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of Juizat me and my "

yard he feed of an hom

tower in the midst of it, and field to field, till there be no also made a wine-press there- place, that they may be placa in : and he looked that it l'ed alone in the midft of the fhould bring forth grapes, earth. in and it brought forth wild | 9 In mine ears faid the grapes..

Lord of hosts, Of a' truth 3 And now, O inhabi-many houses shall be desotants of Jerusalem, and men late, even great and fair with of Judah, judge, I pray you, out inhabitant. " betwixt me and my vine- 10 Yea, ten acres of vine- ' , yard. L ien

yard shall yield one bath, 4 What could have been and the feed of an homer fhalb done more to my vineyard, yield an ephah. that I have not done in it! | JIW oe unto them thab wherefore when I looked rise up early in the morning, that it should bring forth that they may follow strong grapes, brought it forth wild drink, that continue until grapes ?..

night, till wine inflame thema 5 And now go to ; I will! 12 And the harp, and the tell you what I will do to my viol, the tabret and pipe, and vineyard; I will take away wine are in their feasts: but the hedge thereof, and it they regard not the work of fhall be eaten up: and break the Lord, neither consider down the wall thereof, and the operation of his hands. it shall be trodden down. I 139 Therefore my people

6 And I will lay it waste: / are gone into captivity, be. it shall not be pruned, nor cause they have no know, digged, but there shall come ledge: and their honourable up briers and thorns : I will men are famifhed, and their also command the clouds that multitude dried up with they rain no rain upon it. thirst.

Ź For the vineyard of the 14 Therefore hell hath Lord of hosts is the house enlarged herself, and opened of Ifrael, and the men of her mouth without meafure: Judah his pleasant plant: and and their glory, and their he looked for judgment, but multitude, and their pomp, behold, opprellion; for right- and he that rejoiceth Thall eousness, but behold, a cry. descend into it.

8 4 Woe unto them that 15 And the mean man oin house to house, that lay shall be brought down, and


Ee 3

the mighty man shall be , righteous from him. humbled, and the eyes of the 24 Therefore as the fire lofty thall be humbled." devoureth the stubble, and

16 But the Lord of hosts the flame consumęth the shall be exalted in judgment, chaff, fo their root shall be and God that is holy, shall as rottenness, and their blosbe sanctified in righteous- som shall go up as dust: beness.

cause they have cast away. 17 Then shall the lambs the law of the Lord of hosts, feed after their manner, and and despised the word of the the waste places of the fat Holy One of Israel. ones shall strangers eat.. 25 Therefore is the anger

18 Woe unto them that of the Lord kindled against draw iniquity with cords of his people, and he hath vanity, and fin as it were stretched forth his hand awith a cart-rope :

| gainst them; and hath smit19- That fay, Let him ten them : and the hills did · make speed, and hasten his tremble, and their carcases work; that we may see it : were torn in the midst of thë and let the counsel of the streets : For all this his anHoly One of Israel draw nigh ger is not turned away, but and come, that we may know his hand is stretched out still. it. in . . 26 g And he will lift up

20 9 Woe unto them that an ensign to the nations from call evil good, and good evil; far, and will hiss unto thein that put darkness for light, from the end of the earth : and light for darkness; that and behold, they shall come put bitter: for sweet; and with speed swiftly, :. sweet for bitter.

27 None shall be weary 21 Woe unto them that nor stumble among them: are wife in their own eyes, none shall flumber nor sleep: and prudent in their own neither shall the girdle of fight. :

their loins be loofed, nor the :22 Woe unto them that | latchet of their shoes bę broare mighty to drink wine, ken. . and men of strength to min-1 28 Whose arrows are gle strong drink: : sharp, and all their bows.

23 Which justify the wic- bent; their horses hoofs shall ked for reward, and take a- be counted like Aint, and way the righteousness of the their wheels like a whirlwind.

29 Their

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29 Their roaring shall be i 16 For before the child like a lion, they shall roar Ihall know to refuse the evil, like young lions: yea, they and choose the good, the Shall roar and lay hold of the land that thou abhorrest shall prey, and shall carry it away be forsaken of both her safe, and none shall deliver it. kings. Is 20 And in that day they Thall roar against them, likelio CHAP. IX, the roaring of the sea : and Evertheless, the dimif one look unto the land, N nefs shall not be such behold darkness, and sorrow, as was in her vexation, when and the light is darkened in at the first he lightly afflicted the heavens thereof, the land of Zebulun, and the Hitler

land of Naphtali, and after

ward did more grievously 194 N O Reover, the afflict her by the way of the

IV Lord spake a- sea, beyond Jordan in Gali. gain unto Ahaz; saying. lee of the nations. on II Ask thee a sign of the 2 The people that walked Lord thy God, ask it either in darkness have seen a great in the depth, or in the height light: they that dwell in the above.

land of the shadow of death, 12 But Ahaz said, I will upon them hath the light not ask, neither will I tempt shined. the Lord.

| 3 Thou hast multiplied 13 And he said, Hear ye the nation, and not increasnow, O house of David, Is ed the joy: they joy before it a small thing for you to thee according to the joy in weary men, but will ye weary harvest, and as men rejoice my God also ?

when they divide the spoil. ' 14. Therefore the Lord 4 For thou haft broken himself shall give you a sign, the yoke of his burden, and Behold, a virgin shall con- the staff of his shoulder, the ceive and bear a son, and rod of his oppressor, as in shall call his name Imma- the day of Midian.

l 5 For every battle of the 15 Butter and honey shall warrior is with confused he eat, that he may know to noise, and garments rolled in refuse the evil, and choose blood, but this shall be with she good, mis

burning and fuel of fire. 1 Ee 4

8 Far


6 For unto us a Child is reprove with equity, for the born, unto us a Son is given, meek of the carth :. and he and the government shall be shall smite the earth with the upon his shoulder : and his rod of his mouth, and with name shall be called, Won the breath of his lips fhall he derful, Counsellor, . The flay the wicked.ri.. na mighty God, The everlast- 5 And righteousness shall ing Father, The prince of be the girdle of his loins, and peace.

P faithfulness the girdle of his 7. Of the increase of his reins. 1 .; . government and peace there : 6. The wolf also fhall dwell Jhall be no end, upon the with the lamb, and the leothrone of David and upon his pard shall be down with the kingdom to order it, and to kid: and the calf, and the establish it with judgment, I young lion, and the fatling and with justice, from hence together, and a little child forth even for ever : the zeal fhall lead them. I of the Lord of hofts will per-1 7. And the cow and the form this.

bear Thall' feed, their young

ones shall lie down together: L CHAP, XI...

and the lion shall eat straw A ND there shall come like the ox. A forth a rod out of the 8 And the fucking child stem of Jeffe, and a branch thall play on the hole of the Thall grow out of his roots. asp, and the weaned child

2 And the spirit of the Mall put his hand on the Lord fhall reft : upon him, cockatrice-den. the fpirit of wisdom and un- 9 They shall not hurt nor derstanding, the spirit of destroy in all my holy mouncounfel and might, the fpirit tain: for the earth fhall be of knowledge, and of the fear full of the knowledge of the of the Lord:

Lord, as the waters cover 3.And fhall make him of the sea. . quick understanding in the 10-4 And in that day there fear of the Lord, and he fall shall be a reot of Jelle, which not judge after the fight of shall stand for an ensign of his eyes, neither reprove af- the people; to it- fhall the ter the hearing of his ears. Gentiles feek; and his reft

4 But with righteousness thall be glorious. fhall he judge the poor, and 11 And it shall come to


pass in that day, that the 16 And there shall be an Lord fhall fet his hand again high-way for the remnant of the second time to recover his people, which shall be the remnant of his people left from Affyria, like as it which shall be left, from Al-, was to Israel in the day that fyria, and from Egypt, and he came up out of the land from Pathros, and from of Egypt. Cush, and from Elam, and from Shinar, and from Ha

· CHAP. XXIV. , math, and from the islands DEHOLD, the Lord

of the fea, ii...' D maketh the earth empty, - 12 And he shall set up an and maketh "it wafte, and ensign for the nations, and turneth it upside down, and fhall afsemble the outcasts scattereth abroad the inhabiof Israel, and gather to-tants thereof. : gether the dispersed of Judah, 2 'And it shall be, as with from the four corners of the the people, fo with the earth. . .

priest; as with the servant, 13 The envy also of E-lo with his master; as with phraim fhall depart, and the the maid, fo with her miladversaries of Judah shall be trefs; as with the buyer, fo 'cut off: Ephraim shall not with the seller; as with the envy Judah, and Judah shall flender, fo with the borrower; not vex Ephraim.

as with the taker of usury, 14. But they fhall fly upon fo with the giver of ufury to the fhoulders of the Philif-him. . tines toward the west, they 3. The land shall be utter. shall spoil them of the eart ly emptied, and utterly spoiltogether: they shall lay their ed : for the Lord hath spoken hand upon Edom and Moab, this word. and the children of Ammon 4 The earth mourneth fhall obey them. . and fadeth away, the world

15 And the Lord shall ut-languisheth and fadeth away, terly destroy the tongue of the haughty people of the the Egyptian sea, and with earth do languish. his mighty wind fhall he 5 The earth also is defiled shake his hand over the ri-, under the inhabitants therever; and shall smite it in the of : because they have transseven streams, and make men gressed the laws, changed the go over dry-Thod.

ordinance, broken the ever


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