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be hungry : behold, my ser-1 20 There shall be no more vants shall drink, but ye shall | thence an infant of days, nor be thirsty: behold, my fer- an old man that hath not filvänts Thall rejoice, but ye led his days : for the child fhall be ashamed: . shall die an hundred years

14 Behold, my fervants old, but the sinner, being an shall sing for joy of heart, hundred years old, shall be but ye shall cry for forrow | accursed. of heart, and shall howl for 21 And they shall build vexation of spirit.

houses, and inhabit them; 15 And ye shall leave your and they shall plant vinename for a curse unto my yards, and eat the fruit of chofen : for the Lord God ther. shall slay thee, and call his 22 They shall not build, fervants by another name : and another inhabit ; they

16 That he who blesseth shall not plant, and another himself in the earth, shall bless eat: for as the days of a himself in the God of truth, tree, are the days of my peo.. and he that sweareth in the ple, and mine elect shall earth, shall swear by the God long enjoy the work of their of truth; because the former hands. troubles are forgotten, and 23 They shall not labour because they are hid from in vain, nor bring forth for mine eyes.

trouble : for they are the 17 For behold, I create feed of the blessed of the new heavens, and a new Lord, and their offspring earth : and the former shall) with them. not be remembered, nor 24 And it shall come to come into mind.

pafs, that before they call, I 18 But be ye glad, and will answer, and while they rejoice for ever in that which are yet speaking, I will hear. I create : for behold, I cre- 25 The wolf and the lamb ate Jerusalem a rejoicing, shall feed together, and the and her people a joy. lion shall eat straw like the

19 And I will rejoice in bullock : and dust fall be Jerusalem, and joy in my the serpent's meat. They people, and the voice of shall not hurt nor destroy in weeping shall be no more all my holy mountain, faith heard in her, nor the voice the Lord. of crying


Chap. LXVI. hated you, that cast you out

| for my name's fake, said, T HUS saith the Lord, Let the Lord be glorified :

1 The heaven is my but he shall appear to your throne, and the earth is my joy, and they shall be afootstool: where is the house Thamed. that ye build unto me? and 6 A voice of noise from where is the place of my the city, a voice from the reft?

temple, a voice of the Lord 2 For all those things hath that rendereth recompense to mine hand made, and all his enemies. those things have been, faith 1 7 Before she travailed, she · the Lord: but to this man brought forth : before her will I look, even to him that pain came, she was delivered is poor and of a contrite spi- of a man-child. . rit, and trembleth at my 8 Who hath heard such a word.

thing? who hath seen such 3 He that killeth an ox, things ? shall the earth be is as if he flew a man: he made to bring forth in one that facrificeth á lamb, as if day, or shall a nation be born he cut off a dog's neck : he at once ? for as soon as Zion that offereth an oblation, as travailed, she brought forth if he offered swine's blood : her children. he that burneth incense, as 9 Shall I bring to the if he blessed an idol : yea, birth, and not cause to bring they have chosen their own forth ? saith the Lord: shall ways, and their soul delight-'I cause to bring forth, and eth in their abominations. Thut the womb ? faith thy,

4. I also will choose their God.. delusions, and will bring 10 Rejoice ye with Jerutheir fears upon them ; be- falem, and be glad with her, caufe when I called, none aļl ye that love her : rejoice did answer: when I spake, for joy with her, all ye that they did not hear : but they mourn for her. did evil before mine eyes, 11 That ye may fuck, and chose that in which I de- and be satisfied with the lighted not. . breasts of her consolations :

5 € Hear the word of the that ye may milk out, and be Lord, ye that tremble at his delighted with the abundance word. Your brethren that of her glory.

12 For thus faith the come, that I will gather all Lord, Behold, I will extend nations and tongues, and peace to her like a river, and they shall come and see my the glory of the Gentiles glory. like a flowing stream : then i g And I will fet a sign Thall ye fuck, ye shall be among them, and I will send borne upon her fides, and be those that escape of them, undandled upon her knees. to the nations, to Tarshish,

13 As one whom his mo- Pul, and Lud, that draw ther comforteth, so will I the bow, to Tubal, and Jacomfort you : and ye shall van, to the isles afar off, that be comforted in Jerusalem. have not heard my fame,

14 And when ye see this, neither have seen my glory; your heart shall rejoice, and and they shall declare my your bones shall Aourish like glory among the Gentiles. an herb: and the hand of 20 And they shall bring the Lord shall be known to all your brethren for an of ward his fervants, and his fering unto the Lord, out of indignation toward his ene- all nations, upon horses, and mies.

in chariots, and in litters, 15 For behold, the Lord and upon mules, and upon will come with fire, and with swift beasts, to my holy his chariots like a whirlwind, mountain Jerusalem, faith to render his anger with the Lord, as the children of fury, and his rebuke with Ifrael bring an offering in a flames of fire.

clean vessel into the house 16 For by fire, and by his of the Lord. sword, will the Lord plead 21 And I will also take with all flesh, and the slain of them for priests, and for of the Lord Thall be many. Levites, faith the Lord.

17 They that fanctify 22 For as the new heathemselves, and purify them- vens, and the new earth selves in the gardens, behind which I will make, shall reone tree in the midst, eating main before me, faith the swine's Aeth, and the abo- Lord, fo shall your feed and mination, and the mouse, your name remain. Thall be consumed together, 23 And it shall come to saith the Lord.

pass, that from one new '18 For I know their works moon to another, and from and their thoughts : it shall one fabbath to another, shall

all all Aesh come to worship have transgressed against me: before me, faith the Lord. for their worm shall not die,

24 And they shall go neither shall their fire be forth, and look upon the quenched, and they shall be carcases of the men that an abhorring unto all flesh.

From the Book of D ANIE L.
Corno UT.; aloud, To you it is com-

manded, 0 people, nations, NTEbuchadnezzartheking and languages,

N made an image of gold, 5. That at what time ye whose height was threescore hear the sound of the cornet, cubits, and the breadth there- Aute, harp, fackbut, psaltery, of six cubits: he set it up in dulcinier, and all kinds of. the plain of Dura, in the musick, ye fall down and province of Babylon. . worship the golden image

2 Then Nebuchadnezzar that Nebuchadnezzar the the king sent to gather to- king hath set up. gether the princes, the go- 6 And whofo falleth not vernors, and the captains, down and worshippeth, shall the judges, the treasurers, the same hour be cast into the counsellors, the sheriffs, the midst of a burning fiery and all the rulers of the pro- furnace. vinces, to come to the dedi 1 7 Therefore at that time cation of the image which when all the people heard. Nebuchadnezzar the king the sound of the cornet, fute, had set up.

harp, fackbut, psaltery, and 3 Then the princes, the all kinds of musick, all the governors, and captains, the people, the nations, and the judges, the treasurers, the languages fell down and wor. counsellors, the sheriffs, and shipped the golden image that all the rulers of the provinces, Nebuchadnezzar the king were gathered together unto had set up. the dedication of the image 8 & Wherefore at that that Nebuchadnezzar the time certain Chaldeans came king had set up; and they near and accused the Jews. stood before the image that ... They spake and said to Nebuchadnezzar had set up. I the king' Nebuchadnezzar, 4 Then an herald cried | king, live for ever.

10 Thou,

10 Thou, o king, haft musick, ye fall down and made a decree, that every worship the image which I - man that shall hear the found have made, well: but if ye of the cornet, Aute, harp, worship not, ye shall be cast sackbut, psaltery, and dulci- the same hour into the midst mer, and all kinds of musick, of a burning fiery furnace; shall fall down and worship and who is that God that the golden image:

|fhall deliver you out of my II And whofo falleth not hands ? down and worshippeth, that '16 Shadrach, Meshach, and he should be cast into the Abed-nego, answered and said midst of a burning fiery fur- to the king, O Nebuchadnace.

' nezzar, we are not careful 12 There are certain Jews to answer thee in this matter. whom thou hast fet over the 17 If it be so, our God affairs of the province of Ba- whom we ferve is able to bylon, Shadrach, Meshach, deliver us from the burning and Abed-nego: these men, fiery furnace, and he will deO king, have not regarded liver us out of thine hand, O thee, they serve not thy gods, king. nor worship the golden image “18 But if not, be it known which thou hast set up. unto thee, O king, that we

139 Then Nebuchadnez- will not ferve thy gods, nor zar in his rage and fury com- worship the golden iinage manded to bring Shadrach, which thou hast set up. Meshach, and Abed-nego: 19 9 Then was Nebu. then they brought these men chadnezzar full of fury, and before the king. .. the form of his visage was

14 Nebuchadnezzar spake changed against Shadrach, and said unto them, is it Meshach, and Abed-nego: true, O Shadrach, Meshach, therefore he spake and comand Abed-nego? do not ye manded that they should heat serve my gods, nor worship the furnace one seven times the golden image which I more than it was 'wont to be have set up? :: heated.

15 Now if ye be ready - 20 And he commanded that at what time ye hear the most mighty men that the sound of the cornet, Aute, were in his army, to bind harp, sackbut, pfaltery, and Shadrach, Meshach, and Adulcimer, and all kinds of bed-nego, and to cast them



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