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departed : fort to go down father: fear

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by the way.

the God of thy father : fear 24. So he sent his breth- not to go down into Egypt, ren away, and they departed: for I will there make of thee and he said unto them, See a great nation that ye fall not qut by the 4 I will go down with thee way.

into Egypt; and I will also 25 g And they went up surely bring thee up again : out of Egypt, and came into and Joseph Thall put his hand the land of Canaan unto Ja- | upon thine eyes. cob their father,

5 And Jacob rose up 26 And told him, saying, from Beer-sheba : and the Joseph is yet alive, and he is fons of Israel carried Jacob governor over all the land of their father, and their little Egypt. And Jacob's heart ones, and their wives, in the fainted, for he believed them waggons which Pharaoh had not.

sent to carry him. 27 And they told him all 6 And they took their the words of Joseph which cattle, and their goods which he had said unto them: and they had gotten in the land of when he saw the waggons Canaan, and came into which Joseph had sent to Egypt, Jacob, and all his carry him, the spirit of Ja- seed with him. cob their father revived. 7 His sons, and his sons

28 And Israel said, It is fons with him, his daughenough; Joseph my son is ters and his sons daughters, yet alive; I will go and see and all his feed brought he him before I die.

with him into Egypt.

28 9 And he fent Judah CHAP. XLVI.

before him unto Jofeph, to A ND Ifrael took his direct his face unto Goshen:

A journey, with all that and they came into the land he had, and came to Beer- of Goshen. sheba, and offered sacrifices 29 And Jofeph made ready unto the God of his father his chariot, and went up to Ifaac.

meet Ifrael his father, to 2. And God spake unto Goshen; and presented himIfrael in the visions of the self unto him: and he fell on night, and said, Jacob, Jacob; his neck, and wept on his and he said, here am I. neck a good while.. 3 And he said, I am God, 30 And Israel said unto

Joseph, Joseph, Now let me die, his brethren, even five men, since I have seen thy face, and presented them unto Phabecause thou art yet alive. raoh.

31 And Joseph said unto 3 And Pharaoh said unto his brethren, and unto his his brethren, What is your father's house, I will go up, occupation? and they said and shew Pharaoh, and say unto Pharaoh, Thy servants unto him, My brethren, and are shepherds, both we, and my father's house, which were also our fathers. in the land of Canaan, are 4 They said moreover uncome unto me:

to Pharaoh, For to sojourn 32 And the men are shep- in the land are we come ; herds; for their trade hath for thy servants have no been to feed cattle: and they pasture for their flocks ; for have brought their flocks, the famine is fore in the land and their herds, and all that of Canaan: now therefore, they have.

we pray thee, let thy servants. 33 And it shall come to dwell in the land of Goshen. pass when Pharaoh shall call 5 And Pharaoh spake unto you, and shall fay, What is Joseph, saying, Thy father, your occupation

and thy brethren, are conic 34 That ye shall say, Thy unto thee: servants trade hath been about 6 The land of Egypt is cattle, from our youth even before thee : In the best of until now, both we, and also the land make thy father and our fathers : that ye may brethren to dwell; in the dwell in the land of Goshen; land of Goshen let them for every shepherd is an abo- dwell : and if thou knowest mination unto the Egyptians. any men of activity amongst

them, then make them rulers CHAP. XLVII. over my cattle. THEN Joseph came and! 7 And Joseph brought

I told Pharaoh ; and said, in Jacob his father, and set My father, and my brethren, him before Pharaoh : and and their flocks, and their Jacob blesled Pharaoh. herds, and all that they have, 8 And Pharaoh said unto are come out of the land of Tacob, How old art thou? Canaan : and behold, they 9 And Jacob faid unto are in the land of Goshen. Pharaoh, The days of the 2 And he took some of years of my pilgrimage are

an hundred and thirty years; 1 Joseph, and said, "Give us few and evil have the days of bread : for why should we the years of my life been, die in thy presence ? for the and have not attained unto money faileth... the days of the years of the 16 And Joseph said, Give life of my fathers in the days your cattle; and I will give of their pilgrimage.

you for your cattle, if money 10 And Jacob blessed Pha-fail. raoh, and went out from be- 17 And they brought their fore Pharaoh,

cattle unto Jofeph : and JoII And Joseph placed feph gave them bread in exhis father, and his brethren, change for horses, and for the and gave them a poffeffion flocks, and for the cattle of in the land of Egypt, in the the herds, and for the asses : best of the land, in the land and he fed them with bread, of Rameses, as Pharaoh had for all their cattle, for that commanded,

year. 12 And Joseph nourished 18 When that year was his father, and his brethren, ended, they came unto him and all his father's houshold, the second year, and said unto with bread, according to their him, We will not hide it families,

from my lord, how that our 13 And there was no bread money is spent : my lord in all the land; for the fa- | also hath our herds of cattle; mine was very sore ; so that there is not ought left in the the land of Egypt and all fight of my lord, but our the land of Canaan fainted bodies, and our lands: by reason of the famine. I 19 Wherefore shall we die

14 And Joseph gathered before thine eyes, both we up all the money that was and our land ? buy us and found in the land of Egypt, our land for bread, and we and in the land of Canaan, and our land will be servants for the corn which they unto Pharaoh : and give us bought: and Joseph brought feed, that we may live and the money into Pharaoh's not die, that the land be not house.

delolate. 15 And when money failed 20 And Joseph bought all in the land of Egypt, and the land of Egypt for Phain the land of Canaan, all raoh: for the Egyptians fold the Egyptians came unto every man his field, because

the the famine prevailed over | only, which became not Phathem : fo the land became raoh's.. Pharaoh's.

1 27 And. Ifrael dwelt in : 21 And as for the people, the land of Egypt, in the he removed them to cities country of Gothen; and they from one end of the borders had poffeffions therein, and of Egypt, even to the other grew, and multiplied ex. end thereof. .

ceedingly. “ 22 Only the land of the 28 And Jacob lived in priests bought he not: for the land of Egypt seventeen the priests had a portion af-years: fo the whole age of figned them of Pharaoh, and Jacob was an hundred forty did eat their portion which and seven years. Pharaoh gave them; where- 29 And the time drew fore they sold not their lands. nigh that Ifrael must die :

23 Then Jofeph said unto and he called his son Joseph, the people, Behold, I have and said unto him, If now I bought you this day, and have found grace in thy sight, your land for Pharaoh: lo, put, I pray thee, thy hand here is seed for you, and ye under my thigh, and deal Ihall fow the land.

kindly and truly with me ; 24 And it shall come to bury me not, I pray thee, pass in the increase, that ye in Egypt. Thall give the fifth part unto 30 But I will lie with my Pharaoh, and four parts shall fathers, and thou shalt carry be your own, for feed of the me out of Egypt, and bury field, and for your food, and me in their burying-place: for them of your housholds, and he said, I will do as thou and for food for your little haft said. ones.

31 And he said, Swear 25 And they said, Thou unto me: and he sware unto haft saved our lives : let us | him. And Israel bowed himfind grace in the fight of my self upon the bed's head. lord, and we will be Pharaoh's servants.

CHAP. XLVIII, 26 And Joseph made it a law over the land of Egypt AND it came to pass unto this day, that Pharaoh II after these things, that should have the fifth part; one told Joseph, Behold, thy except the land of the priests father is fick : and he took

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with him his two fons, Ma- way of Ephrath, the fame is nasfeh and Ephraim.

Beth-lehem. 2 And one told Jacob, and 8 And Israel beheld Jofaid, Behold thy son Joseph seph's sons, and faid, Who cometh unto thee: and Israel are these ? strengthened himself, and fat 9 And Joseph said unto

his father, They are my sons, 39 And Jacob faid unto whom God hath given me Joseph, God Almighty ap- in this place: and he said, peared unto me at Luz in Bring them, I pray thee, the land of Canaan, and unto me, and I will bless blessed me,

them. . . 4. And laid unto me, Be- 10 Now the eyes of Israel hold I will make thee fruit were dim for age, so that he ful, and multiply thee, and I could not see: and he brought will make of thee a multi-them near unto him ; and he gude of people; and will give kissed them, and embraced this land to thy feed after them. thee, for an everlasting pof- 11 And Israel said unto fellion.

Joseph, I had not thought to 5 And now thy two sons, see thy face : and lo, God Ephraim and Manasseh, hath shewed me also thy seed. which were born unto thee 12 And Joseph brought in the land of Egypt, be- them out from between his fore I came unto thee into knees, and he bowed himself Egypt, are mine ; as Reun with his face to the earth. ben and Simeon they shall 13 And Joseph took them be mine.

both, Ephraim in his right 6 And thy issue which hand toward Israel's left hand, thou · begettest after them, and Manasseh in his left hand thall be thine, and shall be toward Israel's right hand, and called after the name of their brought them near unto him. brethren in their inheritance. 14 And Ifrael ftretched

7 And as for me, when I out his right hand, and laid came from Padan, Rachel it upon Ephraim's head, wha died by me in the land of was the younger, and his left Canaan, in the way, when hand upon Manasseh's head: yet there was but a little way guiding his hands wittingly: to come unto Ephrath : and | for Manasseh was the firstI buried her there in the born.

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