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Smith Lady, ditto
Smith Thomas, Esq.
Smith Rev. Old Park
Smith John, Esq., Mile-End
Smith Mrs., ditto
Snisher Mr., Hawkhurst
Snow Rev. Thomas
Sober Mrs. (4 copies)
Spiller J., Esq., 20 Dominick Street
Spiller Mrs., ditto
Springett Mr. E., Hawkhurst
Stabler Mr., Leeds
St. Clair Capt., Bath
Stuart Lady James
Stuart Mrs., Ranelagh Lodge
Sutton Mrs., Devizes
Sutton Miss, Rowde
Sutton Miss S., ditto

Thompson Miss, 20 Dominick Street
Thompson Miss E., ditto
Thompson Miss
Thruston Mrs. F., Albury (2 copies)
Tickell Joseph, Esq., Clapton
Tickell Mrs., ditto
Tighe Mrs., St. James's Place
Tinker Mrs., Littleton
Torlesse Rev. Charles, Stoke
Torlesse Mrs., Ipswich
Traherne Mrs.
Tuam, His Grace the Archbishop of
Turley Miss Ann, Hawkhurst
Tylee Mrs., Devizes

Vincent Rev. E., Rowde

Wade Rev. Ed.
Wade Mrs.
Wade Rev. Charles
Walker Rev. G., Leeds
Waylen Mrs., Devizes
Wall Mrs., Sea-Mount
Wheeler Rev. George
Wheldale Rev. West
White Mrs., Acton Hill

Whitehead Miss
Whitehead Miss Charlotte
Whitehead Miss Caroline
Wilks Mr. William, Leeds
Williams Mrs., Grosvenor square
Williams Mrs., Ipswich
Willis Mr. H.
Willies Mrs., Hawkhurst
Willyams Mrs. Cooper, Canterbury
Wilson Rev. Ed., Leeds
Wilson F., Esq., jun., Hawkhurst
Wilson Mrs., Mountjoy Square
Wollaston Rev. W. C., Leeds
Woodroffe Rev. R., Somerford
Wood Lady, Ottershaw
Wyatt James, Esq., Stamford Street
Wyatt Mrs., ditto
Wyatt Matthew, Esq. (2 copies)
Wyatt Mrs. M. (2 copies)
Wyatt Miss M.
Wyatt Mrs. Robert, Barton (4 copies)
Wyatt Edward, Esq., (2 copies)
Wyatt H., Esq.

Young Rev. William, Ireland (4 copies)
Young Owen, Esq., Ireland
Young Dr., Belfast


IN presenting this volume of Sermons to the Public, the Friends of Mr. King consider it necessary briefly to observe, that it is composed of Discourses selected out of manuscripts never intended for publication by the lamented Author, who delivered most of them before a Village Congregation, and was suddenly removed from the sphere of his exertions into the presence of that SAVIOUR whose cause he laboured zealously to promote, and whose example he studied perseveringly to imitate. That Mr. King did "the work of an Evangelist, and made full proof of his ministry,they who were privileged to hear and know him will bear a concurrent testimony: while his Friends indulge a hope that these Discourses, through which,

he, being dead, yet speaketh,will also witness to the zeal and fidelity with which he testified of the Gospel of the grace of God," although losing necessarily much of that effect which his singularly mild and persuasive and solenın manner was calculated to convey.

The Sermons appear before the Public without

any other than a few verbal corrections. Not only has the sense been invariably maintained, but the greatest care has been taken to preserve the structure of the sentence where it was possible : and hence, if there may appear occasionally some defects in style, or want of connexion, his Friends have the satisfaction of offering Mr. King's sentiments and language, and not their own.

With these few observations the Friends of Mr. King present the following Discourses to the notice and consideration of the Christian Public ; and earnestly pray that the blessing of God may be vouchsafed to those who read, as it was to many who were privileged to hear them: and should this volume fall into the hands of any over whose spiritual interests Mr. King was commissioned to watch, may they be led, not only to remember him, but to follow his faith, and consider the end of his conversation, “Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, to-day, and for ever."

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