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which springeth of the same : and returned, and dwelt at and in the third year fow ye, Nineveh. and reap, and plant vine- 38 And it came to pass as yards, and eat the fruit there- he was worshipping in the of.

| house of Nisroch his god, 31 And the remnant that that Adrammelech and Shais escaped of the house of Ju-l rezer his fons fmote him with dah shall again take root the sword; and they escaped downward, and bear fruit up into the land of Armenia: ward,

and Efar-haddon his son 32 For out of Jerusalem reigned in his stead. shall go forth a remnant, and they that escape out of

Chap. XXXVIII. mount Zion: the zeal of the T N those days was HezeLord of hosts shall do this. || kiah fick unto death: and

33 Therefore thus faith | Isaiah the prophet the son of the Lord concerning the king Amoz came unto him, and of Assyria, He shall not come faid unto him, Thus faith into this city, nor shoot an the Lord, Set thine house in arrow there, nor come be-order : for thou shalt die, fore it with shields, nor cast and not live, a bank against it.

1 2 Then Hezekiah turned 34 By the way that he his face toward the wall, and came, by the same shall he prayed unto the Lord, return, and shall not comel And said, Remember into this city, saith the Lord. Inow, O Lord, I beseech thee,

35 For I will defend this how I have walked before city to save it, for mine own thee in truth, and with a. sake, and for my servant Da- perfect heart, and have done vid's fake.

that which is good in thy 369 Then the angel of the fight: and Hezekiah wept Lord went forth, and fmote fore. in the camp of the Assyrians 4 Then came the word a hundred and fourscore and of the Lord to Isaiah, saying, five thousand: and when they 5 Go, and say to Hezekiah, arose early in the morning, Thus faith the Lord the God behold, they were all dead of David thy father, I have corpses.

heard thy prayer, I have seer 37 9 So Sennacherib king thy tears : behold, I will add of Assyria departed, and went, unto thy days fifteen years,

6 And I will deliver thee, I break all my bones: from and this city, out of the day even to night wilt thou hand of the king of Affyria : make an end of me. and I will defend this city. 14 Like a crane or a swal

7 And this fall be a sign low, so did I chatter: I did unto thee from the Lord, mourn as a dove: mine eyes that the Lord will do this fail with looking upward :'O thing that he hath spoken: Lord, I am oppresled, under

8 Behold, I will bring a- take for me. gain the shadow of the de- 15 What shall I say? he grees which is gone down in hath both spoken unto me, the sun-dial of Ahaz ten de- and himself hath done it : 1 grees backward. So the sun shall go softly all my years returned ten degrees, by in the bitterness of my soul. which degrees it was gone 1 160 Lord, by these things down.

men live, and in all these 99 The writing of He things is the life of my fpizekiah king of Judah, when rit: so wilt thou recover me, he had been fick, and was and make me to live. recovered of his fickness: 17 Behold, for peace I had

io I said, in the cutting off great bitterness ; but thou of my days, I shall go to the haft in love to my soul de gates of the grave: I am de- livered it from the pit of corprived of the residue of my ruption: for thou hast cast years.

| all my sins behind thy back. 11 I said, I shall not see the 18 For the grave cannot Lord, even the Lord in the praise thee, death can not celand of the living: I shall lebrate thee: they that go behold man no more with down into the pit cannot the inhabitants of the world. hope for thy truth.

12 Mine age is departed, 19 The living, the living, and is removed from me as a he shall praise thee as I do shepherd's tent: I have cut this day: the father to the off like a weaver my life: he children shall make known will cut me off with pining | thy truth. . fickness : from day even to 20 The Lord was ready to night wilt thou make an end' save me: therefore we will of me,

fing my songs to the stringed 13 I reckoned till morn-instruments, all the days of ing, that as a lion, so will he our life, in the house of the

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that I think that limbe soldi pintere

letength let themeether to earth; het men. Thou art thee,


his neighbour, and every one 21. For Isaiah had faid, said to his brother, Be of Let them take a lump of figs, good courage. . and lay it for a plaister 'upon 7 So the carpenter encouthe boil, and he shall recover. raged the goldsmith; and he

22 Hezekiah also had faid, that smoothed with the hamWhat is the sign that I shall mer, him that smote the ango up to the house of the vil, saying, It is ready for the Lord?

sodering: and he fastened it

with nails, that it should not CHAP. XLI.

be moved. 17 EEP silence before 8 But thou, Ifrael, art my

me, o islands, and servant, Jacob whom I have let the people renew their chosen, the feed of Abraham strength : let them come, my friend. near, then let them speak : 1 9 Thou whom I have talet us come near together to ken from the ends of the judgment.

earth, and called thee from 2.Who raised up the righ- the chief men thereof, and teous man from the east, cal-faid unto thee, Thou art my led him to his foot, gave the fervant, I have chosen thee, nations before him, and made and not cast thee away. him rule over kings ? he 109 Fear thou not, for gave them as the dust to his I am with thee: be not difsword, and as driven stubble inayed, for I am thy God: to his bow.

I will strengthen thee, yea, 3 He pursued them, and I will help thee, yea, I will passed safely; even by the uphold thee with the right way that he had not gone hand of my righteousness. with his feet.

I Behold, all they that 4 Who hath wrought and were incensed against thee, done it, calling the genera- shall be ashamed and contions from the beginning? I founded: they shall be as nothe Lord the first, and with thing, and they that strive the laft, I am hee

l with thee, shall perish. 5 The isles saw it and 12 Thou shalt seek them, feased, the ends of the earth and shalt not find them, even were afraid, drew near, and them that contended with çame.

thee: they that war against 6 They helped every one thee fhall be as nothing, and

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as a thing of nought. y desert the fir-tree, and the

13 For I the Lord thy: pine, and the box-tree toGod will hold thy right hand, gether: faying unto thee, Fear not, 20 That they may fee, I will help thee.

and know, and consider, and 14 Fear not, thou worm understand together, that the Jacob, and ye men of Israel: hand of the Lord hath done I will help thee, faith the this, and the holy One of ILLord, and thy redeemer, the rael hath created it. holy One of Israel.

21 9 Produce your cause, 15 Behold, I will make faith the Lord; bring forth thee a new sharp threshing- your strong reasons, faith the instrument, having teeth: King of Jacob. thou shalt thresh the moun-1 22 Let them bring them tains, and beat them small, forth, and thew us what and Thalt make the hills as Thall happen: let them shew chaff.

the former things what they 16 Thou shalt fan them, be, that we may consider and the wind shall carry them them, and know the latter away, and the whirlwind end of them; or declare us shall scatter them: and thou things for to come. shalt rejoice in the Lord ; 23 Shew the things that and shalt glory in the holy are to come hereafter, that we One of Israel.

may know that ye are gods.: 17 When the poor and yea, do good, or do evil, that needy feek water, and there we may be dismayed, and is none, and their tongue behold it together. faileth for thirst, I the Lord 24 Behold, ye are of nowill hear them, I the God of thing, and your work of Israel will not forsake them. nought: an abomination is

18 I will open rivers in he that chooseth you.. high places, and fountains in 25 I have raised up one the midst of the valleys: I from the north, and he shall will make the wilderness a come: from the rising of the pool of water, and the dry sun shall he call upon my land springs of water, name, and he shall come up

19 I will plant in the wil-on princes as upon morter, dernefs the cedar, the shit- and as the potter treadeth tah-tree, and the myrtle, and clay, the oil-tree: I will let in the 26 Who hath declared



from the beginning, that we God, the holy One of Israel, may know? and before time, thy faviour: I gave Egypt that we may fay, He is righ- for thy ransom, Ethiopia and teous ? yea, there is none that Seba for thee, sheweth, yea, there is none 4 Since thou wast precious that declareth, yea, there is in my sight, thou haft been none that heareth your honourable, and I have loved words.

thee: therefore will I give 27 The first mall say to men for thee, and people for Zion, Behold, behold them, thy life. and I will give to Jerusalem 5 Fear not, for I am with one that bringeth good tid- thee: I will bring thy seed ings.

from the east, and gather thee 28 For I beheld, and there from the west. was no man, even amongst 6 I will say to the north, them, and there was no coun- Give up; and to the south, seller, that when, I asked of Keep not back: bring my them, could answer a word. fons from far, and my daugh

29 Behold, they are all ters from the ends of the vanity, their works are no-earth; thing: their molten images 7 Even every one that is are wind and confusion. called by my 'name: for !

have created him for my CHAP. XLIII.

glory, I have formed him, DUT now thus faith the yea, I have made him.

D Lord that created thee, 8g Bring forth the blind O Jacob, and he that formed people that have eyes, and thee, O Israel, Fear not: 1 the deaf that have ears. for I have redeemed thee, Il Let all the nations be have called thee by thy name, gathered together, and let thou art mine.

the people be assembled : 2 When thou pastest who among them can declare through the waters, I will be this, and thew us former with thee; and through the things ? let them bring forth rivers, they shall not over- their witnesses, that they may flow thee: when thou walk- be justified: or let them est through the fire, thou shalt hear and say, It is truth. not be burnt; neither shall : 10 Ye are my witnesses, the flame kindle upon thee. faith the Lord, and my ser3 For I am the Lord thy \vant whom I have chosen:


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