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tongue a sharp sword. I 4 They only consult to

5 Be thou exalted, God, cast him down from his exabove the heavens: let thy cellency, they delight in lies: glory be above all the earth. they bless with their mouth,

6 They have prepared a but they curfe inwardly. ner for my steps, my foul is Selah. . ." bowed down : they have dig- 5 My soul, wait thou only ged å pit before me, into the upon God: for my expectamidst whereof they are fallen tion is from him.. i themselves. Selah.

6 He only is my rock and My heart is fixed, O my salvation; he is my deGod, my heart is fixed: Ifence; I shall not be moved. will fing and give praise. 7 In God is my salvation

8 Awake up my glory, and my glory: the rock of awake pfaltery and harp: I my strength, and my refuge myself will awake early. :) is in God.

9 I will .praise thee, 0 8 Trust in him at all times; Lord, among the people: Iye people, pour out your heart will fing unto thee among before him: God is a refuge the nations.

for us. Selah. 10 For thy mercy is great 9 Surely men of low deunto the heavens, and thy gree are vanity, and men of truth unto the clouds. high degree are a lie: to be

11 Be thou exalted, O laid in the balance, they are God, above the heavens: let altogether lighter than vanity. thy glory be above all the 10 Trust not inoppression; earth.

and become not vain in rob

bery: If riches increase, fet Psalm LXII.

not your heart upon them. TRULY my soul wait- if God hath spoken once ; T eth upon God: from twice have I heard this, that him cometh my falvation. power belongeth unto God.

2. He only is my rock and 12 Also unto thee, O Lord, my falvation : he is my de- belongeth mercy : for thou fence; I shall not be greatly renderest to every man açmoyed.

cording to his work, 3 How long will ye imagine mifchief against a man?

Psalm LXIII. ye shall be flain all of you : as a bowing wall shall je ben GOD, thou art my and as a tortering fence.

God, carly will I seek


thee: my soul thirfteth for we shall be satisfied with the thee, niy Aesh longeth for goodness of thy house, even of thee in a dry and thirsty land, thy holy temple. where no water is :: 15 By terrible things in

2 'To fee thy power and righteousness wilt thou anthy glory, so as I have seen swer us, O. God of our salthee in the sanctuary. . vation : who art the confi

3 Because thy loving kind-dence of all the ends of the ness is better than life, my earth, and of them that are lips shall praise thee. Jafar off upon the sea.

4 Thus will I bless thee 6 Which by his strength while I live : I will lift up setteth fast the mountains; my hands in thy name. being girded with power.

5 My soul shall be fatisfied 7.Which stilleth the noise as with marrow and fatness; of the seas, the noise of and my mouth shall praise their waves, and the tumult thee with joyful lips :. . of the people.

6 When I remember thee 8 They also that dwell in upon my bed, and medi- the uttermost parts are afraid tate on thee in the night at thy tokens : thou makeit watches.

the out-goings of the mornBecause thou hast been ing and evening to rejoice. my help ; therefore in the 9 Thou visitest the earth, shadow of thy wings will I and waterest it: thou greatly rejoice.

lenrichet it with the river of

God, which is full of water: Psalm LXV.

Ithou preparest them corn, D RAISE waiteth for thee, when thou haft fo provided

P O God, in Sion: and for it. unto thee shall the vow bel 10 Thou waterest the performed,

ridges thereof abundantly: 2 0 thou that hearest thou 'settleft the furrows prayer, unto thee shall all thereof: thou makest it soft flesh come.

with showers, thou bleflést 3 Iniquities prevail against the springing thereof. me: as for our transgressions, II Thou crownest the thou shalt purge them away. year with thy goodnefs, and

4 Blessed is the man whom thy paths drop fatness. . thou choosest, and causeft to 12 They drop upon the approach unto thee, that he the pastures of the wilderhe may dwell in thy courts :: ness: and the little hills re

Y 4


Jin life, and suffereth not our 13 The pastures are clo- feet to be moved. thed with flocks; the vallies 10 For thou, O God, also are covered over with hast proved us : thou hast corn; they shout for joy, tried us as silver is tried. they also fing.

II Thou broughtest us

into the net, thou laidst af. : Psalm LXVI.

| Aiction upon our loins. T A KE a joyful noise 12 Thou hast caused men

IVL unto God, all ye to ride over our heads, we lands.

went through fire and through 2 Sing forth the honour water : but thou broughtest of his name: make his praise us out into a wealthy place. glorious.

| 13 I will go into thy house 3. Say unto God, How with burnt-offerings : I will terrible art thou in thy works! pay thee my vows, through the greatness of thy 14 Which my lips have power shall thine enemies uttered, and my mouth hath fubmit themselves unto thee. spoken, when I was in trou

4 All the earth shall wor-ble. ship thee, and shall fing unto 15 I will offer unto thee thee, they shall sing to thy burnt-facrifices of fatlings, name. Selah.

with the incense of rams : 5 Come and see the works I will offer bullocks with of God: he is terrible in his goats. Selah. doing toward the children of 16 Come and hear all ye men

that fear God, and I will de6 He turned the sea into clare what he hath done for dry land: they went through my soul. the food on foot, there did 17 I cried unto him with we rejoice in him.

my mouth, and he was ex7 He ruleth by his power tolled with my tongue. for ever, his eyes behold the 1 18 If I regard iniquity in nations : let not the rebel- my heart, the Lord will not lious exalt themselves. Se- hear me. lah.

19 But verily God hath 8 O bless our God, ye heard me : he hath attended people, and make the voice to the voice of my prayer. of his praise to be heard. 20 Blessed be God, which Q Which holdeth our soul hath not turned away my


l I will. Selah and heat will

prayer, nor his mercy from jin the presence of God. me,

3 But let the righteous

be glad : let them rejoice Psalm LXVII. before God, yea, let them M OD be merciful unto exceedingly rejoice,

Tus, and bless us : and 4 Sing unto God, fing cause his face to shine upon praises to his name : extol us, Selah.

him that rideth upon the 2 That thy way may be heavens by his name JAH, known upon earth, thy sav- and rejoice before him. ing health among all na- 5 A father of the fathertions.

less, and a judge of the wi3 Let the people praise dows, is God in his holy thee, O God; let all the habitation. people praise thee.

1 6 God setteth the folitary 4 let the nations be in families : he bringeth out glad, and sing for joy: for those which are bound with thou shalt judge the people chains, but the rebellious righteously, and govern the dwell in a dry land. nations upon earth. Selah. 7 O God, when thou

5 Let the people praise wentest forth before thy thee, O God ; let all the people ; when thou didit people praise thee.

march through the wilder6 Then shall the earth ness; Selah : yield her increase ; and God 8 The earth fhook, the even our own God shall bless heavens also dropped at the

presence of God: even Sinai 7 God shall bless us, and itself was moved at the preall the ends of the earth fall fence of God, the God of fear him.


| 9 Thou, O God, didst PSALM LXVIII.

send a plentiful rain, whereT ET God arise, let his by thou didst confirm thine L enemies be scattered : inheritance, when it was let them also that hate him weary. flee before him. . 10 Thy congregation hath

2 As smoke is driven dwelt therein: thou, O God, away, so drive them away : haft prepared of thy goodas wax melteth before the ness for the poor. fire, so let the wicked perich II The Lord gave the



word: great was the com- Jis the God of falvation, and pany of those that published unto God the Lord belong it.

the issues from death. ya 12 Kings of armies did 21 But God shall wound flee apace: and she that tar- the head of his enemies : ried at home, divided the and the hairy scalp of such spoil.

an one as goeth on still in his 13 Though ye have lien trespasses. among the pots, yet Mall ye 22 The Lord said, I will be as the wings of a dove bring again from Bashan, I covered with silver, and her will bring my people again feathers with yellow gold. from the depths of the sea: .

14. When the Almighty 23 That thy foot may be scattered kings in it, it was dipped in the blood of thine white as fnow in Salmon. enemies, and the tongue of

15 The hill of God is as thy dogs in the fame. the hill of Bafhan, an high 24. They have seen thy hill as the hill of Bashan. goings, O God, even the

16 Why leap ye, ye high goings of my God, my King, hills ? this is the hill which in the sanctuary. God defireth to dwell in, 125 The fingers went beyea, the Lord will dwell in fore, the players on instruit for ever.

ments followed after; amongst 17 The chariots of God them were the damsels playare twenty thousand, even ing with timbrels thousands of angels : the 1 26 Bless ye God in the Lord is among them as in congregations, even the Lord, Sinai, in the holy place from the fountain of Israel.

18 Thou hast ascended on 27 There is little Benjahigh, thou hast led captivity min, with their ruler, the captive : thou haft received princes of Judah, and their gifts for men; yea, for the counsel, the princes of Zerebellious also, that the Lord bulun, and the princes of God might dwell among Naphtali. them.

28 Thy God hath com19 Blessed be the Lord, mandedthystrength:strengthwho daily loadeth us with en, O God, that which thou benefits, even the God of our haft wrought for us. : falvation. Selah.

29 Because of thy temple ,20 He that is our God, at Jerusalem, fhall kings bring


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