Wreck and loss of the ship Fanny, capt. Robertson, on her passage from Bombay to China, November 29, 1803. Also, Escape of three officers, in an open boat, from the cannibals of Tate island

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Strona 25 - They then lay down to sleep, and were in the morning refreshed with the smell of spices conveyed by the land wind. Mr. Carter was so. much revived that he several times' exclaimed, " Keep up your. hearts, my boys ! We shall dine with, the governor of Coupang to-day.
Strona 23 - Carter's wound becoming very painful, it was again dressed with salt water i -and out : tihey did not relate this circumstance to him, but gave him every assurance of his doing well. The throat of the remaining bird was cut, and applied to Mr. Carter's mouth : and, it yielding a few drops of blood, it gave him great relief. The body was afterwards divided. On the seventh day they were so much reduced as to be under the necessity of drinking their own urine. Though disagreeable, they found relief...
Strona 23 - ... water. On the sixth day, in the morning, they discovered land on both sides of them, which at first greatly discouraged them ; but perceiving a current, they found a passage between those islands, but no inhabitants. Mr. Shaw and Mr.
Strona 21 - ON the 29th of June, 1793, the ship Shah Hormazier, of Calcutta, in company with the Chesterfield whaler, sailed from Norfolk Island, bound to Batavia, with a" resolution to explore a passage between New Holland and New Guinea, in which they succeeded ; and discovered an island, in lat. 9° 39
Strona 22 - ... stolen. Mr. Shaw got also wounded. Mr. Haskett discharged his musket, and the natives fled. The party reached their boat, calling out to those on board to fire ; but the natives had killed captain Hill and one seaman, and soon after two others were found floating on the water with their throats cut. With difficulty Mr. Shaw, Mr. Carter, and Mr. Haskett got on board their boat, which they found had been plundered of all their provisions...
Strona 24 - The eighth day they resumed the labour of the dar, which was increased by a heavy swell ; and Mr. Shaw held out 'hopes of seeing land in a day or two. They discovered shoal water, with breakers, and the sea frequently broke over them : this rendered Mr. Carter's case truly deplorable, as he...
Strona 24 - ... full of water, that it was with the utmost difficulty he could keep his head above it. To add to their distress, Mr. Haskett was knocked out of the boat, but he was fortunately saved, with the utmost exertions of Mr. Shaw, by putting an oar under his arm, and lifting him up, as with a lever, until taken on board again.
Strona 24 - ... from past experience, until Mr. Shaw, telling them they might as well trust to being well received on shore as perish at sea, (which they must have done by the next day,) they agreed to run in for the bay, and that Mr. Haskett should remain in the boat, and Mr. Carter and Mr. Shaw should go on shore in search of water. Mr. Carter, on being helped out, not being able to stand, was helped in again, and the other two advanced to the natives — one with the water keg, the other with a musket.
Strona 17 - I met him (said he) at Lord Clare's house in the country, and he took no more notice of me than if I had been an ordinary man.
Strona 26 - ... his friends Shaw and Haskett, as well as by the natives of Timorland." The survivors waited for the annual trading prow from Banda, which arrived, to their great joy, on the 1 2th of March, 1794.

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