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The Author desires to record his feeling of gratitude to many correspondents who have encouraged and aided him in the work of revision by many kind suggestions. Among these, yet living, he ventures to name the Lord Bishop of Chester, the Venerable Archdeacon Churton, the Venerable Archdeacon Rose, and the Rev. Professor Swainson. Others have passed away from such labours. It may be permitted to private friendship to say that the original publication of this work was mainly due to the Rev. Charles Hardwick, then a Fellow of St. Catherine's College, Cambridge, and who was afterwards-for a few months, alas!Archdeacon of Ely. Also, the original Dedication is still retained, as a tribute of respect to the memory of the late Lady-Margaret Professor, the Rev. J. J. Blunt.

The publication of several additional volumes1 upon the subject, and the continued suggestions of friendly criticism, have led to a further revision, which the Author has endeavoured to complete to the utmost of his ability. He has been under the necessity of touching many questions which have always given rise to controversy; some relating to differences of opinion or of

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usage within the English Church itself, and others relating to matters in dispute between opponents and maintainers of the English Prayer Book.

On all such topics he claims for himself the liberty of giving free expression to what he believes to be the truth; and he hopes that he has succeeded in using this liberty without harshness and dogmatism towards those who may not be able to accept his conclusions.

WITTON VICArage, 1870.

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