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" ... long training. Any practical arithmetical computation at all involved is quite beyond the brightest defective. Few can solve the problem : If I give you a dollar and you go in town on the electric car and pay your fare and return, and buy stamps for... "
Ungraded - Strona 103
Pełny widok - Informacje o książce

Proceedings of the American Medico-Psychological Association ..., Tom 20;Tom 69

American Psychiatric Association - 1913
...and pay your fare and return, and buy stamps for three letters, how much money will you have left? He may know the amount of the car fare and the price...mental defect, especially with the higher grades. The Binet tests, in the hands of competent examiners, usually corroborate the results of clinical examination...
Pełny widok - Informacje o książce

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