The Ciceronian: Or, The Prussian Method of Teaching the Elements of the Latin Language. Adapted to the Use of American Schools

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Gould, Kendall & Lincoln, 1844 - 184

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Strona 84 - Latinis verbis huius verbi vim vel maximam semper putavi. quem enim nos ineptum vocamus, is mihi videtur ab hoc nomen habere ductum, quod 'non' sit 'aptus', idque in sermonis nostri consuetudine perlate patet. nam qui aut tempus quid postulet non videt aut plura loquitur aut se ostentat aut eorum quibuscum est vel dignitatis vel commodi rationem non habet aut denique in aliquo genere aut inconcinnus aut multus est, is 'ineptus
Strona 175 - Nam quis nescit, primam esse historiae legem, ne quid falsi dicere audeat ? deinde ne quid veri non audeat? ne qua suspicio gratiae sit in scribendo? ne qua simultatis ? Haec scilicet fundamenta nota sunt omnibus.
Strona 125 - Sed in collocando beneficio et in referenda gratia, si cetera paria sunt, hoc maxime officii est, ut quisque maxime opis indigeat, ita ei potissimum opitulari ; quod contra fit a plerisque ; a quo enim plurimum sperant,2 etiamsi ille iis non eget, tamen ei potissimum inserviunt.
Strona 189 - The illustrations, both pictorial and verbal, are admirably intelligible ; and the definitions are such as to be easily comprehended by juvenile scholars. The author has interwoven with his scientific instructions much interesting historical information, and contrived to dress his philosophy in a garb truly attractive.
Strona 84 - Ut enim pulchritudo corporis apta compositione membrorum movet oculos et delectat hoc ipso, quod inter se omnes partes cum quodam lepore consentiunt, sic hoc decorum, quod elucet in vita, movet adprobationem eorum, quibuscum vivitur, ordine et constantia et moderatione dictorum omnium atque factorum.
Strona 189 - I have examined Blake's First Book in Astronomy, an-d am much pleased with it. A very happy selection of topics is presented in a manner which cannot fail to interest the learner, while the questions will assist him materially in fixing in the memory what ought to be retained. It leaves the most intricate parts of the subject for those who are able to master them, and brings before the young pupil only what can be made intelligible and interesting to him.
Strona 183 - This is a new work on morals, for academic use, and we welcome it with much satisfaction. It is the result of several years...
Strona 190 - I have been highly gratified with the perusal of your edition of Conversations on Natural Philosophy. The Questions, Notes, and Explanations of Terms, are valuable additions to the work, and make this edition superior to any other with which I am acquainted. I shall recommend it wherever I have an opportunity.
Strona 78 - Sed iniustitiae genera duo sunt: unum eorum, qui inferunt, alterum eorum, qui ab iis, quibus infertur, si possunt, non propulsant iniuriam. Nam qui iniuste impetum in quempiam facit...
Strona 190 - Perhaps no work has contributed so much as this to excite a fondness for the study of Natural Philosophy in youthful minds. The familiar comparisons with which it abounds, awaken interest, and rivet the attention of the pupil.

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