took their death. There might you see

the salt and foaming flood, Died and stained like scarlet red

with store of Spanish blood.

This mighty vessel

was threescore yards in length,

T. Dieloney!.7 NOT A SHIP OF OURS WAS LOST! 43 10 Aug. 1588.]

Most wonderful, to each man's eye,

for making and for strength. In her were placed

a hundred cannons great, And mightily provided eke

with bread-corn, wine, and meat.
There were of oars

two hundred, I ween.
Threescore feet and twelve in length

well measured to be seen ;
And yet subdued,

with many others more : And not a ship of ours lost!

the LORD be thanked therefore !

Our pleasant country,

so beautiful and so fair,
They do intend, by deadly war,

to make both poor and bare.
Our towns and cities,

to rack and sack likewise,
To kill and murder man and wife

as malice doth arise ;
And to deflour

our virgins in our sight; And in the cradle cruelly

the tender babe to smite. GOD's Holy Truth,

they mean for to cast down, And to deprive our noble Queen

both of her life and crown.

Our wealth and riches,

which we enjoyed long;
They do appoint their prey and spoil

by cruelty and wrong.

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