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PRAYER. (Et famulos.). NEFEND also, O Lord, from all adversity, thy

D servant N. our Pope, N. our Bishop, together with the people

committed to his care: grant peace in our days, and banish all wickedness from thy Church: thro', &c.

Dominus vobiscum. The Lord be with you.
R. Et cum spiritu tuo. R. And with thy spirit

Ite missa est (vel) Be- Go, you are dismissed, nedicamus Domino. (or) let us bless the Lord. R. Deo gratias.

R. Thanks be to God.
In Masses for the Dead.
P. Requiescant in pace. P. May they rest in
R. Amen.

peace. R. Amen.
Bowing before the Altar, the Priest says
Placeat tibi sancta Let the perforinance of
Trinitas, obscquium ser- my homage be pleasing
vitutis meæ ; et præsta, to thee, () holy Trinity;
ut sacrificiuin quod and grant that the sacri-
oculis tuæ Majestatis fice which I, tho' unwor-
indignus obtuli, tibi sit thy, have offered up in
acceptabile, mihique, et the sight of thy Majesty,
omnibus pro quibus illud may be acceptable to
obtuli, sit te miserante, thee, and thro’ thy mercy
propitiabile. Per Chris- be a propitiation for me,
tum Dominum nostrum. and all those for whom it

has been offered. Thro' Turning himself towards the People, he gives them his

Blessing, saying,
May Almighty God, the Father, Son, and Holy

Ghost, bless you. Amen.
P. Dominus vobiscum. P. Our Lord be with
R. Et cum spiritu tuo. you. R. And with thy
P. Initium sancti Evange- spirit. P. The beginning

lii, secundum Joannem. of the Gospel according R. Gloria tibi, Domine. to St. John. R. Glory

be to thee, O Lord. TN principio erat Ver- TN the beginning was I bum, et Verbum erat I the Word, and the apud Deum: et Deus Word was with God, and erat Verbum: hoc erat in the Word was God: the principio apud Deum. same was in the beginOmnia per ipsum facta ning with God. All things sunt, et sine ipso factuin were made by him, and est nihil, quod factum without him was made est : in ipso vita erat, nothing that was made ; et vita erat lux hominum: in him was life, and the et lux in tenebris lucet, life was the light of men: et tenebræ eam non and the light shineth in comprehenderunt.

darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend


Fuit homo missus a There was a man sent Deo, cui nomen erat Jo-' from God, whose name annes. Hic venit in tes- was John. This man timonium, ut testimoni- came for a witness, to um perhiberet de lumi- give testimony of the ne, ut omnes crederent light, that all men might per illum. Non erat ille believe through him. He Jux; sed ut testimonium was' not the light, but perhiberet de lumine. was to give testimony Erat lux vera quæ illumi- of the light. That was the nat omnem hominem true light which enlightvenientem in hunc mun- eneth every man that dum.

cometh into this world. In mundo erat, et He was in the world, mundus per ipsum factus and the world was made est, et mundus eum non by him, and the world cognovit. In propria knew him not. He came venit, et sui eum non re- unto his own, and his ceperunt. Quotquot au- own received him not. tem receperunt eum, de- But as many as received Jit eis potestatem filios him, to them he gave

Dei fieri: his qui cre- power to be made the dunt in nomine ejus, qui sons of God: to them non ex sanguinibus, ne- that believe in his name, que ex voluntate carnis, who are born, not of neque ex voluntate viri, blood, nor of the will of sed ex Deo nati sunt: Et the flesh, nor of the will VERBUM CARO FACTUM of man, but of God : EST, et habitavit in no- And THE WORD WAS bis; et vidimus gloriam MADE FLESH, and dwelt ejus, gloriam quasi uni- among us; and we saw geniti a Patre, plenuin his glory, as it were the gratiæ et veritatis.

glory of the only begotten of the Father, full of

grace and truth. R. Deo gratias.

R. Thanks be to God.

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Salutaris hostia! O Saving Host! that
Quæ cæli pandis heaven's gate

Laidst open at so dear a
Bella premunt hostilia: rate :

Intestine wars invade Da robur; fer auxilium. our breast;

Be thou our strength,

support, and rest. 2. Uni trinoque Do- 2. To God the Father, mino,

and the Son, Sit sempiterna gloria: And Holy Spirit, Three

in One,
Qui vitam sine termino, Be endless praise: may

HE above,
Nobis donet in patria. With life eternal crown

our love.
At the Benediction.
TAntum ergo Sacra- To this mysterious
1 mentum,

1 table now, Veneremur cernui : Our knees, our hearts,

and sense we bow: Et antiquum documen- Let ancient rites resign tum

their place Novo cedat ritui:. To nobler elements of

grace: Præstet fides supplemen- And faith for all defects tum,

supply, Sensuum defectui.. Whilst sense is lost in

mystery. Genitori, genitoque To God the Father

born of none, Laus et jubilatio

To Christ his co-eternal

Son, Salus, honor, virtus, quo- And Holy Ghost, whose que,

equal rays Sit et benedictio:

From both proceed, he

equal praise: Procedenti ab utroque, One honour, jubilee, and


Compar sit laudatio. For ever bless his glori. Amen.

ous name. Amen. · V Panem de cælo, V. Thou hast given præstitisti eis, Alleluia. them bread from heaven

Alleluia. R. Omne delectamen. R. Replenished with tum in se habenten., Al- whatever is delicious, leluia.


The Prayer. DEUS, qui nobis, sub God, who in this

sacramento mira- U wonderful sacrabili passionis tuæ memo- ment, has left us a perriam reliquisti : tribue petual memorial of thy quæsumus, ita nos cor- passion ; grant us, we poris et sanguinis tui, beseech thee, so to resacra mysteria venerari verence the sacred mysut redemptionis tui fruc- teries of thy body and tum in nobis jugiter blood, as in our souls to sentiamus. Qui.

be always sensible of the redemption thou hast

purchased for us. Who. 9 Whilst the Priest (holding the REMONSTRANCE in

his Hand) exposes the B. SACRAMENT to the Veneration of the Faithful, the following ANTHEM is occasionally sung.

O Sacrum Convivium! O Sacred Banquet! in in quo Christus sumitur: which Christ is received: recolitur memoria passio- the memory of his pas. nis ejus: mens impletur sion renewed: the mind gratia : et futuræ gloriæ replenished with grace: nobis pignus datur. Al and a pledge of future leluia.

glory is given to us. Alleluia.

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