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jaw through with a thorn? double bridle ?
Will he make many 14

Who can open

the supplicatioris unto thee? will doors of his face? his teeth lic speak soft words unto are terrible round about. thee?

15 His fcales are his 4 Will he make a cove- pride, shut up together as mant with thee? wilt thou with a close seal. take him for a servant for 16 One is so near to ever?

another, that no air can come 5 Wilt thou play with between them. him as with a bird ? or wilt 17 They are joined one thou bind him for thy mai- to another, they stick togedens?

ther, that they cannot be 6 Shall thy companions fundered. make a banquet of him? 18 By his neesings a light shall they part him among doth shine, and his eyes are the merchants ?

like the eye-lids of the morn7 Canst thou fill his skin ing. with barbed irons ? or his 19 Out of his mouth go head with filh-spears? burning lamps, and sparks of

8. Lay thine hand upon fire leap out. him, remember the battle, 20 Out of his noftris do no more.

goeth smoke, as out of a 9 Behold, the hope of him feething pot or caldron. is in vain: shall not one be 21 His breath kindleth cast down even at the fight coals, and a flame goeth out of him?

of his mouth. 10 None is so fierce that 22 In his neck remaineth dare ftir him up; who then strength, and sorrow is turnis able to stand before me ? ed into joy before him.

II Who hath prevented 23 The Aakes of his flesh me that I should repay him? are joined together : they are whatsoever is under the whole firm in themselves; they canheaven is mine.

not be moved. 12 I will not conceal his 24 His heart is as firm as parts, nor his power, nor his a stone : yea, as hard as a comely proportion. piece of the nether mill

13 Who can discover the stone. face of his garment? or who 25 When he raiseth up can come to him with his himself, the mighty are afraid:


now mine

by reason of breakings they from thee. purify themselves.

3 Who is he that hideth 26 The sword of him that counsel without knowledge ? layeth at him cannot hold ; therefore have I uttered that the spear, the dart, nor the I understood not; things habergeon.

too wonderful for me, which 27 He esteemeth iron as I knew not. traw, and brass as rotten 4 Hear, I beseech thee, wood.

and I will speak : I will 28 The

cannot demand of thee, and declare make him fee: fling-stones thou unto me. are turned with him into

5 I have heard of thee by Itubble.

the hearing of the ear: but 29 Darts are counted as


seeth thee. stubble : he laugheth at the 6 Wherefore I abhor myshaking of a spear. self, and repent in dust and

30 Sharp stones are under ashes. him: he spreadeth sharp 74 And it was so, that pointed things upon the after the Lord had spoken mire.

these words unto Job, the 31 He maketh the deep Lord said to Eliphaz the Teto boil like a pot: he maketh manite, My wrath is kindled the sea like a pot of oint-against thee, and against thy ment.

two friends : for ye have not 32 He maketh a path to {poken of me the thing that fhine after him: one would is right, as my servant Job think the deep to be hoary.

bath. 33 Upon earth there is

8 Therefore take unto you not his like, who is made now seven bullocks and seven without fear.

rams, and go to my servant 34. He beholdeth all high Job, and offer up for your things : he is a king over all lelves a burnt-offering and the children of pride.

my servant Job shall


for you : for him will I accept : CHAP. XLII.

left I deal with you after HEN Job answered your folly, in that ye have

the Lord, and said, not spoken of me the thing 2 I know that thou canst which is right, like


serdo every thing, and that no vant Job. thought can be with-holden

9 So Eliphaz the Tema. 3



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nite, and Bildad the Shuhite, than his beginning: for he and Zophar the Naamathite, had fourteen thousand sheep, went,' and did according as and fix thousand camels, and the Lord commanded them: a thousand yoke of oxen, and the Lord also accepted Job. a thousand she-asses.

9 And the Lord 13 He had also seven fons, turned the captivity of Job, and three daughters. when he prayed for his friends: 14 And he called the name also the Lord gave Job twice of the first Jemima; and the as much as he had before. name of the second, Kezia ;

11 Then came there unto and the name of the third, him all his brethren, and all Keren-happuch. his fifters, and all they that 15 And in all the land had been of his acquaintance were no women found so fair before, and did eat bread as the daughters of Job : and with him in his house: and their father

gave them inhe they bemoaned him, and com- ritance among their brethren. forted 'him over all the evil 16 After this lived Job that the Lord had brought an hundred and forty years, upon him: every man also and saw his sons, and his gave him a piece of money, sons fons, even four generaand every one an ear-ring of tions. gold.

17 So Job died, being old 12 So the Lord blessed and full of days. the latter end of Job more

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From the Book of PSALMS.


3 And he shall be like a

tree planted by the rivers of LESSED is the man water, that bringeth forth his

that walketh not in the fruit in his season; his leaf counsel of the ungodly, nor also shall not wither, and ftandeth in the way of fin- whatsoever he doeth, shall ners, nor fitteth in the seat prosper. of the scornful.

4 The ungodly are not so: 2 But his delight is in the but are like the chaff, which law of the Lord, and in his the wind driveth away, law doth he meditate day and 5 Therefore the ungodly night.

shall not stand in the judge


U 3


W ,


ment, nor finners in the con-petter's vefsel.
gregation of the righteous. 10 Be wife now therefore,

6 For the Lord knoweth O ye kings: be instructed ye
the way of the righteous : judges of the earth.
but the way of the ungodly Il Serve the Lord with
shall perish.

fear, and rejoice with trem

bling. PSALMII.

12 Kiss the Son, left he be HY do the heathen angry, and ye perish from the

rage, and the people way, when his wrath is kinimagine a vain thing? dled but a little : blessed are

2 The kings of the earth all they that put their trust in set themselves, and the rulers him. take counsel together against

PSALM III, the Lord, and against his anointed, saying,

ORD, how are they 3 Let us break their increased that trouble bands alunder, and cast away me ? many are they that rise their cords from us.

up against me. 4. He that sitteth in the 2 Many there be which fay heavens shalllaugh: the Lord of my soul. There is no help Ihall have them in derision. for him in God. Selah.

5 Then shall he fpeak 3 But thou, O Lord, art unto them in his wrath, and a shield for me; my glory, vex them in his fore displea- and the lifter up of mine fure.

head. 6 Yet have I set my king 4 I cried unto the Lord upon my holy hill of Zion.

with my voice, and he heard 7 I will declare the decree: me out of his holy hill. See the Lord hath said unto me, lah. Thou art my son, this day 5 I laid me down and slept ; have I begotten thee. I awaked, for the Lord sur

8. Ask of me, and I shall tained me. give thee the heathen forthine 6 I will not be afraid of inheritance, and the uttermoft ten thousands of people, that parts of the earth for thy pol- have set themselves against me feflion.

round about. 9 Thou shalt break them 7 Arise, Lord, save me, with a rod of iron, thou shalt O my God; for thou hast dalh them in pieces like a smitten all mine enemies upon


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2 Oye

how look up.

the cheek-bone : thou hast in safety. broken the teeth of the un

PSALM V. godly. 8 Salvation belongeth unto

IV E ear to my words, the Lord: thy blessing is

O Lord, consider my

meditation. upon thy people. Selah.

2 Hearken unto the voice Psalm IV.

of my cry, my King, and EAR me when I call, my God: for unto thee will

O God of my righte- I pray. ousness: thou hast enlarged 3 My voice shalt thou me when I was in distress, hear in the morning, O Lord; have mercy upon me, and in the morning will I direct hear my prayer.

my prayer unto thee, and will fons of men, long will ye turn my glory 4

For thou art not a God into shame? how long will ye that hath pleasure in wickedlove vanity, and seek after ness; neither shall evil dwell leasing? Selah.

with thee. 3 But know that the Lord 5 The foolish shall not hath set apart him that is god stand in thy fight : thou haly for himself: the Lord will test all workers of iniquity. hear when I call unto him. 6 Thou shalt destroy them

4 Stand in awe, and fin that speak leasing: the Lord not: commune with your will abhor the bloody and deown heart upon your bed, ceitful man. and be still. Selah.


But as for me, I will 5 Offer the sacrifice of come into thy house in the righteousness: and put your multitude of thy mercy: and trust in the Lord.

in thy fear will I worship to6 There be many that say, ward thy holy temple. Who will shew us any good ? 8 Lead me, O Lord, in Lord, lift thou up the light of thy righteousness, because of thy countenance upon us.

mine enemies; make thy 7 Thou hast put gladness way straight before my

face. in ту. heart more than in the


For there is no faithful. time that their corn and their ness in their mouth, their inwine increased.

ward part is very wickedness; 8 I will both lay me down their throat is an open fepulin peace, and sleep: for thou, chre, they Aatter with their Lord, only makest me dwell tongue.

10 Destroy


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