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much precious truth: for all were present to the infinite “mind of the Spirit,” who at sundry times, and in divers manners dictated the living word of God. The ages

of the children introduced into the following conversations is supposed to be from about ten to fifteen years: but by a little adaptation, they might, I believe, be moulded to interest both younger and older members of a Christian circle. And if they are used to point out an interesting path of Scripture investigation, which others may pursue with far greater success than I have done, to Him alone be all the glory whose prerogative it is so to water the seed of His word with the dew of His blessing, that it may spring up unto life eternal.


Hinton Martell Rectory.

Dorset, January 2, 1855.


No. I.

Arthur. Well, Papa, what Bible subjects can we have now? We have finished all the beautiful parables. I fear you will never find anything so interesting again.

Papa. Call your Mamma and your two sisters, my boy; set chairs for them round the table and stir the fire. That's right. Have you all got your Bibles ?

Mary, Arthur, Lily. Yes, Papa.

P. You know, my children, that you very often find in the Bible heavenly truths explained by things we see around us every day. These helps are called by many names, parables, pictures, figures, images, illustrations. Now your Mamma and I thought it would be very nice, if we could search our Bibles together, and find out the places where the same figure is used. If we then place them side by


side, we shall see how they throw light upon each other; and be able, I hope, to trace the Christian's course, from its very beginning till he enters the gates of glory, all under one image.

Mary. It would be very nice, but very difficult, Papa. I think you must show us how to-night.

Papa. Well, we will take a very easy subject this evening, upon which you all know a number of texts, and then I will give you one to prepare for next Sunday. We will take to-night, "Believers as sheep and Christ the shepherd.” Even my little Lily can tell me a text which tells us our sad state by nature under this figure.

Lily. Yes, Papa ; Isa. liii. 6, “All we like sheep have gone astray, we have turned every one to his own way."

Mary. And I remember, St. Peter says the same thing, 1 Pet. ii. 25,

“ Ye were as sheep going astray.

Arthur. And even King David, the man after God's own heart, was forced to confess, “ I have gone astray like a lost sheep." (Ps. cxix. 176.)

Mamma. And if my children turn to Ezekiel xxxiv., they will find a touching account of wandering sheep under careless shepherds ; and at the sixth verse it is said, “My sheep

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