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A.M. 4039.
A. D. 29.
CCII. 1.

A. D. 29.


Christ's disciples shall be exposed


to persecution and death, bring forth fruit, and that your fruit

20 Remember the word that I said M 40133. An. Olymp. should remain : that · whatsoever. ye unto you, ' The servant is not greater An. Olymp.

. shall ask of the Father in my name, than his lord. If they have persehe' may give it give it you.

cuted me, they will also persecute you; Sif 17 • These things I command you, that ye they have kept my saying, they will keep your's love one another.

also. 18 | If the world hate you, ye know that it 21 But "all these things will they do unto you hated me before it hated you.

for my name's sake, because they know not him 19 “ If ye were of the world, the world would that sent me. love his own: but because ye are not of the 22 'If I had not come and spoken unto them, world, but I have chosen you out of the world, they had not had sin : " but now they have no therefore the world hateth you.

Icloke for their sin.

Ver. 7, ch. 14. 11. - ver. 19.---Si John 3 1, 13. -- i Jobu 4. 5.

ech, 17, 14. of Matt. 10. 24. Luke 6. 40. ch. 13. 10.

$ Ezek. 3. 7. Matt. 10. 92. & 21. 9. cl. 16. 3.-ich. 9. 41.Rom.

1. 20. Jam. 4. 17.---Or, (icuse.

And ordained you] Rather, I have appointed you :-thequently, instead of being troubled at the prospect of perseword is conxe, I have put or placed you, i. e. in the vine. cution, they should rejoice, because that should always be a

Theodorus Mopsuensis, as quoted by Wetstein, observes, that proof to them, that they were in the very path in which Jesus Onze is here used for EDUTEVOQ, (I have planted) " and in say- himself had trod. Dr. Lardner thinks that peroy is a subing this, our Lord still makes use of the metaphor of the stantive, or at least an adjective used substantively, and this vine; as if he had said, I have not only planted you, but I clause of the text should be translated thus : If the world hare given you the greatest benefits, causing your branches hate you, know that it hated me your chief. It is no wonder to extend every where through the habitable world.”

that the world should hate you, when it hated me, your Lord The first ministers of the Gospel were the choice of Jesus and Master, whose lips were without guile, and whose conChrist : no wonder then that they were so successful. Those duct was irreproachable. See the Doctor's vindication of this whom men have since sent, without the appointment of God, translation, Works, vol. i. p. 306. have done no good. The choice should still continue with Verse 19. Ye are not of the world--therefore, &c.] On this God, who, knowing the heart, knows best who is most pro- very account, because ye do not join in fellowship with those per for the gospel ministry.

who know not God; therefore they hate you. How true is To be a genuine preacher of the gospel, a man must 1. Be that saying, chosen of God to the work. 2. He must be placed in the true

• The laws of Christ condemn a vicious world, rine-united to Christ by faith. 3. He must not think to

And gall it to revenge.”

GAMBOLD. lead an idle life, but labour. 4. He must not wait till work Verse 20. If they have kept my saying) Or, doctrine. Whobe brought to him, but he must go and seek it. 5. lle must soever acknowledges me for the Christ, will acknowledge you Jabour so as to bring forth fruit, i. e. to get souls converted for my ministers. to the Lord. 6. He must reser all his fruit to God, who gave Some translate the passage thus : If they have WATCHED MY him the power to labour, and blessed him in his work. 7. sayings, i. e. with an intent to accuse me for something which He must take care to water what he has planted, that his fruit || I have said; they will wATCH yours also : therefore be on your may remain—that the souls whom he has gathered in, be not guard. Ilagaangeov has this sense, as we have had occasion to scattered from the flock. 8. He must continue instant in observe before; and perhaps angeny has the same sense here, as prayer, that his labours may be accompanied with the pre- it is much more agreeable to the context. sence and blessing of God.—Whatsoever ye shall ask. 9. He Verse 21. Because they know not him that sent me.] This is must consider Jesus Christ as the great mediator between God | the foundation of all religious persecution : those who are and man, proclaiın his salvation, and pray in his name.- guilty of it, whether in church or state, know nothing about Whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, &c. See God. If God tolerates a worship, which professes to have Quesnel.

him for its object; and which does not disturb the quiet or Verse 18. If the world hate you] As the followers of Christ | peace of society-no man has the smallest right to meddle with were to be exposed to the hatred of the world, it was no small it; and he that does, fights against God. His letting it pass, is consolation to them to know, that that hatred would be only at least a tacit command, that all should treat it as he has done. in proportion to their faith and holiness; and that conse- Verse 22. But now they have no cloke for their sin.) They

Those who feel crmity to


Christ, are said to hate God.


A.M. 4033
A.D. 29.

A.M. 4033
A. D. 29.

CCII. 1.

CCII. 1.

23 · He that hateth me, hateth my They hated me without a cause. An. Olymp. Father also.

26 | But when the Comforter is An. Olymp. 24 If I had not done among them come, whom I will send unto you the works which none other man did, they had from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, which not had sin: but now have they both seen and proceedeth from the Father, he shall testify hated both me and my Father.

of me: 25 But this cometh to pass, that the word 27 And 'ye also shall bear witness, because might be fulfilled that is written in their law, ye have been with me from the beginning.

1 John 2. 23. Lbch. 3. 2. & 7. 31. & 9. 32.- Ps. 35. 19. & 69. 4. FLuke 24. 48. Acts 1. 8, 21, 42. & 2. 32. & 3. 15. & 4. 20, 33. & 5. 32.

Luke 94. 49. ch. 14. 17, 26. & 16.7, 13. Acts 2. 33. — * 1 John & 10. 39. & 13. 31. 1 Pet. 5. 1, 2 Pct. 1. 16.--- Luke 1. 2. 1 John 5. 6.

1.1, 2.

are without excuse. See the margin, and see the note on chap. || more miracles than any other had done, ver. 24.? for Elijah ix. 41. Christ had done such works as demonstrated him to and Elishah raised the dead; cured diseases; and made fire to be the Messiah--yet they rejected him ; here lay their sin : | come down from heaven. Did Christ do greater miracles than and this sin, and the punishment to which it exposed them, || Moses did in Egypt--at the Red sea-at the rock of Horeb; and still remain ; for they still continue to reject the Lord that at the rock of Kadesh ? Did Christ do greater miracles than bought them.

Joshua did, in the destruction of Jericho—in the passage of Verse 25. Written in their law] See on chap. x. 34. These Jordanin causing the sun and moon to stand still ? To all words are taken from Psal. Ixix. 4. This Psalm is applied to this it may be answered, Christ's miracles were greater : 1, Christ, chap. ii. 17. xix. 28. 10 the vengeance of God against || As to their number. 2. As to their utility—they were wrought Judea, Acts i. 20. The Psalm seems entirely prophetic of to comfort the distressed, and to save the lost. 3. Christ Christ. His deep abasement is referred to, ver. 2–6. his wrought all his miracles by his own power alone; and they prayer for his disciples and followers, ver. 7. that for himself, wrought theirs through his power only. 4. Christ wrought in the garden of Gethsemane, ver. 15–19. his crucifixion, ver.

his numerous miracles in the space of three or four years, 20—22. the vengeance of God against the Jews, from ver. 23. | and in the presence of the same people ; and the others were to ver. 29. the glorious manner in which he gets out of all his wrought from time to time in different centuries. sufferings, ver. 30. the abolition of the Mosaic rites and cere Some critics have confined the whole of this chapter to the monics, ver. 32. compared with Isai. Ixvi. 3. and finally, the apostles of our Lord, and the work of propagating Christiestablishment of the gospel through the whole world, in the 33d anity, to which they had been called. The whole comment and following verses. The Reader will do well to consult the of Rosenmuller on this chapter proceeds on this plan; and at Psalm before he proceeds.

once shews how nugatory it is. What learned labour has Verse 26. But when the Comforter is come] See on chap. there been in the world, to banish the spirit of Christianity xiv. 16.

from the earth, while the letter was professed to be scrupulously Verses 26, 27. He shall testifyand ye also shall bear wit- regarded ! 1. The spiritual union spoken of by Christ, is not ness] He shall bear bis testimony in your souls, and ye shall merely necessary for his primitive disciples, but also for all hear this testimony to the world. And so they did, by their who would be Christians on earth, and beatified spirits in miracles, their preaching, their writings, their lives, and by heaven. 2. The brotherly love here inculcated, is the duty their deaths. Our Lord appears to reason thus : In every re- and interest of every Christian soul on the face of the earth. spect the unbelief of the Jews is inexcusable. They believe 3. The necessity of adorning the Christian profession, by not my doctrine, notwithstanding its purity and holiness. | bringing forth corresponding fruits, is the duty of all who They believe not in the Father who sent me, notwithstanding name the name of the Lord Jesus. 4. The appointment to, I have confirmed my mission by the most astonishing mira- and preparation for, the work of the sacred ministry,' must cles. One thing only remains how to be done, i. e. to send ever be primarily with Christ: for those who have no higher them the Holy Spirit, to convince them of sin, righteousness, authority, than that which they derive from man, are never and judgment: and this he shall do, not only by his influence likely to be useful in christianizing the world. 5. The perupon their hearts, but also by your words : and when they secution to whieh the apostles were exposed, has been the shall bave resisted this Spirit, then the cup of their iniquity common lot of Christians from the foundation of Christianity. shall be filled up, and wrath shall come upon them to the 6. The consolations and influences of Christ's Spirit, have uitermost,

not been the exclusive privileges of the apostles; they are the But in what sense can it be said, that Christ wrought birtluright of all the sons and daughters of God.

Christ foretells the persecutions his


disciples should endure from the Jews,


A.M. 4033. 1. D. 29.

Christ warns his disciples, and foretells the persecutions they should receive from the Jews, 1–4. Foretells his death,

and promises them the Comforter, 5—7. Points out his operations among the Jews, and in the world, 8–11. His peculiar influences on the souls of the disciples, 19—15. Speaks figuratively of his death and resurrection, at which his disciples are puzzled, 17, 18. He explains, and illustrates the whole by a similitude, 19–22. Shews himself to be the Mediator between God and man, and that all prayers must be put up in his name, 23—28. The disciples clearly comprehend his meaning and express their strong faith in him, 29, 30. He again foretells their persecution, and promises them his peace and support, 31–33.

THESE things have I spoken that I told you of them. And these 4. M. 108 An. Olymp.


should not things I said not unto you at the be. An. Olymp. be offended.

ginning, because I was with you. . 2 They shall put you out of the synagogues : 5 ( But now : I go my way to him that sent yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth me; and none of you asketh me, Whither goest you,

will think that he doeth God service. thou? 3 And " these things will they do unto you, 6 But because I have said these things unto because they have not known the Father, nor you, "sorrow hath filled your heart. me.

7 Nevertheless I tell you the truth; It is 4. But these things have I told you, that expedient for you that I go away: for if I go when the time shall come, ye may remember not away, 'the Comforter will not come unto

CCII, 1.

CCII. 1.

* Matt. 11. 6. & 21. 10. & 26. 31.ch. 9. 22, 34. & 12. 42.-icts 8 1. & 9. 1. & 26. 9, 10, 11. ch. 15. 21. Rom. 10. 2. 1 Cor. 2. 8. 1 Tim. 1. 13.

e Ch. 18. 19. & 14. 29. See Matt. 9. 15.-fver. 10, 16. ch. 7. 33. & 13. 3. & 14. 28.- ver. 92. ch. 14. 1. -ich. 7. 39. Š 14. 16, %. & 15. 26.


equal to him who brings an offering to God.” What the Verse 1. These things have I spoken] Particularly what is | Zealots did is notorious in history. They butchered any mentioned in the two last chapters.

person in cold blood, whom they pretended to believe was an Be offended.] Iva den oraydanog Onts, that ye should not be enemy to God, to the law, or to Moses; and thought they were stumbled. May not fall away from the faith, nor receive any fulfilling the will of God by these buman sacrifices. We had injury to your souls, as that man does to his body, who stum- the same kind of sacrifices here in the time of our Popish bles, or falls over a stone, or block, in the way, which he has Queen Mary. not discovered.

Verse 3. Because they have not known the Father) See on Verse 2. They shall put you out of the synagogues] They chap. xv. 25. Ignorance of the benevolence of GOD, and of will excommunicate you, and consider you as execrable, and the philanthropy of CHRIST is the grand fountain whence utterly unworthy to hold any commerce with God by religion; all religious persecution and intolerance proceed. or with man by civil fellowship. See on chap. ix. 22. In Verse 4. At the beginning) I would not trouble you by these excommunications they were spoiled of all their sub-speaking of these things pointedly at first, when I chose you stance; see Ezrá x. 8. and see also Heb. x. 34. and deprived of to be my disciples; but have referred them to the present their character, their influence, and every necessary of life. I time, lest you should be discouraged ; and now only declare Though the Jewish people had the most humane laws, yet them because it is absolutely necessary that you should be put they were a most vindictive and cruel people.

upon your guard, That whosoever killeth you, &c.] This Paul found; for Verse 5. None of you asketh me, Whither goest thou?) In more than forty Jews bound themselves under a curse that chap. xiii. 36. Peter had asked, Lord, whither goest thox ? they would neither eat nor drink till they had killed him; and Thomas, much the same in chap. xiv. 5. both of whom Acts xxiii. 12, 13, and agreeably to this, it is said, in that had received an answer. But now, at the time when Jesus Tract of the Talmud, which is entitled Bammidbar, R. xxi. ad. I was speaking this, none of them asked this question, because Num. xxv. 13. He who sheds the blood of the ungodly, is | their hearts were filled with sorrow : ver. 6.


A.M. 4033
A. D. 29.

A. D. 29.

The great office of the Holy Spirit CHAP. XVI.

is to convince men of sin, fc. you; but 'if I depart, I will send 10 « Of righteousness, because I A. 11. 4053.An. Olymp. him unto you.

go to my Father, and ye see me no An. Olymp. 8 And when he is come, he will more. reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness, 11 'Of judgment, because s the prince of this and of judgment :

world is judged. 9. Of sin, because they believe not on me; 12 I have yet many things to say unto you,

CCII. 1.


* Acts 2. 33. Eph. 4. 8. Or, convince.- Acts 2. 22-37.- Acts

2. 32.ch. 3. 14. & 5.32.

f Acts 26. 18. - Luke 10. 18. ch. 12. 31. Eph. 2. 2. Col. 2. 15.

Hcb. 2. 14.

Verse 7. It is expedientthat I go away] In other places Lord's anointed, the promised Messiah. It was a matter of he had shewed them the absolute necessity of his death for the the utmost consequence to the Christian cause to have the salvation of men : see Matt. xx. 19. xxvi. 2. Mar. ix. 31. x. | innocence and holiness of its founder demonstrated; and the 33. Luke ix. 44. xviii. 32. This he does not repeat here, but crime of the Jews in putting him to death, made manifest to shews them, that by the order of God, the Holy Spirit cannot the world. This also has been literally fulfilled : the universe come to them, nor to the world, unless he first die: and con- | that has heard of him believes the righteousness and innosequently men cannot be saved but in this way.

cence of Jesus ; and the Jews, his persecutors, are confounded Verse 8. He will reprove] Exey's, he will demonstrate these and execrated throughout the habitable globe. matters so clearly as to leave no doubt on the minds of those Verse 11. Of judgment) or the false judgment of the who are simple of heart; and so fully as to confound, and shut Jews in condemning the Lord Jesus, whom some think is in. the mouths of those who are gainsayers. See Acts ii. 1, &c. tended here by the ruler of this world: see chap. xiv. 30.

The world] The Jewish nation first, and afterwards the Others think that Satan is meant, whose usurped power over Gentile world; for his influences shall not be confined to one the world, was now to be greatly restrained, and by and people, place, or time.

bye totally destroyed: see chap. xii. 31. Col. ii. 15. Rev. xi. Verse 9. Of sin] of the sin of the Jews in not receiving 15. xii. 10, 11. Perhaps our Lord's meaning is, that as a me as the Messiah, though my mission was accredited by the most astonishing judgment, or punishment, was now about to very miracles which the prophets foretold: see Isai. xxxv. fall upon the Jews, in consequence of their obstinate infidelity; 3-6. This was literally fulfilled on the day of Pentecost, the Holy Ghost by the ministry of the Apostles should demorwhen the spirit was given; for multitudes of Jews were then strate, that this judgment, severe as it might seem, was amply convinced of this sin, and converted to God: see Acts ü. 37. merited by this worst of all people: and may we not say, that

If we take this prediction of our Lord in a more general their continuance in the same crime, sufficiently vindicates sense, then we may consider that it is one of the grand offices of the judgment of God, not only in its being poured out upon the Holy Spirit to convince of sin; to shew men what sin is; to them at first; but in continuing to pursue them. demonstrate to them that they are sinners: and to shew the It is necessary to observe, that it was one office of the Spirit necessity of an atonement for sin : and in this sense the phrase to convince of a judgment to come ; and this he did particularly wigs apagtias, may be understood ; and in this sense it is used by the Apostles in declaring that God had appointed a day in multitudes of places in the Septuagint: but the words in which he would judge the world by him whom he had because they believe not in me, restrict the meaning particularly appointed for that purpose : Acts xvii. 31. And we find to the sin of the Jews in rejecting Christ as the Messiah. that while Peter was asserting this doctrine at Cæsarea, Acts

Verse 10. Of righteousness) Of my innocence and holiness, x. 42. the Holy Spirit was poured out on the Jews and the because I go away to my Father; of which, my resurrection | Gentiles which were present, ver. 44, &c. and many were from the dead, and my ascension to heaven, shall be complete converted unto the Lord. proofs. Christ was treated by the Jews as an impostor ; as a One general exposition may be given of these three verses. magician; as one possessed by the devil; as a wicked person, The Holy Spirit will convince the world of sin committed, and seducer, and destroyer of the law. His vindication from these guilt and condemnation thereby incurred. Of righteousnesscharges he chiefly referred to the Holy Spirit, the Advocate; of the necessity of being pardoned, and made righteous through who by his influences on the minds of the people, and by the blood of the Lamb, who, after being offered up for sin, his eloquence and energy in the ministry of the apostles, con- went to the Father, ever to appear in his presence as our intervinced both the Jews and the Gentiles that the sentence of the cessor : and of judgment of the great duy thereof, when none, Jewish rulers was unjust and infamous ; and that the very per- shall be able to stand but those whose sins are pardoned, and son whom they had crucified was both Lord and Chrise — whose souls are made righteous. In all that our Lord says, Lord, the great governor of the universe; and Christ, the here, there seems to be an allusion to the office of an advocate

Christ speaks concerning his


death and resurrection.

A. M. 4033.
A. D. 29.

A. D. 29. An. Olymp.

CCII. 1.


• but ye cannot bear them now. therefore said I, that he shall take of A. M.4083. An. Olymp. 13 Howbeit when he, the Spirit mine, and shew it unto you.

of truth, is come, he will guide you 16 'A little while, and ye shall into all truth: for he shall not speak of him- not see me: and again a little while, and ye self; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall shall see me, ' because I go to the Father. he speak: and he will shew you things to

17 Then said some of his disciples among come.

themselves, What is this that he saith unto us, 14 He shall glorify me: for he shall receive A little while, and ye shall not see me: and of mine, and shall shew it unto you.

again a little while, and ye shall see me : and, 15 « All things that the Father hath are mine : Because I go to the Father?

• Mark 4. 33. 1 Cor. 3. 2. Heb. 5. 12. ch. 14. 17. & 15. 26.-'ch. 14.

26. 1 John 2. 20, 27.

• Matt. 11. 27. ch. 3. 35. & 13. S. & 17. 10. Le ver. 10. ch. 7, S. & 13.

33. & 14. 19.-ver. 28. ch. 15. 3.

in a cause, in a court of justice; who, by producing witnesses, 3. The entire change of the whole Mosaic dispensation, and and pleading upon the proof, convicts the opposite party of the bringing the Gentiles into the church of God. sin, demonstrutes the righteousness of his client, and shews the Verse 13. He will guide you] He will consider your feeble necessity of passing judgment apon the accuser.

infant state; and as a father leads his child by the hand, so · The faith of the gospel discovers unto us three different will the Holy Spirit lead and guide yon. states of man: it shews him, Ist. Under sin, in which there The Vulgate, and some copies of the Itala, read, he will is nothing but infidelity towards God, because there is no faith TEACH you all truth; but this, and more is implied in the in Jesus Christ.

word conynou, he will lead; besides, this reading is not ac2. Under grace, in which sin is pardoned, and righteousness knowledged by any Greek MS. acquired by faith in Christ; who is gone to the Father to He shall not speak of himself] He shall teach nothing concarry on, by his intercession, the great work of redemption. trary to what I have taught you :

3. In the peace and glory of heaven, where Christ will reign But whatsoever he shall heur] Of the Father and me, that with his members; the devil, with his angels and servants, he shall speak; and thus shew the intimate consent between being banished into hell by the last judgment.

himself, the Father, and Christ. It is one conjoint testimony Thus, in the Christian revelation we are made acquainted in which the honour and glory of the Holy Trinity, and man's with three grand truths, which contain the sum and substance salvation are equally concerned. of all true religion.

And he will shew you things to come. Ple will fully explain The first is, the general corruption of human nature, and the every thing that may now appear dark or difficult to you; reign of sin till the coming of Christ.

will give you such a knowledge of futurity as shall, in all neThe second is, the reparation of our nature by the Lord cessary cases, enable you to foretell futuré events; and shall Jesus, and the reign of righteousness, by his grace: Rom. v. supply every requisite truth, in order to make the new cove21.

nant revelation complete and perfect. The third is, the condemnation of sinners, and the total Verse 15. All things that the Fucher hath are mine} If Christ destruction of the kingdom of sin, and of all the power of the had not been equal to God, could he have said this without devil, by the last judgment.

blasphemy? Verse 12. Ye cannot bear them now.] In illustration of these And shall shew it unto you.] As Christ is represented the three points, Christ had many things to say; but he found that ambussador of the Father; so the Holy Spirit is represented bis disciples would only bear general truths; yet in saying what the ambassador of the Son'; coming vested with his authority, he did, he sowed the seeds of the whole system of theological as the interpreter, and executor of his will. knowledge, and heavenly wisdom, which the Holy Spirit of Verse 16. A little while] He had but a few hours to live. this trutb, afterwards watered and ripened into a glorious har And


shall not see me] I shall be hidden from your view dest of light and salvation, by the ministry of the Apostles. 1 in the grave. Dr. Lightfoot supposes that the things which the Apostles Again a little while] In three days after my death : could not bear now, were such as these : 1. The institution of Ye shall see me) I will rise again, and shew myself to you. the Christian Sabbath, and the abolition of the Jewish. 2. The Or, as I am going by my ascension to tlie Father, in a short time, rejection of the whole Jewish nation, at the very time in ye

shall see me personally no more : but in a little while I shall which they expected to be set up and established for ever. pour out my spirit upon you, and others, through your mini:

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