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Came indeed down at the first father well, the old man of time to buy food.

whom ye spake? is he yet 21 And it came to pass alive? when we came to the inn, 28 And they answered, that we opened our facks, and Thy servant our father is in behold, every man's money good health, he is yet alive ; was in the mouth of his fack, and they bowed down their our money in full weight: heads, and made obeisance. and we have brought it again 29 And he lift up his in our hand.

eyes, and saw his brother 22 And other money have Benjamin, his mother's son, we brouglat down in our and said, Is this your younhands to buy food : we can- ger brother, of whom ye not tell who put our money spake unto me? and he said, in our facks.

TGod be gracious unto thee, 23 And he said, Peace be my son. to you, fear not: your God, 30 And Joseph made hafte; and the God of your father, for his bowels did yearn upon hath given you treasure in his brother; and he fought your facks. I had your mo- where to weep; and he enney, and he brought Simeon tered into his chamber, and out unto them.

wept there. 24. And the man brought 31 And he washed his the men into Joseph's house, face, and went out, and reand gave them water, and they frained himself, and said, Set washed their feet: and he on bread. gave their asses provender. | 32 And they set on for

259 And they made ready him by himself, and for them the present against Joseph by themselves, and for the came at noon : for they Egyptians which did eat heard that they Thould eat with him, by themselves ; bread there.

because the Egyptians might 26 And when Joseph came not eat bread with the He. home, they brought him the brews : for that is an abomipresent which was in their nation unto the Egyptians. hand into the house, and 33 And they sat before bowed themselves to him to him, the first-born according the earth.

to his birth-right, and the 27 And he asked them of youngest according to his their welfare, and said, Is your youth : and the men marvelTм


wat another led one at another. J and he spake unto them thefe

34 And he took and fent fame words. messes unto them from be- ! ; And they said unto him, fore him; but Benjamin's Wherefore faith 'my lord mess was five times so much these words? God forbid as any of their's. And they that thy fervants fhould do drank, and were merry with according to this thing. him.

8 Behold, the money

which we found in our facks CHAP. XLIV.

mouths, we brought again AND he commanded the unto thee out of the land of A fteward of his houfe, Canaan: how then should we saying, Fill the men's facks steal out of thy lord's house with food, as much as they silver or gold?' can carry, and put every 9 With whom foever of man's money in his fack's thy servants ik be found, mouth.

il both let him die, and we also 2 And put my cup, the will be my lord's bondmen. silver cup, in the fack's mouth . 10 And he said, Now also of the youngest, and his let it be according unto your corn-money: and he did ac- words, he with whom it is cording to the word that Jo- found shall be my servant : feph had spoken

and ye shall be blameless. * 3 As foon as the morning i Then they speedily was light, the men were sent took down every man his away, they and their affes. fack to the ground, and

4 And when they were opened every man his fack. gone out of the city, and not 12 And he searched, and yet far off, Joseph said unto began at the eldest, and left his steward, Up, follow after at the youngest : and the cup the men; and when thou was found in Benjamin's dost overtake them, say unto lack. them, Wherefore have ye re- 13 Then they rent their warded evil for good ? cloaths, and laded every man

5 Is not this it in which his ass, and returned to the my lord drinketh ; and city. whereby indeed he divineth ? 14 And Judah and his ye have done evil in fo brethren came to Jofeph's doing.

house ; (for he was yet there:) 6 And he overtook them, and they fell before him on


the ground.

father loveth him. 15 And Joseph said unto 21 And thou saidft unto them, What deed is this that thy servants, Bring him down ye have done? wot ye not unto me, that I may set mine that such a man as I can cer- eyes upon him. tainly divine ?

22 And we said unto my 16 And Judah faid, What lord, The lad cannot leave shall we say unto my lord ? his father : for if he should what shall we speak? or how leave his father, his father shall we clear ourselves ? would die. God hath found out the 23 And thou faidst unto iniquity of thy fervants : be- thy fervants; Except your hold, we are my lord's ser-youngest brother come down vants, both we, and he also, with you, ye shall see my face with whom the cup is no more. found.

24. And it came to pass, 17 And he saidGod for when we came up unto thy bid that I should do so; but servant my father, we told the man in whose hand the him the words of my lord, cup is found, he shall be my 25 And our father faid, fervant; and as for you, get Go again, and buy us a little you up in peace unto your food. father.

26 And we faid, We can18 Then Judah came not go down: if our youngnear unto him, and faid; eft brother be with us, then Oh, my lord, let thy servant, will we go down: for we may I pray thee, speak a word in not see the man's face except my lord's ears, and let not our youngest brother be with thine anger burn against thy | us. servant : for thou art even as 27 And thy servant my fa. Pharaoh.

ther said unto us, Ye know 19 My lord asked his fer- that my wife' bare me two vants, saying; Have ye a fa-l fons : ther, or a brother? [ 28 And the one went out

20 And we said unto my from me, and I said, Surely lörd, We have a father, an he is torn to pieces, and I old man; and a child of his law him not since: old age, a little one ; and his 29 And if ye take this also brother is dead, and he alone from me, and mischief befal is left of his mother, and his him, ye shall bring down my

M 2


grey hairs with forrow to the himself known . unto his grave.

brethren. 30 Now therefore when 2 And he wept aloud : I come to thy servant my and the Egyptians and the father, and the lad be not house of Pharaoh heard. with us; (seeing that his life 3 And Joseph said unto is bound up in the lad's his brethren, I am Joseph; life :)

| doth my father yet live? and 31 It shall come to pass, his brethren could not anwhen he seeth that the lad is swer him: for they were not with us, that he will die ; troubled at his presence. . and thy servants shall bring 4 And Jofeph faid unto down the grey hairs of thy his brethren, Come near to servant our father with for- me, I pray you ; and they row to the grave.

came near: and he said I am 32 For thy fervant became Joseph your brother, whom furety for the lad unto my ye sold into Egypt. . father, saying, If I bring him 5 Now therefore be not not unto thee, then I shall | grieved, nor angry with bear the blame to my father yourselves, that ye fold me for ever.

hither; for God did send me 33 Now therefore I pray before you to preserve life. thee, let thy fervant abide | 6 For these two years hath instead of the lad, a bondman the famine been in the land: to my lord, and let the lad and yet there are five years, go up with his brethren. - in the which there mail nei

34 For how shall I go up ther be earing nor harvest. to my father, and the lad be 7 And God sent me before not with me? left peradven- you to preserve you a pofte. ture I fee the evil that shall /rity in the earth, and to save come on my father. your lives by a great delive

rance. CHAP. XLV.

8 So now it was not you

that sent me hither, but God; T HEN Joseph could and he hath made me a father

not refrain himself be- to Pharaoh, and lord of fore all them that stood by all his house, and a ruler him: and he cried, Caufe throughout all the land of every man to go out from Egypt. me: and there stood no man 99 Hafte ye, and go up with him, while Joseph made to my father, and say unto him, Thus faith thy fon Jo-1 Pharaoh well; and his ferseph, God hath made me vants. lord of all Egypt: come down 17 And Pharaoh said unto unto me, tarry not.

Joseph, Say unto thy breth10 And thou shalt dwell ren, This do ye : lade your in the land of Goshen, and beasts, and go, get ye into the thou shalt be near unto me, land of Canaan; thou and thy children, and 18 And take your father, thy children's children, and and your housholds, and thy Alocks, and thy herds, come unto me, and I will and all that thou hast. give you the good of the

il And there will I nou- land of Egypt, and ye shall rith thee: (for yet there are eat the fat of the land. five years of famine ;) left 1 19. Now thou art comthou and thy houshold, and manded, this do ye ; take ye all that thou hast come to waggons out of the land of poverty.

Egypt for your little ones, 12 And behold, your eyes and for your wives, and see, and the eyes of my bro- bring your father, and come. ther Benjamin, that it is my 20 Also regard not your mouth that speaketh unto stuff, for the good of all the you.

| land of Egypt is yours. 13 And ye shall tell my 21 And the children or father of all my glory in Ifrael did so: and Joseph gave Egypt, and of all that ye them waggons according to have seen: and ye shall haste, the commandment of Phaand bring down my father raoh, and gave them provihither.

fion for the way. 14 And he fell upon his 22 To all of them he gave brother Benjamin's neck, each man changes of raiand wept; and Benjamin ment: but to Benjamin he wept upon his neck. gave three hundred pieces of

15 Moreover he kissed all lilver, and five changes of his brethren, and wept upon raiment. them: and after that his 23 And to his father he brethren talked with him. fent after this manner; ten

16 And the fame thereof asles laden with the good was heard in Pharaoh's things of Egypt, and ten ihehouse, saying, Joseph's breth-asses laden with corn and ren are come: and it pleased bread and meat for his father | M3


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