Select Speeches of the Right Honourable William Windham, and the Right Honourable William Huskisson: With Preliminary Biographical Sketches, Tom 2

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E. C. Biddle, 1837 - 619

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Strona 563 - I candidly confess that I have ever looked on Cuba as the most interesting addition which could ever be made to our system of States. The control which, with Florida Point, this island would give us over the Gulf of Mexico and the countries and isthmus bordering on it as well as all those whose waters flow into it, would fill up the measure of our political well-being.
Strona 390 - ... or to regulate the mode of carrying on any manufacture, trade, or business, or the management thereof...
Strona xxiv - JUSTUM et tenacem propositi virum Non civium ardor prava jubentium, Non vultus instantis tyranni Mente quatit solida, neque Auster, Dux inquieti turbidus Adriae, 5 Nee fulminantis magna manus Jovis : Si fractus illabatur orbis, * Impavidum ferient ruinae.
Strona 581 - ... poor, of the great body of the people, seems to be the happiest and the most comfortable. It is hard in the stationary, and miserable in the declining state. The progressive state is in reality the cheerful and the hearty state to all the different orders of the society. The stationary is dull; the declining melancholy.
Strona 550 - A thousand years scarce serve to form a state ; An hour may lay it in the dust : and when Can man its shatter'd splendour renovate, Recall its virtues back, and vanquish Time and Fate?
Strona 247 - ... that this House will not alter the standard of gold or silver, in fineness, weight or denomination ;" an amendment which was carried by an overwhelming majority.
Strona 424 - ... that, unfortunately, a policy, the very reverse of this, has been, and is more or less adopted and acted upon by the government of this and of every other country ; each trying to exclude the productions of other countries, with the specious and well-meant design of encouraging its own productions...
Strona 336 - Mr. Montague, the then chancellor of the exchequer, proposed, and parliament adopted, the following resolution : — " That this House will not alter the standard of the gold and silver coins of this kingdom in fineness, weight, or denomination.
Strona 426 - ... of revenue and partly for that of protection, that the prayer of the present petition is respectfully submitted to the wisdom of parliament ; the petitioners therefore humbly pray that the house will be pleased to take the subject into consideration, and to adopt such measures as may be calculated to give greater freedom to foreign commerce, and thereby to increase the resources of the state.
Strona 424 - ... restrictive or prohibitory regulations are founded were followed out consistently, it would not stop short of excluding us from all foreign commerce whatsoever.

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