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“On this rock we stand-on the adamantine basis of Christian principle we would build

the whole fabric of legislation, which regards the public morals."'--(p. 213.)



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Shortly after the death of the late Mr. J. Sydney Taylor, a public meeting t was convened to deliberate on any measures to be proposed in regard to his memory. This meeting having been called by advertisement, was numerously as well as most respectably attended ; and it was unanimously resolved, first,—to provide a public monument, with a suitable inscription: secondly,to preserve to society a selection of his writings.

In order to carry into effect those resolutions accommittee was then appointed, at the head of which was his-Grace the Duke of Buckingham and Chandos, with whose private friendship the deceased had for many years been lionotrred. : Sir John Chetwode, Bart. M.P., (chairman of tliis imeěting f; magistrate of a county in which Mr. Sydney Taylor's professional talents and private virtues were well known,—was also of the number; together with Admiral Mangin (another personal friend), William Ewart, Esq., M.P., several members of the bar, both of the Norfolk and other circuits, and various gentlemen-differing in their political or religious sentiments, but-all agreeing in the opinion contained in a letter of the venerable Clarkson, then read, that “Sydney Taylor ought to be placed among the most valuable benefactors of mankind :"-all agreeing in the opinion expressed at this meeting, that “Sydney Taylor's writings were the best testimonial to his character.”

+ See p. li.

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