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crease, and in all the works | judge the people with just of thine hands, therefore thou judgment. fhalt surely rejoice.

19 Thou shalt not wrest 16 Three times in a year judgment; thou shalt not Thall all thy males appear be- respect persons, neither take fore the Lord thy God in a gift: for a gift doth blind the place which he shall the eyes of the wise, and choose; in the feast of un- pervert the words of the leavened bread, and in the righteous. feast of weeks, and in the 20 That which is altogefeast of tabernacles : and they ther just shalt thou follow, fhall not appear before the that thou mayest live, and Lord empty: . . inherit the land which the

17 Every man shall give Lord thy God giveth thee. as he is able, according to 21 Thou shalt not plant the blessing of the Lord thy thee a grove of any trees God which he hath given near unto the altar of the thee.

Lord thy God, which thou 18 Judges and officers fhalt make thee. fhalt thou make thee in all 22 Neither shalt thou fet thy gates which the Lord thy thee up any image; which God giveth thee throughout the Lord thy God hatethi, thy tribes : and they shall

From the Book of JUDGE S. ,
CHAP. V. God of Israel. '

14 Lord, when thou went, THEN fang Deborah, est out of Seir, when thou

and Barak the son of marchedit out of the field of Abinoam, on that day, say- Edom, the earth trembled, ing,

and the heavens dropped, the 2 Praise ye the Lord for clouds also dropped water. the avenging of Israel, when 5 The mountains melted the people willingly offered from before the Lord: even

that Sinai from before the 3 Hear, Oye kings; give Lord God of Israel. ear, O ye princes ; I, even 6 In the days of Shamgar I, will fing unto the Lord ; the son of Anath, in the days I will fing praise to the Lord of Jael, the highways were


the pielves. o ye kesi h ord

of Jaels

unoccupied, and the travel the people': the Lord made lers walked through by- me have dominion over the ways. .

mighty. Ź The inhabitants of the 14 Out of Ephraim was yillages ceased, they ceased there a root of them against in Israel, until that I De-Amalek ; after thee, Benjaborah arofe, that I arose a min among thy people: out mother in Israel.

of Machir came down go8 They chose new gods ; ( vernors, and out of Zebu.. then was war in the gates : lun they that handle the pen was there a shield or spear of the writer. feen among forty thousand 15 And the princes of in Ifrael?

Iffachar were with Deborah; My heart is toward the even Islachar, and also Barak; governors of Israel that of- he was sent on foot into the fered themselves willingly valley. For the divisions among the people. Bless ye of Reuben there were great the Lord.

thoughts of heart. io Speak ye that ride on 16 Why abodest thou white alles, ye that fit in among the sheepfolds, to judgment, and walk by the hear the bleatings of the way.

flocks ? for the divisions of ii They that are delivered Reuben there were great from the noise of archers in searchings of heart, the places of drawing water ; 17 Gilead abode beyond there shall they rehearse the Jordan : and why did Dan righteous acts of the Lord, remain in ships ? Alher coneven the righteous acts to- tinued on the sea-shore, and wards the inhabitants of his abode in his breaches. yillages in Israel : then shall 18 Zebulun and Naphthe people of the Lord go tali were a people that jeodown to the gates. . parded their lives unto the

12 Awake, awake, De- death in the high places of borah : awake, awake, utter the field. a fong : arise, Barak, and 19 The kings came and lead thy captivity captive, fought, then fought the kings thou son of Abinoam. of Canaan in Taanach by

13 Then he made him the waters of Megiddo : they that remaineth have domi- took no gain of money... · pion over the nobles among 20 They fought from



heaven: the stars in their (fell down dead. courses fought againit Sir! 28 The mother of Sisera fera.

looked out at a window, 21 The river of Kishon and cried through the latfwept them away, that an- tice, Why is his chariot fra cient river, the river Ki-long in coming ? why tarry fhon: O my soul, thou hast the wheels of his chariot ? trodden down strength. 1 29 Her wise ladies an

22 Then were the horfe- swered her, yea, she returnhoofs broken by the means ed answer to herself, of the pranfings, the pran-1 30 Have they not sped? fings of their mighty ones. have they not divided the

23 Curse ye Meroz, faid prey, to every man a damsel the angel of the Lord, curse or two? to Sifera a prey of ye bitterly the inhabitants divers colours, a prey of thereof : because they came divers colours of needlenot to the help of the work, of divers colours of Lord, to the help of the needle-work on both sides, Lord against the mighty. meet for the necks of them

24 Blessed above women that take the spoil ? Thall Jael the wife of Heber 31 So let all thine enethe Kenite be, blessed shall mies perish, O Lord: but she be above women in the let them that love him be as tent.

the fun when he goeth forth · 25 He asked water, and in his might. And the land the gave him milk ; she had rest forty years. brought forth butter in a Jordly dish.

CHAP. XIII. ' 26 She put her hand to AND the children of Isthe nail, and her right hand rael did evil again in to the workman's hammer : the fight of the Lord; and and with the hammer she the Lord delivered them inImote Sisera; she smote off to the hand of the Philistines his head, when she had forty years. pierced and stricken through | 27 And there was a cerhis temples.

tain man of Zorah, of the 27 At her feet he bowed, family of the Danites, whose he fell, he lay down : at name was Manoah; and his her feet he bowed, he fell : wife was barren, and bare where he bowed, there he not.

. 3 And 3 And the angel of the God which thou didst fend, Lord appeared unto the wo- come again unto us, and man, and said unto her, Be- teach us what we shall do hold now, thou art barren, unto the child that shall be and bearest not: but thou born. Thalt conceive, and bear a gAnd God hearkened unto fon.

the voice of Manoah; and 4 Now therefore, beware, the angel of God came aI pray thee, and drink not gain unto the woman, as the wine, nor strong drink, and fat in the field: but Manoah eat not any unclean thing. her husband was not with

5 For lo, thou shalt con- her. ceive, and bear a fon; and 10 And the woman made no razor shall come on his hase, and ran, and shewed head: for the child shall be her husband, and said unto a Nazarite unto God from him, Behold, the man hath the womb : and he shall be appeared unto me, that came gin to deliver Israel out of unto me the other day. the hand of the Philistines. l II And Manoah arose,

6 Then the woman and went after his wife, and came and told her husband, came to the man, and said saying, A man of God came unto him, Art thou the man unto me, and his counte- that spakest unto the wonance was like the counte- man? And he said, I am. nance of an angel of God, 12 And Manoah faid, Now very terrible: but I asked | let thy words come to pass : him not whence he was, nei- How shall we order the ther told he me his name. child? and how shall we do

7 But he said unto me, unto him? Behold, thou shalt conceive, 13 And the angel of the and bear a son; and now Lord said unto Manoah, Of drink no wine, nor strong all that I said unto the wodrink, neither eat any un- man let her beware. clean thing: for the child 14 She may not eat of shall be a Nazarite to God any thing that cometh of the from the womb to the day vine, neither let her drink of his death. .

wine or strong drink, nor 8 q 'Then Manoah in- eat any unclean thing : all treated the Lord, and said, that I commanded her, let O my Lord, let the man of her observe.

15 9 And Manoah said | Manoah and to his wife. unto the angel of the Lord, Then Manoah knew that he I pray thee, let us detain was an angel of the Lord. thee until we shall have made 22 And Manoah said unto ready a kid for thee. This wife, We shall surely die,

16 And the angel of the because we have seen God. Lord said unto Manoah, 23 But his wife said unto Though thou detain me, I him, If the Lord were pleaswill not eat of thy bread : ed to kill us, he would not and if thou wilt offer a have received a burnt-offerburnt-offering, thou must ing, and a meat-offering, at offer it unto the Lord. For our hands, neither would he Manoah knew not that he have thewed us all these was an angel of the Lord. things, nor would, as at this

17 And Manoah said un- time, have told us such things to the angel of the Lord, / as these. What is thy name, that when 244 And the woman bare thy sayings come to pass we a fon, and called his name may do thee honour? Samson. And the child

18 And the angel of the grew, and the Lord blessed Lord said unto him, Why him. alkest thou thus after my 25 And the spirit of the name, seeing it is secret? Lord began to move him at

19 So Manoah took a kid, times in the camp of Dan, with a meat-offering, and between Zorah and Ethtaol. offered it upon a rock unto the Lord. And the angel

CHAP. XIV. did wonderously, and Ma-1 AND Samson went down noah and his wife looked on. O to Timnath, and saw

20 For it came to pass, a woman in Timnath, of the when the flame went up to-daughters of the Philistines: ward heaven from off the 2 And he came up and altar, that the angel of the told his father and his moLord ascended in the flame ther, and said, I have seen a of the altar. And Manoah woman in Timnath, of the and his wife looked on it, daughters of the Philistines: and fell on their faces to the now therefore get her for

me to wife. 21 But the angel of the 3 Then his father and Lord did no more appear to his mother said unto him,

of the daughters of this

that the from


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