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things, though they walked Lord, thou didst magnify thy therein, neither melted they people, and glorify them, the icy kind of heavenly neither didst thou lightly remeat, that was of nature apt gard them: but didst assist to melt.

them in every time and 22. For in all things, O1 place.


Chap. I.

greatly to be feared; the

Lord sitting upon his throne. ALL wisdom cometh from 9 He created her, and faw A the Lord, and is with her, and numbered her, and him for ever.

poured her out upon all his 2 Who can number the works. fand of the sea, and the drops 10 g. She is with all flesh of rain, and the days of eter- according to his gift, and he nity .

hath given her to them that 3 Who can find out the love him. height of heaven, and the ; 11 The fear of the Lord breadth of the earth, and the is honour, and glory, and deep, and wisdom? o gladness, and a crown of re: :4 Wisdom hath been cre-l joicing... ated before all things, and the :12 The fear of the understanding of prudence Lord maketh a merry heart, from everlasting

and giveth joy and gladness, $ The word of God most and a long life. . high is the fount. in of wif- ! 13 Whoso feareth the dom; and her ways are ever-Lord, it shall go well with lasting commandments. Thim at the last, and he shall

6 To whom hath the root find favour in the day of his of wisdom been revealed ? or death. who hath known, her wise 14 To fear the Lord is counsels?.

the beginning of wisdom: :: 7 Unto whom hath the and it was created with the knowledge of wisdom been faithful in the womb. made manifest?, and who 15 She hath built an everhath understood her great lasting foundation with inen, expedience?

and the shall continue with 8 There is one wise and their feed. is die



16 To fear the Lord is sledge are in the treasures fulness of wisdom, and fill- of wisdom: but godliness eth men with her fruits. is an abomination to a fin> 17. She filleth all their ner. houle with things desirable, 26 If thou desire wisdom, and the garners with her keep the commandments, increase. c

a nd the Lord shall give her 18 The fear of the Lord unto thee. is a crown of wisdom, mak- 27 For the fear of the ing peace and perfect health Lord, is wisdom and instructo fourish: both which are tion: and faith and meekness the gifts of God: and it en-are his delight. largeth their rejoicing that 28 Distrust not the fear love him. v oin

of the Lord, when thou art 19 Wisdom raineth down poor: and come not unto him skill and knowledge of un- with a double heart. derstanding, and exalteth 29 Be not an hypocrite in them to honour that hold her the fight of men, and take fast. l bras

good heed what thou speak20 The root of wisdom is est. to fear the Lord, and the 30 Exalt not thyfelf, left branches thereof are long thou fall, and bring disholife. y on ton honour upon thy foul, and so 321 The fear of the Lord God discover thy secrets, and driveth away fins: and where cast thee down in the midst it is present it turneth away of the congregation, bewrath, UTAHTO I cause thou camest not in

22 A furious man cannot truth to the fear of the be justified; for the sway of Lord, but thy heart is full his fury Thall be his deftruc- of deceit.de w eb 1973 tion.

I 522 A patient man will

CHAP. II. no bear for a time, and after-| AR Y fon, if thou come ward joy shall fpring up un- IV to serve the Lord, to him. To it' b e I prepare thy soul for tempta

24 He will hide his words tion. for a time, and the lips of 2 Set thy heart aright, and many shall declare his wif- constantly endure, and make dom.

not haste in time of trou.. 25 The parables of know-ble. 2015

balle 3 Cleave

3 Cleave unto him, and faint-hearted! for he be. depart not away, that thou lieveth not, therefore shall he mayest be increased at thy not be defended. last end.

| 14 Wo unto you that have 4 Whatsoever is brought loft patience! and what will upon thee, take cheerfully, ye do when the Lord shall viand be patient when thou fit you ? art changed to a low estate. 15 They that fear the Lord,

-5 For gold is tried in will not disobey his word; the fire; and acceptable men and they that love him, will in the furnace of adversity. keep his ways.

6 Believe in him, and he 16 They that fear the will help thee, order thy way Lord, will seek that which aright, and trust in him. Jis well-pleasing unto him;

5 q Ye that fear the Lord, and they that love him, shall wait for his mercy, and go be filled with the law. not aside left ye fall.

17 They that fear the 8 Ye that fear the Lord, Lord, will prepare their believe him, and your reward hearts, and humble their Thall not fail.

fouls in his fight, 9 Ye that fear the Lord, 18 Saying, We will fall "hope for good, and for ever into the hands of the Lord, lafting joy and mercy. and not into the hands of

10 Look at the genera-men; for as his majesty is, tions of old, and see: did e- ro is his mercy. ver any trust in the Lord, and was confounded? or did any

CHAP. III. abide in his fear, and was for-LTEAR me your father, faken? or whom did he D O children, and do ever despise, that called up- thereafter, that ye may be on him?

fafe. Il For the Lord is full of 2 q For the Lord hath compassion and mercy, long- given the father honour over fuffering, and very pitiful, and the children, and hath conforgiveth fins, and saveth infirmed the authority of the time of ami&tion.

mother over the fons. 12 4 Wo be to fearful 3 Whoso honoureth his hearts, and faint hands, and father, maketh an atonement the finner that goeth two for his sins. ways!

l 4 And he that honoureth 13 Wo unto him that is his mother, is as one that


layeth up treasure. thy father shall not be for

5 Whoso honoureth his gotten: and instead of fins, it father, shall have joy of his Thall be added to build thee up. own children, and when hel 15 In the day of thine af. maketh his prayer, he shall fliction it shall be rememberbe heard.

ed; thy sins also shall melt 6 He that honoureth his away, as the ice in the fair 'father shall have a long life; warm weather. and he that is obedient unto 16 He that forsaketh his the Lord shall be a comfort father, is as a blafphemer, to his mother.

and he that angereth his mo7 He that feareth the Lord, ther, is cursed of God. will honour his father, and 17 My son, go on with thy will do service unto his pa- business in meekness, so shalt rents, as to his masters. thou be beloved of him that

8 Honour thy father and is approved. mother, both in word and 18 The greater thou art, deed, that a blessing may come the more humble thyself, and upon thee from them. thou shalt find favour before

9 For the blessing of the the Lord. father establisheth the houses 19 Many are in high of children, but the curse of place, and of renown: but the mother rooteth out foun- mysteries are revealed unto dations.

the meek. 10 Glory not in the dif- ! 20 For the power of the honour of thy father, for thy Lord is great, and he is hofather's dishonour is no glory noured of the lowly. unto thee.

21 Seek not out the II For the glory of a man, things that are too hard for is from the honour of his fa- thee, neither search the ther; and a mother in difho-things that are above thy nour, is a reproach unto the strength. children.

| 22 But what is command. 12 My son, help thy father ed thee think thereupon with in his age, and grieve him not reverence: for it is not as long as he liveth.

needful for thee to fee with 13 And if his understand thine eyes the things that are ing fail, have patience within secret. him, and despise him not when 23 Be not curious in unthou art in thy full strength. necessary matters : for more 14 For the relieving of things are Mewed unto thee,


than men understand. I 2 Make not an hungry

24 For many are deceived soul sorrowful; neither proby their own vain opinion, voke a man in his distress. and an 'evil suspicion hath 3 Add' not more trouble to overthrown their judginent. an heart that is vexed; and

25 Without eyes thou defer not to give to him that shalt want light : profess notis in need. the knowledge therefore that 4 Reject not the supplicathou hast not.

tion of the afflicted; neither 26 A stubborn heart shall | turn away thy face from a fare evil at the last: and he poor man. that loveth danger, shall pe- 5 Turn not away thine rish therein. .

eye from the needy, and give 27 An obstinate heart shall | him none occasion to curse be laden with sorrows, and thee: the wicked man shall heap / 6 For if he curse thee in fin upon fin.

the bitterness of his soul, his 28 In the punishment of prayer shall be heard of him the proud there is no re- that made him. medy: for the plant of 7 Get thyself the love of wickedness hath taken root the congregation, and bow in him.

thy head to a great man. 29 The heart of the pru-18 Let it not grieve thee dent will understand a para- to bow down thine ear to ble, and an attentive ear is the poor, and give him a the desire of a wise man. friendly answer with meek

30 Water will quench a ness. flaming fire, and alms mak-1 9 Deliver him that suffereth an atonement for sins. eth wrong, from the hand of

31 And he that requiteth the oppressor: and be not good turns, is mindful of faint-hearted when thou fitthat which may come here-test in judgment. after: and when he falleth, l 10 Be as a father unto he shall find a stay.

the fatherless, and instead of

a husband unto their mother ; CHAP. IV..

so shalt thou be, as the son of Y son, defraud not the the most High, and he shall IVI poor of his living, love thee more than thy moand make not the needy eyes ther doth. to wait long.

11n Wisdom exalteth her


thyh Let it not thine carentia

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