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ceffity of faints; given to much as lieth in you, live hospitality... :

I peaceably with all men. 14 Bless them which per- 19 Dearly beloved, secute you : bless, and curse avenge not yourselves, but not.

rather give place unto 15 Rejoice with them that wrath: for it is written, do rejoice, and weep with Vengeance is mine ; I will them that weep.

repay, faith the Lord. 16 Be of the fame mind 20 Therefore if thine one toward another. Mind enemy hunger, feed him; not high things, but conde- if he thirst, give him drink: fcend to men of low estate. Ifor in so doing thou shalt Be not wife in your own heap coals of fire on his conceits.

head. 17 Recompenfe to no man 21 Be not overcome of evil for evil. Provide things evil, but overcome evil with honeft in the fight of all men. good,

18 If it be possible, as I

From the First Epistle of Paul to the


jam of Paul; and another, I

am of Apollos; are ye not A ND I, brethren, could carnal ? A not speak unto you as 5 Who then is Paul, and unto fpiritual, but as unto who is Apollos, but ministers carnal, even as unto babes in by whom ye believed, even Christ.

as the Lord gave to every 2 I have fed you with man? milk, and not with meat : 6 I have planted, Apollos for hitherto ye were not watered; but God gave the able to bear it, neither yet increase. now are ye able.

y So then, neither is he 39 For ye are yet carnal : that planteth any thing, neifor whereas there is among ther he that watereth ; but you envying, and strife, and God that giveth the increase. divisions, are ye not carnal, 8 Now he that planteth and walk as men ?

and he that watereth are 4 For while one faith, Ione: and every man shall



receive his own reward, ac- | temple of God, him fhall cording to his own labour. God destroy: for the temple

9 For we are labourers of God is holy, which temple together with God: ye are ye are. God's husbandry, ye are 18 a Let no man deceive God's building. . himself. If any man among . 10 According to the grace you seemeth to be wise in of God which is given unto this world, let him become a me, as a wise master builder, | fool, that he may be wise. I have laid the foundation, 19 For the wisdom of this and another buildeth thereon, world is foolishness with But let every man take heed God. For it is written, He how he buildeth thereupon. taketh the wise in their own

11 For other foundation | craftiness. can no man lay than that is 20 And again, The Lord laid, which is Jesus Christ. knoweth the thoughts of the

12 Now if any man build wise that they are vain. upon this foundation gold, 21 Therefore let no man silver, precious fones, wood, glory in men. For all things hay, stubble;

are your's; . 13 Every man's work shall 22 Whether Paul, or Apolbe made manifeft. For the los, or Cephas, or the world, day shall declare it, because or life, or death, or things it shall be revealed by fire; present, or things to come; and the fire shall try every | all are your's; man's work of what sort 23 And ye are Christ's ; it is.

and Christ is God's. 14. If any man's work abide which he hath built

CHAP. IX. thereupon, he shall receive a I AM I not an apostle ? reward.

am I not free? have I 15 If any man's work shall not seen Jesus Christ our be burned, he shall suffer loss ; | Lord ? are not ye my work but he himself shall be saved; in the Lord ? yet so as by fire.

1 2 If I be not an apostle 16 a know ye not that unto others, yet doubtless I ye are the temple of God, am to you; for the seal of and that the Spirit of God mine apostleship are ye in dwelleth in you?

the Lord. 17 If any man defile the 3 Mine answer to them


that do examine me is this, of this power over you, ar

4. Have we not power to not we rather? nevertheless eat and to drink?

we have not used this power ; 5 Have we not power to but suffer all things, left we lead about a fifter, a wife, as should hinder the gospel of well as other apostles, and as Christ.

',, the brethren of the Lord, 13 Do ye not know that and Cephas ? .

they which minister about 6 Or I only and Barnabas, holy things live of the things have not we power to for- of the temple ? and they bear working?

which wait at the altar are 79 Who goeth a warfare partakers with the altar ? any time at his own charges ? 14 Even so hath the Lord who planteth a vineyard, and ordained, that they which eateth not of the fruit there- preach the gospel should live of? or who feedeth a flock, of the gospel. insy a and eateth not of the milk | 15 But I have used none of of the flock?

these things : neither have I 8 Say I these things as a written these things that it man? or faith not the law should be so done unto me: the same also ? ; for it were better for me to

9 For it is written in the die, than that any man should law of Moses, Thou shalt make my glorying void. not muzzle the mouth of 16 For though I preách the ox that treadeth out the the gospel, I have nothing to corn. Doth God take care glory of: for necessity is laid for oxen ?

| upon me, yea, woe is unto

upon me · 10 Or faith he it altoge- me if I preach. not, the ther for our fakes ? for our gospel ! sakęs, no doubt, this is writ- 17 For if I do this thing ten: that he ,that ploweth willingly, I have a reward : should plow in hope ; and but if against my will, a difthat he that thresheth in hope pensation of the gospel is comshould be partaker of his mitted unto me.. hope.

18 What is my reward 11 If we have sown unto then? Verily that, when I you fpiritual things, is it a preach the gospel, I may great thing if we shall reap make the gospel of Christ your carnal things ?

without charge, that I abuse 12 If otheis be partakers not my power in the gospel.

that Inder the lauaw to God

19 For though I be free not as one that beateth the from all men, yet have I air :. made myself servant unto 27 But I keep under my all, that I might gain the body, and bring it into submore...

Ijection; left that by any 20 And unto the Jews I means, when I have preachbecame as a Jew, that led to others, I myself should might gain the Jews; to be a cast-away. them that are under the law, as under the law, that

I. CHAP. XIII. might gain them that are THOUGH I speak with under the law;

1 the tongues of men 21 To them that are with- and of angels, and have not out law, as without law, be- charity, I am become as ing not without law to God, sounding brass, or a tinkling but under the law to Christ, cymbal.. that I might gain them that 2 And though I have the are without law.

gift of prophecy, and under22 To the weak became stand all mysteries and all I as weak, that I might gain knowledge, and though I the weak : I am made all have all faith, so that I could things to all men, that I remove mountains, and have might by all means' fave not charity, I am nothing. fome.

3 And though I bestow all 23 And this I do for the my goods to feed the poor, gospel's fake, that I might be and though I give my body partaker thereof with you. to be burned, and have not

24 g Know ye not that charity, it profiteth me nothey which run in a race, thing. run all, but one receiveth 47 Charity suffereth long, the prize? ro run that ye and is kind; charity envieth may obtain.

. .. not; charity vaunteth not it25 And every man that felf, is not puffed up, striveth for the mastery is 5 Doth not behave itself temperate in all things. unseemly, seeketh not her Now they do it to obtain a own, is not easily provoked, corruptible crown; but we thinketh no evil; an incorruptible.

1 6 Rejoiceth not in in26 I therefore so run, not iquity, but rejoiceth in the as uncertainly; lo fight I, truth;

7 Beareth

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7 Beareth all things, be- what I preached. unto you, lieveth all things, hopeth all unless ye have believed in things, endureth all things. vain...,

8 Charity never faileth: 34 For I delivered unto but whether there be pro- you first of all that which I phecies, they shall fail; whe- also received, how that Chrift ther there be tongues, they died for our fins, according shall cease ; whether there to the scriptures ; be knowledge, it shall vanilh 4 And that he was buried, away.

and that he rose again the 9 For we know in part, third day, according to the and we prophesyin part. fcriptures ::..

: . 10 But when' that which 5 And that he was seen of is perfect is come, then that Cephas, then of the twelve: which is in part shall be 6 After that he was seen of done away."?n : Tabove five hundred brethren

11 When I was a child, I at once: of whom the greater fpake as a child, I understood part remain unto this present, as a child, I thought as a but some are fallen alleep, child: but when I became a 7 After that he was seen man, I put away childish of James; then of all the things.

apostles. 12 For now we see through 8 And last of all he was a glass darkly; but then face seen of me also, as of one to face: now I know in part; born out of due time. . but then shall I know even 9 For I am the least of the as also I am known.

apostles, that am not meet 13 And now abideth faith, to be called an apostle, behope, charity, these three ; cause I persecuted the church but the greatest of these is of God. " sharity.

10 But by the grace of

God I am what I am : and CHAP. XV. his grace which was bestowed A A Oreover, brethren, I upon me was not in vain; IV declare unto you the but I laboured more abungospel which I preached unto dantly than they all: yet not you, which also ye have re-I, but the grace of God ceived, and wherein ye stand; which was with me.

2 By which also ye are 11 Therefore whether it faved, if ye keep in memory were I or they, so we preach,


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