Unequal Victims: Poles and Jews During World War Two

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Holocaust Library, 1986 - 399
Denies the claim that Poles and Jews in occupied Poland were in a similar position and that, as a result, the Poles were unable to help the persecuted Jews. Their failure to help the Jews arose from prewar antisemitic attitudes. Many Poles benefited from Jewish abandoned property and the elimination of economic competition, and public satisfaction with German policy was reported by the Delegate's office, the representative of the exiled Polish government. Neither the office nor the Polish underground leadership included Jewish representatives. The Sikorski government in London, more sensitive to Western opinion, included two Jewish representatives and made declarations condemning the mass murder of Jews but gave little material help, partly due to pressure by extremist right-wing groups. Other chapters discuss the Council for Aid to Jews (Żegota), antisemitism in the Anders Army, and antisemitism and pogroms after the liberation.

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