Journal of an Expedition 1400 Miles Up the Orinoco and 300 Up the Arauca: With an Account of the Country, the Manners of the People, Military Operations, &c

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Black, Young and Young, 1822 - 397

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Strona 265 - An eye accustomed to flowery pastures and waving harvests is astonished and repelled by this wide extent of hopeless sterility. The appearance is that of matter incapable of form or usefulness, dismissed by nature from her care and, disinherited of her favors, left in its original elemental state or quickened only with one sullen power of useless vegetation.
Strona 185 - Tender-handed stroke a nettle, And it stings you for your pains ; Grasp it like a man of mettle, And it soft as silk remains.
Strona 278 - Christianity, in furnishing new ideas, and opening a wider range to the exercise of the intellectual faculties ; in declaring that all nations of men that dwell on the face of the Earth are made of one blood, and members of the same family; has weakened every exclusive sentiment, and has spread through both Worlds the ancient traditions of the East with those that are peculiarly it's own.
Strona 265 - Pelion, by waving their leaves. They exhibit very little variety ; being almost wholly covered with dark heath, and even that seems to be checked in its growth. What is not heath is nakedness, a little diversified by now and then a stream rushing down the steep. An eye accustomed to flowery pastures and waving harvests is astonished and repelled by this wide extent of hopeless sterility.
Strona 266 - Regions mountainous and wild, thinly inhabited, and little cultivated, make a great part of the earth, and he that has never seen them, must live unacquainted with much of the face of nature, and with one of the great scenes of human existence.
Strona 302 - Tactics, movement, and manreuvre, are as unknown to him as to the lowest of his troops. All idea of regularity, system, or the common routine of an army, or even a regiment, he is totally unacquainted with. Hence arise all the disasters he meets, the defeats he suffers, and his constant obligations to retreat whenever opposed to the foe.
Strona 277 - Tartasus did to the coasts of Greece and Phoenicia. We even observe, that, in regions equally remote, the manners and traditions of Europe are more habitually preserved in the temperate zone, and on the ridges of the equatorial mountains, than in the plains of the torrid zone. Similarity of situation contributes in a certain degree to maintain more intimate connexions between the colonists and the metropolis.
Strona 324 - ... confidently assured, that the army, under General Bolivar has even often been for days together dependent for support, solely upon the latter description of provisions and water. Pay was now totally unknown to them, in consequence of the utter exhaustion of their resources ; and, however successful they might eventually be, there existed no probability whatever, that they would even then possess the means of affording pecuniary compensation to those who may have participated in the struggle.
Strona 98 - Por tanto, ordeno y mando a la autoridad a quien corresponda dé la orden conveniente, para que se le ponga en posesión del referido empleo...
Strona 302 - He has (p. 462) neither talents nor abilities for a general, and especially for a commander-in-chief. The numerous mistakes he has made throughout the whole of his campaigns, for the last eight years, have nearly desolated the provinces and annihilated the population. The repeated surprises he has experienced from the enemy, (already seven,) prove my assertion, and bear me out in declaring that any one of them would have disgraced a corporal's guard. "Tactics, movements, and manoeuvres, are as unknown...

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