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[blocks in formation]

§ 64. Cures a lunatic, xvii.

§ 65. Again foretells his ap-

proaching sufferings, xvii.

$ 66. Pays the half shekel as

tribute for the service of the

temple, xvii. 24-27.
$67. His discourses occasioned

by the dispute, who was the
greatest in the kingdom of

heaven, xviii. 1--20.
§ 63. Answers Peter's ques-

tion how often we must fer-
give, xviii. 21-35.

[blocks in formation]

$ 69-83. Single scattered ac-

counts, recorded only by St.
Luke, some of which belong
to the three or four last
months of the life of Christ;
others to an earlier period,
and which are not arranged
according to the order of

§ 69. Christ is refused the

offices of hospitality by the

Samaritans, ix. 51–56.
$ 70. Answers the question,

who is our neighbour, x. 25

§ 71. Visits Martha a second

time: his discourse relative
to her too anxious prepara-

tions for table, x. 38-42.
$72. Teaches his disciples to

pray, xi. 1---13.
§ 73. Discourses occasioned by

the request which a person
preseni had made to Christ,
that he would command his
brother to divide with him

his inberitance, xii. 13—59.
§ 74. Discourses occasioned by

Pilate's having put to death
several Galileans, and mingled
their blood with their sacri-

fices, xui. 1–9.
$ 75. Christ cures on the sab-

bath-day an infirm'woman,
who was unable to walk up-

right, xili. 10-92.
§ 76. Answers the question,

whether few or many will be

saved, xiii. 23-30.
§ 77. Replies to those who de-

sire bim to retire because
Herod songht to put him to

death, xii. 31-3).
$ 78. Dines with a Pharisee on

the sabbath-day. His ac-
tions and discourses on that

occasion, xiv. entire.
$ 79. Dines with publicans,






and justifies his conduct to
those who censure him. Ac-
ceptation of the Gentiles, xv.

§ 80. On this occasion he in-

structs his disciples in the
true use of riches, and de-
fends his doctrine against the
Pharisees, who deride it, xvi.

§ 81. His discourse on the ex-

traordinary effects of faith,

xvii. 5-10.
$ 82. Heals ten lepers, of whom

the Samaritan alone returned

thanks, xvii. 11-19.
§ 83. Answers the question,

when the kingdom of God
should come, xvii. 20.-xviii.

[blocks in formation]

$84. Answers the question re-

lative to divorces, xix. 1-12.
$ 85. Takes little children into

his arms, and blesses them ;
and on this occasion reproves

his disciples, xix. 13– 15.
$ 86. Answers a rich young

man, who asked him how be
should obtain eternal life;
Christ's important discourse
on this occasion with his

disciples, xix. 16.-XX. 16.
$ 87. Discourses again on his

approaching death, xx. 17

$ 88. The mother of the sons

of Zebedee requests for them
the first rank in the kingdom
of Christ; Christ's answer,
XX. 20—28.

[blocks in formation]

§ 90. Discourses at Jerusalem

$ 93. Restores two blind men

at the festival of the dedica-
tion of the temple, x. 22–

§ 91. Christ raises Lazarus

from the dead, xi. 1-46.
$ 92. Returns to Ephraim, xi.


to sight, xx. 29–34.

X. 46–52.

xviii, 35-43.
$ 94. Visits Zaccheus, xix. 1-

§ 95. Describes in a parable

the Jews who rejected him,
xix. 11-27.






[blocks in formation]

§ 96. Christ is anointed at

Bethany by Mary; he de-
fends this action against the
unjust censure of his disci-
ples, and particularly of Ju-
das Iscariot, who forms the
resolution to betray him,
xxvi. 6-13.

xiv. 3-9.
§ 97. Christ's entry into Jeru-
salem, xxi. 1-11.

xi. 1-10.
$ 98. He goes as Lord into the

temple, and again drives out
the sellers; he curses a fig-
tree, xxi. 12-22.

xi. 11-26.
§ 99. Answers the question by

what power he does this, xxi.

xi. 27.-xii. 12.
$ 100. Parable of the neglected

festival of a king, xxii. 1-14.
§ 101. Answer to the question

relative to tribute money,
XX. 15--22.

xii. 13–17.
§ 102. Au wers to the objec-

tion mide by the Sadducees
to the resurrection of the
dead, xxi. 23–33.

xii. 1827.
§ 103. Answer to the question,

whicb is the great command-
ment of the law? xxii. 34

xii. 2834.
$ 104. The question proposer,

whose son the Messiah is?
xxii. 41-46.

xii. 35-37.
§ 105. Discourses against the
Pharisees, xxii, entire.

xii. 38—40.
§ 106. Smali alms offering of a

widow commended, xii. 41

§ 107. Prophecy of the de

struction of Jerusalem, xxiv.

xiii. entire.
§ 108. Addition to the pre-

ceding prophecy, found only
in the Gospel of St. Matthew,

XXV 1-30.
§ 109. Christ answers the ques-

tion relative to the last juug-

ment, xxv. 31–46.
§ 110. After the preceding

discourses were ended, he
again foretells his approach-
ing death, xxvi. 2.

XX. 27-40.

XX. 41-44.

XX. 4547.

xxi. 1-4.

xxi. 538.

§ 11l. Of the Greeks who

wished to see Jesus; Christ's
discourse on this occasion,
and the answer from heaven,

xii. 20—36.
$ 119. Discourse on the infide-

lity of the Jews after the
performance of so many mi-
racles, xii, 37-50.

$ 113. Judas Iscariot promises

[blocks in formation]

xxii. 19, 20. $ 119. After supper he speaks

again of bis betrayer, xxii.

21–23. § 120. Another dispute among

$ 121. Christ goes into the

garden of Gethsemane, and foretells to Ptter that he would deny him, xxvi. 3035.

$ 122. His discourse on the

way, xiii. 31.—xvii. 26.

xviii. 1-12.

xviii. 13–28.

§ 123. Prayer that the cup

might be removed from him,

xxvi. 36-46. § 124. Christ is taken into cus

tody, xxvi. 47-56. $ 125. Brought before the San

hedrin, and condemned; is denied by Peter, xxvi. 57.

75. ý 126. Christ is led before Pi

late; Judas hangs himself,

xxvii. 1-10. § 127. Christ is accused before

Pilate, xxvii, 11-23. ý 128. Is condemned to death,

xxvii. 24–31.
129. And crucified, xxvii.

32–38. $ 130. Is reviled on the cross,

xvii. 29.—xix. 12.

xix. 13-16.

xix. 17—24.

$ 131. Supplement of several

facts not recorded by the other Evangelists, xix. 25— 30.

§ 133. Christ, on examination,

the apostles who should be
the greatest in the kingdom
of God, xxii. 24–30.

xiv. 26-31.

xxii. 31-38.

xiv. 32–42.

xxii. 39–46.

xiv. 43--52.

xxii. 47-53.

xiv. 53–72.

xxii. 54-71.

xxvii. 39-49.

xv. 1.

xxiji. 1.

xv. 2–14.

xxiii. 2422.

xv. 15-20.

xxii. 23-25,

xv. 21-28.

xxiii. 26-35.

xv. 29–36.

xxiii. 36-43.

132. Extraordinary events at the death of Christ, xxvij. 50


xv. 38–41.

xxiii. 44–49.

is found to be already dead, and is moreover pierced with a spear, xix. 31-37.






[blocks in formation]


$ 131. Burial of Christ, xxvii. 55-61.

xv. 42-47, $ 135. Appointment of a guard

at his sepulchre, xxvii. 62— 66.

§ 136. The women purchase

spices to embalm the body

of Christ, xvi, 1. § 137. Resurrection of Christ,

and the first accounts of it
which are brought by the
women, xxviii. 1-10.

xvi. 2-8.
§ 138. Further accounts of the

resurrection brought by Ma-
ry Magdalene, who
Christ alone, and is com-
manded to report it to the

apostles, xvi. 9-11. § 139. The guards bring the

account to the chief priests, and are bribed to say that the disciples had stolen the body, xxviii. 11-15.

♡ 140. Christ shews himself

alive to the two disciples,
who were going to Emmaus,

xvi, 12, 13.
§ 141. Christ shews himself to

the apostles, and to several
disciples who were with
thern, xvi, 1418.

[blocks in formation]

ý 144. Christ shews bimself in

Galilee to all his disciples, on a mountain where Christ had appointed them, xxviii. 1620.


Professor Griesbach, who believed that St. Mark constructed his Gospel from those of Matthew and Luke, has drawn up a Harmony of these three Evangelists, in which he shews that, 24 verses excepted, the whole of St. Mark's Gospel is contained in those of St. Matthew and St. Luke. His whole scheme in detail may be seen in his Synopsis Evang. Matt, Marci & Lucæ, 8vo. Hal. 1776. From his Commentationes Theologicæ Dr. Marsh gives the following Table, which brings the whole into the narrowest compass. Let it be observed that the middle column contains the whole of St. Mark's Gospel : those to the right and left contain the portions of St. Matthew's Gospel and St. Luke's, which correspond to the stated portions of the Gospel according to St. Mark,

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