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.. fo that he shall have no need

of fpoil. THE words of king 12 She will do him good

Lemuel, the prophecy and not evil all the days of that his mother taught him. her life.

2 What, my lon? and 13 She seeketh wool and what, the son of my womb ? Alax, and workech willingly and what, the son of my with her hands." vows ? ;;"

| 14 She is like the mere 3 Give not thy strength chant ships; the bringeth her unto women; nor thy ways food from afar.. to that which destroyeth 15 She riseth also while kings.;

it is yet night, and giveth 4 It is not for kings, o meat to her houfhold, and a Lemuel, it is not for kings to portion to her maidens. , drink wine, nor for princes 16 She confidereth à field strong drink:

and buyeth it: with the fruit 5. Lest they drink, and for- of her hands she planteth a get the law, and pervert the vineyard. judgment of any of the af- 17 She girdeth her loins Aicted. :

with strength, and strength69 Give strong drink eneth her arms. unto him that is ready to pe- '18 She perceiveth that her rish, and wine to those that be merchandise is good: het of heavy hearts."

candle goeth not out by 7 Let him drink, and for- night. get his poverty, and remem- 19 She layeth her hands ber his mifery no more. to the spindle, and her hands

8 Open thy mouth for the hold the distaff. * dumb in the cause of all 20 She stretcheth out her such as are appointed to de- hand to the poor; yea, the struction.

: reacheth forth her hands to 9 Open thy mouth, judge the needy. righteously, and plead the 21 She is not afraid of the cause of the poor and needy. (now for her 'houshold: for

109 Who can find a vir- | all her houshold are clothed tuous woman? for her price with scarlet. : : is far above rubies. 1 22 She maketh herself co

II The heart of her hus- verings of tapestry; her band doth safely trust in her, clothing is filk and purple.


23 Her

: 23 Her husband is known ness. in the gates when he fittteth 28 Her children atise up among the elders of the land. and call her blessed'; her huf.

24 She maketh fine linen, band also, and he praiseth her: and selleth' it; and delivereth 29 Many daughters have girdles unto the merchant. done virtuously, but thou ex

25 Strength and honour celleft them all. s are her clothing: and the 30 Favour is deceitful, and shall rejoice in time to come. beauty is vain; but a woman

26 She openeth her mouth that feareth the Lord, she with wisdom;, and in her thall be praised. .." tongue is the law of kind-.:. 31 Give her of the fruit ness.

of her hands; and let her : 27 She looketh well to the own works praise her in the ways of her houshold, and gates. . . eateth not the bread of idle-T · ECCLESIASTES; or, The PREACHER.

mici ! [ about unto the north : it

HAP. do, whirleth about continually, THE words of the and the wind returneth again

I Preacher, the son of according to his circuits.. David, king of Jerusalem. 1 7 All the rivers run into

2 Vanity of vanities, faith the sea; yet the fea is not the Preacher, vanity of va- full: unto the place from nities : all.is:vanity

whence the rivers come, thi3 What profit hath a man ther they return again. of all his "labour which he 8 All things are full of lataketh under the sun? bour: man cannot utter it:

49 One generation passeth the eye is not satisfied with away, and another generation seeing, nor the ear filled with cometh : but the earth abid-hearing. . . eth for ever.

| 9 The thing that hath 5 The sun also ariseth, and been, it is that which shall the sun goeth down, and bę; and that which is done, hafteth to his place where he is that which shall be done : arose. ii.

and there is no new thing un6 The wind goeth to- der the fun. -.ii ward the south, and turneth ( 10 Is there any thing


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whereof it may be said, See, 1 perceived that this allo 'is' this is new? it hath been' vexation of spirit. . , already' of old time which '18 For in much wisdom is was before us. .9.949..1! much grief: and he that in:

Vu There is no remem- (creaseth knowledge increafbrance of 1sförtier thing's : eth forrow. 's : neither'-thair there be anyl i l'. obil,, ..: remembratice of Whings that ti til CHAP. II. ate to come with those that said in mine heart, Goto shall come after 4: :: 1160 I now, I will prove theer!

- 129 I the Preacher was with imirth, therefore enjoy king over Ifrael in Jerufde pleasures and behold, this als lem: 1 1 ) ( ) ) : : to i8 vanity :: TH 3 , vi

13 And I gave my heart ! 2I said of laughter, It is' to feek and fearch out' by Imad : and of mirth, What wisdom côncerning all things doeth it? that are done under heaven: 1:3 I fought inimine heart this sore travail hath God to give myself unto wine, given to the sons of man to yet acquainting mine heart be exercised therewith. with wisdom, and to lay hold

1411) have seen all the on folly, till I might see what works that are done under was that good for the sons of the fun, and behold, all is men, which they should do vånity and vexation of spirit. under the heaven all the days

15 That which is croked, of their life. .!!! cannot be made straight: and 1:4 I made me great works; that which is wanting can- I builded me houses ; I plantnot be numbered. is led me vineyards :

16 I communed with mine: 5 I made me gardens and own heart, saying, Lo, 1 orchards, and I planted trees am come to great estate, and in them of all kind of fruits : have gotten more wisdom 6 I made me pools of wa. than all they that have been ter, to water therewith the before : me in Jerusalem wood that bringeth forth yea, my heart had great ex- trees; i . perience of wisdom and 7 I got me servants and knowledge.' .

maidens, and had servants 17 And I gave my heart born in my house : also I to know wisdom, and to had great poffeflions of great knov madness and folly: I and small cattle above all TD d 2


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that were in Jerusalem before are in his head; but the fool me :

, I walketh in darkness : and I 8I gathered me alfo filver | myself perceived also that one and gold, and the peculiard event happeneth to them all, w treasure of kings and of the - 45 Then said Iain my provinces : I gat me nien-heart, As it happeneth to the Singers, and women-fingers, fool, so it happeneth even to : and the delights of the fons mes and why was fathen, of men, ias musical instru- more wise? then I faid in my: ments, and that of all forts. heart that this alfo is wanity,

9 So I was great, and in- 16 For there is no remem, creased more than all that brance of the wise more. were before me in Jerusalem : than of the fool for ever; also my wisdom remained seeing that which now is, with me. . ; :; in the days to come shall

10 And whatsoever mine all be forgotten. And how eyes defired, I kept not from dieth the wise man? as the them: I with-held not my fool. :

914 heart from any joy, for my 17 Therefore I hated life; heart rejoiced in all, my la- because the work that is bour: and this was my por wrought under the sun is tion of all my labour. grievous unto me : for all is

11 Then I looked on all vanity and vexation of spirit. : the works that my hands had 18 q Yea, I hated as my wrought, and on the labour labour which I had taken unthat I had laboured to do: der the sun : because I should and behold, all was vanity leave it unto the man that and vexation : of spirit, and thall be after me. there was 'no profit under the 19 And who knoweth jun.

whether he shall be a wise 12 g And I turned myself man or a fool? yet shall he. to behold wisdom, and mad- have rule over all my laness, and folly; for what can bour wherein I have labourthe man do that cometh aftered, and wherein I have shewthe king? even that whiched myself wise under the sun. hath been already done. This is also vanity.

13 Then I saw that wif- 20 Therefore I went about dom excelleth folly, as far as to cause my heart to despair light excelleth darkness of all the labour which I took 14 The wise man's eyes under the fun.

Surm, and a time a time.

.. 21 For there is a man every purpose under the heawhose labour is in wisdom, ven : ; and in knowledge, and in e- 2 A time to be born, and quity : yet to a man that a time to die ; a time to hath not laboured therein plant, and a time to pluck up shall he leave it for his por- that which is planted; tion. This also is vanity, 3 A time to kill, and a and a great evil.

time to heal; a time to break 22 For what hath man of down, and a time to build all his labour, and of the vex- up;'. ation of his heart, wherein he4 A time to weep, and a hath laboured under the sun ? | time to laugh; a time to . 23 For all his days are mourn, and a time to dance; forrows, and his travail grief: 5 A time to cast away yea, his heart taketh not rest stones, and a time to gather in the night. This is also stones together; a time to vanity.

| embrace, and a time to rea 24 There is nothing better frain from embracing; for a man, than that he should 6 A time to get, and a eat and drink, and that he time to lose ; a time to keep, should make his soul enjoy and a time to cast away ;. good in his labour. This 7 A time to rend, and a ako I saw, that it was from time to sew; a time to keep the hand of God. , filence, and a time to speak; : 25 For 'who can eat, or 8 A time to love, and a who else can haften hereunto time to hate; a time of war, more than I?

and a time of peace. 'n 26 For God giveth to a 9 What profit hath he that man that is good in his fight; worketh in that wherein he wisdom, and knowledge, and laboureth ? joy: but to the finner he 10 I have seen the travail giveth travail, to gather and which God hath given to the to heap, up, that he may give sons of men to be 'exercised to him that is good before in it." God. This also is vanity and in g He hath made every vexation of spirit.

thing beautiful in his time :

also he hath set the world in 1** CHAP. III. , ltheir heart, so that no man

T O every thing there is can find out the work that I a leafon, and a time to God maketh from the be

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