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prefents unto thee.' ; rows of the bow, the shield,

30 Rebuke the company and the sword, and the battle. of spear-men, the multitude Selah. of the bulls, with the calves 4 'Thou art more glorious of the people, till every one and excellent than the mounsubmit himself with pieces of tains of prey. Silver: scatter thou the peo- ! 5 The stout-hearted are ple that delight in war. fpoiled, they have flept their

31 Princes shall come out fleep: and none of the men of Egypt. Ethiopia fhall of might have found their foon stretch out her hands hands. unto God.

16 At thy rebuke, O God 32. Sing unto God, ye of Jacob, 'both the chariot kingdoms of the earth : 0 and horse are cast into a dead fing praises unto the Lord. fleep. Selah.


Thou, even thou art to 33 To him that rideth be feared, and who may stand upon the heavens of heavens, in thy fight when once thou which were of old ; lo, he art angry? doth send out his voice, and 8 Thou didst cause judgthat a mighty voice. ment to be heard from hea

34 Ascribe ye strength ven; the earth feared, and unto God: his excellency is I was still, over Israel, and his strength 9 When God arose to is in the clouds.

judgment, to save all the 35 O God, thou art ter- meek of the earth. Selah. rible out of thy holy places, 10 Surely the wrath of the God of Israel is he that man fhall praise thee: the giveth strength and power remainder of wrath shalt thou unto his people : blessed be restrain. God.

I Vow, and pay unto

the Lord your God; let all PSALM LXXVI.

that be round about him T N Judah is God known : bring presents unto him that This name is great in If- ought to be feared. rael.

12 He shall cut off the 2 In Salem also is his ta- spirit of princes : he is térbernacle, and his dwelling- rible to the kings of the place in Zion.

earth. 3 There brake he the ar


: Psalm LXXXIV.

in the house of my God,

than to dwell in the tents of T TOW amiable are thy wickedness. 1 tabernacles, O Lord 11 For the Lord God is of hofts!

a sun and shield: the Lord 2 My foul longeth, yea, will give grace and glory: even fainteth for the courts no good thing will he withof the Lord: my heart and hold from them that walk my flesh crieth out for the uprightly. living God.

12 O Lord of hosts, 3 Yea, the sparrow hath blessed is the man that trustfound an house, and the swal eth in thee. low a nest for herself where she may lay her young, even

Psalm LXXXVI.. thine altars, O Lord of hosts, D OW, down thine ear, my King, and my God. B O Lord, hear me : for

4 Blessed are they that I am poor and needy. ., dwell in thy house : they 2 Preserve my soul, for I will be still praising thee. am holy : 0 thou my God,

fave thy servant that trusteth 5 Blessed is the man whose in thee. strength is in thee: in whose | 3 Be merciful unto me, heart are the ways of them. O Lord: for I cry unto thee

6 Who passing through daily, the valley of Baca, make it 4 Rejoice the soul of thy a well: the rain also filleth servant : for unto thee, O the pools.

Lord, do I lift up my soul. 7 They go from strength 5 For thou, Lord, art to strength, every one of them good, and ready to forgive : in Zion appeareth before and plenteous in mercy unto God.

all them that call upon thee. 8 O Lord God of hofts, 16 Give ear, O Lord, unto hear my prayer : give ear, my prayer : and attend to the O God of Jacob. Selah. I voice of my fupplications,

9 Behold, O God our 7 In the day of my troufbield, and look upon the ble I will call upon thee : face of thine anointed for thou wilt answer me.

10 For a day in thy courts 8 Among the gods there is better than a thousand : is none like unto thee, O I had rather be a door-keeper Lord, neither are there any


Selah Blefted is thee of the push

works like unto thy works. 1 haft holpen me, and com

9 All nations whom thou forted me. kast made shall come and worship before thee, O Lord: PSALM LXXXVIII. and shall glorify thy name. Lord God of my fal· 10 For thou art great, vation, I have cried and doest wondrous things : day and night before thee. thou art God alone. 12 Let my prayer come

II Teach me thy way, before thee : incline thine O Lord, I will walk in thy ear unto my cry. truth: unite my heart to fear 3 For my soul is full of thy name.

| troubles : and my life draw12 I will praise thee, O eth nigh unto the grave. Lord my God, with all my 4 I am counted with them heart: and I will glorify thy that go down into the pit : name for evermore.

I am as a man that hath no 13 For great is thy mercy Itrength. toward me: and thou hast 15 Free among the dead, delivered my soul from the like the slain that lie in the lowest hell. .

grave, whom thou remem. 14 O God, the proud are bereit no more: and they risen against me, and the af- are cut off from thy hand. femblies of violent men have 6 Thou hast laid me in sought after my soul : and the lowest pit, in darkness, have not set thee before in the deeps. them.

1 7 Thy wrath lieth hard. 15 But thou, O Lord, upon me, and thou hast afart a God full of compassion, Aicted me with all thy waves. and gracious: long-suffering, Selah. and plenteous in mercy and 8 Thou hast put away truth.

mine acquaintance far from 16 O turn unto me, and me: thou hast made me an have mercy upon me, give abomination unto them: 1 thy strength unto thy servant, am fhut up, and I cannot and save the son of thine come forth. . handmaid.

19 Mine eye mourneth by 17 Shew me a token for reason of affliction: Lord, I good, that they which hate have called daily upon thee, nie may see it, and' be ashain- I have stretched out my handsed : because thou, Lord, unto theer va o's :


10 Wilt 10 Wilt thou shew won- were brought forth, or ever ders to the dead ? shall the thou hadft formed the earth dead arise and praise thee? and the world: even from Selah.

everlasting to everlasting II Shall thy loving kind- thou art God. ness be declared in the grave? 3 Thou turnest man to or thy faithfulness in destruc- deftruction: and fayeft, Retion?

| turn, ye children of men. 12 Shall thy wonders be 4 For a thousand years in known in the dark ? and thy thy fight are but as yesterrighteousness in the land of day when it is past, and as a forgetfulness ?

| watch in the night. 13 But unto thee have Il 5 Thou carriest them acried, O Lord, and in the way as with a flood, they morning shall my prayer are as a sleep: in the mornprevent thee.

ing they are like grass which 14 Lord, why casteth thou groweth up. off my soul? why hidest thou 6 In the morning it flouthy face from me ?

risheth, and groweth up; in 15 I am afflicted and ready the evening it is cut down, to die, from my youth up: and withereth. while I suffer thy terrors, I 7 For we are consumed am distracted,

| by thine anger, and by thy. 16 Thy fierce wrath go- wrath are we troubled. eth over me, thy terrors 8 Thou hast set our inihave cut me off.

quities, before thee, our se17 They came round a- cret fins in the light of thy bout me daily like water, countenance. they compassed me about to-' 9 For all our days are gether.

passed away in thy wrath : 18 Lover and friend haft we spend our years as a tale thou put far from me, and that is told. mine acquaintance into dark- 10 The days of our years ness.

are threescore years and ten;

and if by reason of strength Psalm XC.

they be fourscore years, yet is T ORD, thou hast been their strength labour and L our dwelling-place in forrow: for it is soon cut all generations.

off, and we Ay away. 2 Before the mountains 11 Who knoweth the



power of thine anger? even pestilence.
according to thy fear, so is 4 He shall cover thee with
thy wrath.

This feathers, and under his 12 So teach us to number wings shalt thou truft: his our days, that we may apply truth shall be thy fhield and our hearts unto wisdom. buckler.

13 Return, O Lord; how 5 Thou shalt not be along ? and let it repent thee fraid for the terror by night: concerning thy servants. nor for the arrow that fieth

14 O satisfy us early with by day: thy mercy; that we may re- 6 Nor for the peftilence joice and be glad all our that walketh in darkness : days.

nor for the destruction that 15 Make us glad accord-wasteth at noon-day. ing to the days wherein thou 7 A thousand shall fall at hast amicted us, and the thy fide, and ten thousand at years wherein we have seen thy right hand: but it shall evil.

not come nigh thee. 16 Let thy work appearl 8 Only with thine eyes unto thy servants, and thy shalt thou behold, and see glory unto their children. the reward of the wicked.

17 And let the beauty of 9 Because thou hast made the Lord our God be upon the Lord which is my reus: and establish thou the fuge, even the most High, work of our hands upon us, thy habitation; yea, the work of our hands 10 There shall no evil beestablish thou it.

fal thee, neither shall ang PSALM XCI.

plague come nigh thy dwelTTE that dwelleth in the 1 For he shall give his

M secret place of the angels charge over thee, to most High, shall abide under keep thee in all thy ways, the shadow of the Almighty. 12 They shall bear thee

2 I will say of the Lord, up in their hands, left thou He is my refuge and my dash thy foot against a stone, fortress : my God, in him 13 Thou shalt tread upon will I trust.

the lion, and adder: the 3 Surely he shall deliver young lion and the dragon thee from the snare of the shalt thou trample under fowler, and from the noisome feet.

14 Because

1.9 Becord of them and yes



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