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weighty matter : but give them that weep, and mourn her to a man of understand with them that mourn.

35 Be not flow to visit 26 Hast thou a wife after the fick: for that shall make thy mind? forsake her not: thce to be beloved. hut give not thyself over to al 36 Whatsoever thou taklight woman.

est in hand, remember the 27 Honour thy father with end, and thou shalt never do thy whole heart, and forget amiss. not the forrows of thy mo- CHAP. VIII.

28 Remember that thou a TRIVE not with a wast begot of them, and how mighty man, left thou canst thou recompense them fall into his hands. the things that they have 2 Be not at variance with done for thee?

a rich man, lest he over29 Fear the Lord with all weigh thee: for gold hath dethy soul, and reverence his stroyed many, and perverted

the hearts of kings. 30 Love him that made 3 Strive not with a man thee with all thy ftrength, that is full of tongue, and and forsake not his mini- heap not wood upon his Iters.

fire. 31 Fear the Lord, and ho- 4 Jest not with a rude nour the priest; and give man, left thy ancestors be him his portion, as it is com- disgraced. manded thee; the first-fruits, 5 Reproach not a man and the trefpass-offering, and that turneth from sin, but rethe gift of the shoulders, and member tħat we are all worthe facrifice of sanctification, thy of punishment. . and the first-fruits of the holy 6 Dishonour not a man things.

Tin his old age: for even some 32 And stretch thine hand of us wax old. unto the poor, that thy bles- 7 Rejoice not over thy ing may be perfected greatest enemy being dead,

33. Å gift hath grace in but remember that we die the sight of every man liv. all. ing, and for the dead detain 8 Despise not the difit not.

course of the wise, but ac34 Fail not to be with quaint thyself with their pro

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Jorutis old honour

verbs; for of them thou blood is as nothing in his fhalt learn instruction, and light, and where there is how to serve great men with no help, he will overthrow ease.

thee. 9 Miss not the discourse 17 Consult not with a of the elders ; for they also fool, for he cannot keep learned of their fathers, and counsel. of them thou shalt learn un- 18 Do no secret thing derstanding, and to give an- before a stranger, for thou swer as need requireth. I knowest not what he will

10 I Kindle not the bring forth. coals of a sinner, lest thou 19 Open not thine heart be burnt with the flame of to every man, left he requite his fire.

thee with a shrewd turn. II Rise not up [in anger] at the presence of an inju

CHAP. IX. : rious person, left he lie in D E not jealous over the wait to entrap thee in thy | D words.

teach her not an evil lesson 12 Lend not unto hini that against thyself. is mightier than thyself; for 2 Give not thy soul unto if thou lendest him, count it a woman, to set her foot but lost.

upon thy substance. . 13 Be not surety above 3 q Meet not with an thy power; for if thou be harlot, left thou fall into her furety, take care to pay it. snares.

14 Go not to law with a 4 Use not much the comjudge, for they will judge pany of a woman that is a for him according to his ho- linger, left thou be taken with nour.

her attempts. 15 Travel not by the | 5 Gaze not on a maid, way with a bold fellow, left that thou fall not by those he become grievous unto things that are precious in thee; for he will do accord-her. ing to his own will, and 6 Give not thy soul unto thou shalt perish with him harlots, that thou lose not through his folly.

thine inheritance. 16 Strive not with an an-| 7 Look not round about gry man, and go not with thee in the streets of the him into a solitary place; for city, neither wander thou in

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the folitary places thereof. 1 14 As near as thou canst,

8 Turn away thine eye guess at thy neighbour, and from a beautiful woman, and consult with the wise. look not upon another's 15 Let thy talk be with beauty; for many have been the wise, and all thy commudeceived by the beauty of a nication in the law of the woman, for herewith love is most High. kindled as a fire.

L 16 And let just men eat 9 Sit not at all with an- and drink with thee; and let other man's wife, nor sit thy glorying be in the fear of down with her in thine arms, the Lord. and spend not thy money 17 For the hand of the with her at the wine ; left artificer, the work fhall be .thine heart incline unto her,commended : and the wise and so through thy defire ruler of the people, for his thou fall into destruction. speech.

10 9 Forsake not an old 18 A man of an ill tongue friend, for the new is not is dangerous in his city; and comparable to him ; a new he that is rash in his talk friend is as new wine; when shall be hated. it is old, thou shalt drink it with pleasure.

CHAP, X. II Envy not the glory of A Wise judge will ina finner; for thou knoweft A struct his people, and not what shall be his end. the government of a pru

12 Delight not in the dent man is well ordered. thing that the ungodly have 2 As the judge of the pleasure in ; but remember people is himself, so are his they shall not go unpunished officers; and what manner unto their grave. ...

of man the ruler of the city 13 Keep thee far from the is, such are all they that man that hath power to kill, dwell therein. so shalt thou not doubt the 3 An unwise king destroyfear of death : and if thou eth his people ; but through come unto him, make no the prudence of them which fault, left he take away thy are in authority, the city life presently: remember that shall be inhabited. thou goeft in the midst of 4 The power of the earth snares, and that thou walkest is in the hand of the Lord, upon the battlements of the and in due time he will set city,



over it one that is profit-, ginning of fin, and he that

hath it, shall pour out abo. 5 In the hand of God is mination : and therefore the the prosperity of man: and Lord brought upon them upon the person of the scribe strange calamities; and overshall he lay his honour. : threw them utterly.

6 Bear not hatred to thy 14 The Lord hath caft neighbour for every wrong, down the thrones of proud and do nothing at all by in- princes, and set up the meek jurious practices.

in their stead. 99 Pride is hateful be- 15 The Lord hath pluckfore God and man: and by ed up the roots of the proud both doth one commit ini- nations, and planted the lowquity.

ly in their place. 8 Because of unrighteous 16 The Lord overthrew dealings, injuries, and riches countries of the heathen, and got by deceit, the kingdom destroyed them to the founis translated from one people dations of the earth. to another. .

17 He took some of them 9 Why is earth and ashes away, and destroyed them, proud ? There is not a and hath made their memomore wicked thing than a rial to cease from the earth. covetous man: for such an 18 Pride was not made one setteth his own soul to for men, nor furious anger sale, because while he liveth, for them that are born of a he casteth away his bowels. woman.

10 The physician cutteth 19 They that fear the off a long disease; and he Lord are a sure feed, and that is to-day a king, to- they that love him, an homorrow shall die.

nourable plant : they that Il For when a man is regard not the law, are a dead, he shall inherit creep- diihonourable seed; they that ing things, beasts and transgress the commandworms.

ments, are a deceivable 12 .The beginning of feed. pride is, when one departeth 20 Among brethren, he from God, and his heart that is chief is honourable; is turned away from his so are they that fear the Maker.

Lord in his eyes. 13 For pride is the be- 21 The fear of the Lord



goeth before the obtaining noured for his skill; and the of authority: but roughness rich man is honoured for his and pride is the losing there-riches. of.

1 31 He that is honoured 22 Whether he be rich, in poverty, how much more noble, or poor, their glory in riches ? and he that is is the fear of the Lord. dishonourable in riches, how

23 It is not meet to de- much more in poverty? spise the poor man that hath| understanding ; neither is it

CHAP. XI. convenient to magnify a sinful man.

ITISDOM lifteth up 24 Great inen, and judges, y the head of him and potentates, shall be how that is of low degree, and noured; yet is there none of maketh him to fit among them greater than he that great men. feareth the Lord. 12 Commend not a man

25 Unto the servant that for his beauty: neither abis wise shall they that are free hor a man for his outward do service : and he that hath appearance. knowledge will not grudgel 3 The bee is little among when he is reformed. such as fly: but her fruit is

26 Be not over wise in the chief of sweet things. doing thy business, and boast| 4 9 Boast not of thy not thyself in the time of thy clothing and raiment, and distress.

Texalt not thyself in the day 27 Better is he that la- of honour: for the works of boureth and aboundeth in all the Lord are wonderful, and things, than he that boasteth his works among men are himself, and wanteth bread. hidden.

28 My son, glorify thy 5 Many kings have fat soul in meekness, and give down upon the ground; and it honour according to the one that was never thought dignity thereof.

of, hath worn the crown. 29 Who will justify him 6 Many mighty men have that finneth against his own been greatly disgraced ; and foul? and who will honour the honourable delivered inhim that dishonoureth his to other men's hands. own life?

7 Blame not before thou 30 The poor man is ho- halt examined the truth :


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