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Is there never a woman 9 And he took thereof in among the daughters of thy his hands, and went on eatbrethren, or among all my ing, and came to his father people, that thou goeft to and mother, and he gave take a wife of the uncircum-them, and they did eat: but cised Philistines? And Sam- be told not them that he had son said unto his father, Get taken the honey out of the her for me; for she pleaseth carcase of the lion. me well.

O So his father went 4. But his father and his down unto the woman, and mother knew not that it Samson made there a fealt: was of the Lord, that he for so used the young men sought an occasion against to do. the Philistines : for at that 11 And it came to pass time the Philistines had do-when they saw hiin, that minion over Ifrael.

they brought thirty compa5 Then went Samson nions to be with him. down, and his father and his 129 And Samson said mother, to Timnath, and unto them, I will now put came to the vineyards of forth a riddle unto you: if Timnath : and behold, a ye can certainly declare it young lion roared against me within the seven days of him.

the feast, and find it out, 6 And the spirit of the then I will give you thirty Lord came mightily upon sheets, and thirty change of him ; and he rent him as he garments. would have rent a kid, and 13 But if ye cannot dehe had nothing in his hand : clare it me, then shall ye but he told not his father or give me thirty sheets, and his mother what he had done. thirty change of garments.

7 And he went down and And they said unto him, Fut talked with the woman; and forth thy riddle, that we may The pleased Samson well. hear it.

8 And after a time, he 14 And he faid unto them, returned to take her, and he Out of the eater came forth turned aside to see the car- meat, and out of the strong case of the lion: and behold came forth sweetness. And there was a swarm of bees, they could not in three days and honey in the carcase of expound the riddlę. the lion.

15 And it came to pass on


he had done: sive nie me, then

the seventh day, that they took their spoil, and gave faid unto Samson's wife, change of garments unto Entice thy husband, that he them which expounded the may declare unto us the rid-riddle. And his anger was dle, left we burn thee and kindled, and he went up to thy father's house with fire: his father's house. have ye called us to take that 20 But Samson's wife was we have? is it not so ? given to his companion,

16 And Samson's wife whom he had used as his wept before him, and said, friend. Thou doft but hate me, and

Chap. XV. lovest me not: thou hast put forth a riddle unto the chil-D UT it came to pass dren of my people, and hast D within a while after, not told it me. And he said in the time of wheat harvest, unto her, Behold, I have not that Samson visited his wife told it my father nor my mo- with a kid, and he said, I ther, and shall I tell it thee? will go in to my wife into

17 And she wept before the chamber. But her fahim the seven days, while ther would not suffer him to their feast lasted: and it came go in. to pass on the seventh day, 2 And her father faid, I that he told her, because the verily thought that thou hadst lay fore upon him: and she utterly hated her; therefore told the riddle to the children I gave her to thy compaof her people. U nion : is not her younger

18 And the men of the fifter fairer than the ? take city faid unto him on the her, I pray thee, instead of seventh day, before the sun her. went down, What is sweeter 39 And Samson said conthan honey? and what is cerning them, Now shall I stronger than a lion? And be more blameless than the he said unto them, If ye had Philistines, though I do them not plowed with my heifer, a displeasure. ye had not found out my 4 And Samfon went and riddle.

caught three hundred foxes, 199 And the Spirit of the and took fire-brands, and Lord came upon him, and he turned tail to tail; and put went down to Alhkelon, and a fire-brand in the midst be. flew thirty men of them, and tween two tails.

- 5 And 5 And when he had set top of the rock Etam, and the brands on fire, he let said to Samson, Knowest them go into the standing thou not that the Philistines corn of the Philistines, and are rulers over us? what is burnt up both the Shocks, this that thou hast done unto and also the standing corn, us? And he said unto them, with the vineyards and 0-1 As they did unto me so have lives.

I done unto them. 6 Then the Philistines 12 And they said unto faid, Who hath done this ? him, We are come down to And they answered, Samson bind thee, that we may dethe son-in-law of the Tim-| liver thee into the hand of nite, because he had taken the Philistines. And Samhis wife, and given her to son said unto them, Swear his companion. And the unto me that ye will not fall Philistines came up, and upon me yourselves. . burnt her and her father 13 And they spake unto with fire..

him, saying, No; but we 7 And Samson said unto will bind thee fast, and de. them, Though ye have done liver thee into their hand : this, yet will I be avenged but surely we will not kill of you, and after that I will thee. And they bound him ceale.:

with two new cords, and 8 And he smote them hip brought him up from the and thigh with a great rock. laughter. . And he went 14 g And when he came down and dwelt in the top unto Lehi, the Philistines of the rock Etam. : shouted against him : , and

94 Then the Philistines the spirit of the Lord came · went up, and pitched in Ju-mightily upon him, and

dah, and spread themselves the cords that were upon in Lehi.

his arms became as flax that · 10 And the men of, Ju- was burnt with fire, and his

dah faid, Why are ye come bands loosed from off his - up against us and they an- hands. , ?

fwered, To bind Samson are 15. And he found a new we come up, to do to him as jaw-bone of an ass, and put he hath done to us,

forth his hand, and took it, Q: 11 Then three thousand and flew a thousand men , men of Judah, went to the therewithe . '


Die pirie Saint

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16 And Samson said, compassed him in, and laid
With the jaw-bone of an wait for him all night in
ass, heaps upon heaps, with the gate of the city, and
the jaw of an ass have I sain were quiet all the night, fay-
'a thousand men.

ing, In the morning when it
17 And it came to pass, is day we shall kill him.
when he had made an end of 3 And Samson lay till
speaking, that he cast away midnight, and arose at mid-
the jaw-bone out of his night, and took the doors of
hand, and called that place the gate of the city, and the

two posts, and went away
• 18 , And he was fore with them, bar and all, and
athirst, and called on the put them upon his shoulders,
Lord, and said, Thou hast and carried them up to the
given this great deliverance top of an hill that is before
into the hand of thy servant: Hebron
and now shall I die for thirst, 49 And it came to pass
and fall into the hand of the afterward that he loved a
uncircumcised. - woman in the valley of So-

19 But God clave an hol-rek, whose name was Delia .. · low place that was in the lah. jaw, and there came water 5 And the lords of the thereout; and when he had Philistines came up unto her, drunk, his fpirit came again, and said unto her, Entice and he revived. Wherefore him, and see wherein his he called the name thereof great strength lieth, and by

En-hakkore, which is in Le-what means we may prevail · hi unto this day.'' against him, that we may

20 And he judged Ifrael bind him to afflict him: and in the days of the Philistines we will give thee, every one twenty years. . of us, eleven hundred pieces

. .

of silver.

L. Chap. XVI.

6 And Delilah faid to TAHEN went Samfon Samson, Tell me, I pray

I to Gaza, and saw thee, wherein thy - great there an harlot, and went in strength lieth, and wherewith ? unto her.... . ma thou mightest be bound to

a And it was told the afflict thee.' bob d vi • Gazitės, saying, Samson is 7 And Samson faid unto come hither. And they her, If they bind me with

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seven green withs, that were mocked me, and told me never dried, then shall I be lies: tell me wherewith thou weak, and be as another man. mightest be bound. And he

8 Then the lords of the said unto her, If thou weavPhilistines brought up to her eft the seven locks of my seven green withs which had head with the web. not been dried, and she 14 And the fastened it bound him with them. with the pin, and said unto

9 (Now there were men him, The Philistines be upon lying in wait, abiding with thee, Samson. And he aher in the chamber) and she waked out of his sleep, and said unto him, The Philis- went away with the pin of tines be upon thee, Samson. the beam, and with the web. And he brake the withs as a | 15 9 And she said unto thread of tow is broken him, How canst thou say, I when it toucheth the fire : I love thee, when thine heart so his strength was not is not with me? Thou haft known.

mocked me these three times, 10 And Delilah said unto and hast not told me whereSamson, Behold, thou hast in thy great strength liethe mocked me, and told me 16 And it came to pass lies: now tell me, I pray when she pressed him daily thee, wherewith thou might with her words, and urged est be bound.

him, so that his soul was 11 And he said unto her, vexed unto death; If they bind me fast with 17 That he told her all new ropes that never were his heart, and said unto her, occupied, then shall I be There hath not come a raweak, and be as another zor upon mine head; for I man.

have been a Nazarite unto 12 Delilah therefore took God from my mother's new ropes, and bound him womb: if I be shaven, then therewith, and said unto him, my strength will go from The Philistines be upon thee, me, and I shall become weak, Samson. (And there were and be like any other man. liers in wait abiding in the 1 18 And when Delilah faw chamber.) And he brake that he had told her all his them from off his arms like heart, the sent and called a thread.

for the lords of the Philif9 13 And Delilah said unto tines, saying, Come up this Samson, Hitherto thou haft lonce, for he hath shewed

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