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13 Do good unto thy (that traceth, and lie in wait friend before thou die, and in her ways. according to thy ability 23 He that prieth in at her stretch out thy hand, and windows, shall also hearken give to him.

at her doors. 14 Defraud not thyself of 24. He that doth lodge the good day, and let not near her house, shall also the part of a good desire faften a pin in her walls. overpass thee.

1 25 He shall pitch his tent 15 Shalt thou not leave nigh unto her, and shall thy travels unto another ? lodge in a lodging where and thy labours to be di- good things are. vided by lot?

26 He shall set his chil16 Give, and take, and dren under her shelter, and fanctify thy soul, for there is thall lodge under her branchno seeking of dainties in the es. grave.

1 27 By her he shall be co17 All Aerh waxeth old vered from heat, and in her as à garment: for the co-glory shall he dwell. venant from the beginning is, Thou shalt die the death.

CHAP. XV. 18 As of the green leaves LTE that feareth the Lord on a thick tree, some fall, 11 will do good, and he and some grow; so is the that hath the knowledge of generation of flesh and blood, the law, fhall obtain her. one cometh to an end, and 29 And as a mother shall another is born.

The meet him, and receive 19 Every work rotteth him as a wife married of a and consumeth away, and virgin. the worker thereof Thall gol 3 With the bread of unwithal.

derstanding shall the feed - 20 9 Blessed is the man him, and give him the water that doth meditate good of wisdom to drink. things in wisdom, and that 4 He shall be stayed upon reasoneth of holy things by her, and shall not be moved, his understanding.

and shall rely upon her, and 21 He that considereth shall not be confounded. her ways in his heart, shall 5 She shall exalt him aalso have understanding in bove his neighbours, and in her secrets.

the midst of the congregation 22 Go after her as one thall The open his mouth.

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. hall obnowledge be

6 He shall find joy and al 17 Before man is life and crown of gladness, and the death, and whether him likshall cause him to inherit an eth, shall be given him. everlasting name.

18 For the wisdom of the :7.5 But foolish men shall | Lord is great, and he is not attain unto her, and fin-mighty in power, and beners shall not see her. - holdeth all things ?

8 For she is far from | 19 And his eyes are upon pride, and men that are liars them that fear him, and he cannot remember her. knoweth every work of man.

Praise is not seemly in 20 He hath commanded the mouth of a sinner, for it no man to do wickedly, neiwas not sent him of the ther hath he given any man Lord.

licence to fin. 10 For praise thall be ut- | tered in wisdom, and the

CHAP. XVI. Lord will prosper it. ' . D ESIRE not a multi

II Say not thou, It is UU tude of unprofitable through the Lord that I fell children, neither delight in away: for thou oughteft not ungodly sons. to do the things that he 2 Though they multiply, hateth.

rejoice not in them, except 12 Say not thou, He hath the fear of the Lord be with caused me to err : for he them. hath no need of the finfull 3 Trust not thou in their man,

life, neither respect their mul. 13 The Lord hateth all titude : for one that is just abomination, and they that is better than a thousand ; fear God love it not. and better it is to die with

14. He himself made man out children, than to have from the beginning, and left them that are ungodly. him in the hand of his coun- 4 For by one that hath sel:

understanding, shall the city 15 If thou wilt, to keep be replenished: but the kinthe commandments, and to dred of the wicked shall perform acceptable faithful- fpeedily become desolate. ness.

5 Many such things have 16 He hath set fire and I seen with mine cyes, and water before thee : stretch mine ear hath heard greater forth thy hand unto whether things than these. thou wilt.

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6 In the congregation of know him: that his powerthe ungodly shall ă fire be ful works might be known kindled; and in a rebellious to the world. nation wrath is set on fire. 16 His mercy is manifest

-7He was not pacified to- to every creature, and he wards the old giants, who fell hath separated his light from away in the strength of their the darkness, with an ada. foolishness.

mant. 8 Neither spared he the 17 Say not thou, I will place were Lot fojourned, hide myself from the Lord : but abhorred them for their shall any remember me from pride.

above? 'I shall not be re9 He pitied not the people membered among so many of perdition, who were taken people : for what is my soul away in their fins :'. among such an infinite num

Io Nor the fix hundred | ber of creatures ? thousand footmen who were 18 Behold, the heaven, gathered together in the and the heaven of heavens, hardness of their hearts. the deep, and the earth, and

11 And if there be one all that therein is, shall be stiff-necked among the peo- moved when he shall visit. ple, it is marvel if he escape 19 The mountains also, unpunished : for mercy and and foundations of the earth wrath are with him; he is shall be shaken with tremmighty to forgive, and to bling, when the Lord lookpour out displeasure. eth upon them.

12 As his mercy is great, 20 q No heart can think fo is his correction also: he upon these things worthily: judgeth a man according to and who is able to conceive his works.:

his ways? 13 The finner shall not 21 It is a tempeft which escape with his spoils; and no man can fee : for the most the patience of the godly part of his works are hid. · Thall not be frustrate.

22 Who can declare the 14. Make way for every works of his justice? or who work of mercy: for every can endure them? for his coman shall find according to venantis afar off, and the trial his works.

of all things is in the end. 15 The Lord hardened | 23 He that wanteth ụnPharaoh, that he should not derstanding, will think upon

vain things : and a foolish| 3 He endued them with man erring, imagineth fol- strength by themselves, and lies.

made them according to his 24 My son, hearken un- image, to me, and learn knowledge, 4 And put the fear of man and mark my words with upon all flesh, and gave him thy heart. .'

dominion over beasts and 25 I will shew forth doc- fowls. trine in weight, and declare 5 [They received the use his knowledge exactly of the five operations of the

- 26. The works of the Lord | Lord, and in the sixth place are done in judgment from he imparted them underthe beginning: and from the standing, and in the seventh, time he made them, he dif- speech, an interpreter of the posed the parts thereof. cogitations thereof.]

27 He garnished his works 6 Counsel, and a tongue, for ever, and in his hand are and eyes, ears, and a heart, the chief of them unto all gave he them to understand. generations : they neither la- 7 Withal, he filled them bour, nor are weary, nor | with the knowledge of uncease from their works. derstanding, and shewed them

28 None of them hinder- / good and evil. eth another, and they shall 8 He set his eye upon never disobey his word. their hearts, that he might

29 After this the Lord shew them the greatness of looked upon the earth, and his works. filled it with his blessings. . 9 He gave them to glory

30 With all manner of in his marvellous acts for living things hath he covered ever, that they might dethe face thereof, and they clare his works with undershall return into it again. standing. CHAP. XVII.

10 And the elect shall

| praise his holy name. THE Lord created man ir Beside this, he gave

of the earth, and turn-them knowledge, and the od him into it again. Ilaw of life for an heritage.

2 He gave them few days, 12 He made an everlastand a short time, and powering covenant with them, and also over the things there- thewed them his judgments.

13 Their eyes law the Mm



majesty of his glory; and as a signet with him, and her their ears heard his glorious will keep the good deeds of voice.

a man, as the apple of the 14 1 And he said unto eye, and give repentance to them, Beware of all un- his sons and daughters. . righteousness : and he gave 23 Afterwards the will every man commandment rise up and reward them, concerning his neighbour. and render their recom

15 Their ways are ever pence upon their heads. before hini, and shall not be 24 But unto them that : bid from his eyes.

repent, he granted them re16 Every man from his turn, and comforted those youth is given to evil; nei- that failed in patience. ther could they make to 25 Return unto the Lord, themselves fleshly hearts for and forsake thy sins ; maké stony..

thy prayer before his face, 17 For in the division of and offend less. the nations of the whole 26 Turn again to the earth, he set a ruler over most High, and turn away every people; but Ifrael is from iniquity : for he will the Lord's portion :

lead thee out of darkness in18 Whom, being his first to the light of health, and born, he nourisheth with hate thou abomination vehediscipline; and giving him mently. the light of his love, doth 27 Who shall praise the not forsake him.

most High in the grave, in19 9 Therefore all their stead of them which live and works are as the sun before give thanks ? him, and his eyes are con- 28. Thanksgiving perisheth tinually upon their ways. from the dead, as from one

20 None of their unrigh- that is not: the living and teous deeds are hid from found in heart shall praise him, but all their fins are the Lord. before the Lord.

29. How great is the lov? • 21 But the Lord being ing-kindness of the Lord gracious, and knowing his our God, and his compasworkmanship, neither left, fion unto such as turn unto nor forsook them, but spared him in holiness! them.

30 For all things cannot 22 The alms of a man is be in men, because the son

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