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blood, might co-operate to the wonderful changes that were made upon the persons He healed; though I should say all this, I should not perhaps contradict the principles of philosophy, nor the economy of faith. For we find in Holy Writ, that there was requisite towards their cures a belief of the power of the Operator; which, though it was properly an act of the mind, yet it must certainly have produced a mighty flame of imagination and a rapid motion of the animal spirits. But this is a thought I dare scarce warrant myself in, and therefore I wish it almost unsaid.

"But whatever effects this rapidity of motion in the spirits and blood, raised by a strong impression on the imagination, may produce, in laying or raising fermentations in the body, or altering the crases of the fluids, it is hardly possible, at least highly improbable, that any such impression of fancy could restore a bone long dislocated into its proper place; where both the recipient and the thing to be received were, by a necessary consequence from anatomy and the structure of the parts, rendered utterly unfit for such a rejunction.

"If it is said, why should God work such a miracle, if it be any? (as I shall never determine ;) I must own to your Ladyship, that if I do not know all the secrets of nature, I do much less know the secrets of the Author of nature; yet, after all, if He should think fit to do such an extraordinary thing in the age in which we live, we must all confess there is occasion enough for it; since the very existence of a Supreme Being, and his power and authority, is so much questioned. Nor need we search long to find a reason why the subject on which this is wrought should be one of those who have forsaken and sacrified all for their persuasion about the truth of religion, and who are under so severe a persecution for it; since this both carries a character of God's tenderness to them, and may be a mean to awaken our regard and charity for them, which are now run too low. And this is one use I am sure your Ladyship will make of the whole matter, you and your noble and generous husband not being satisfied with all the good you do yourselves, but as you can engage others to follow so worthy a pattern as you both give them which, among many other reasons, engages me to be, with all possible respect, Madam, your Ladyship's most humble and obedient servant,


"J. W."

"Charlotte Charisere, who was for a long time a resister of the teaching of the Spirit, and willingly disbelieving the promises of God, would now bear testimony to His almighty power and longsuffering patience.

"It had pleased the Lord, that for the space of fourteen months I should bear His fatherly chastisement in the way of severe and constant bodily suffering; and from many painful causes I was disabled from walking, except from my bed-room to the sitting-room, and that with pain and exhaustion, the sufferings always being increased when in any other than a recumbent position. During this period I resisted and earnestly warned those who, led by the Spirit,

were taught to take God at his word, and firmly believe his promises with respect to the bodies of his people, and that all things are possible to him that believeth.


"Friday evening, October 14, 1831, it pleased God to send my Christian friend (Mrs. Bulteel) to see me: the Lord taught her to speak of his wonderful works, and, with prayer for the teaching of the Spirit, I was led to determine on searching, with an unprejudiced eye the word of God. On Saturday my beloved friend in the Lord Mr. Bulteel returned from London, and was led to see me. spoke much of the mighty works of the Lord, and prayed earnestly that He would shew his mighty power, and give us an increase of faith to wrestle like Jacob. I felt convinced of the ability and willingness of God to do all things, in answer to the prayer of faith. I retired to bed, and fell asleep till midnight, when I awoke and spent many hours in prayer (persuaded that the Lord would answer), earnestly desiring, in submission to His will, that I might be raised up and enabled to walk to the house of his servant, Mr. Bulteel. I fell asleep at four, but soon awoke, and the same assurance was strong on my mind, that the prayer of faith shall save the sick, &c. At about three o'clock in the afternoon of the same day (Sunday, October 16), I felt persuaded that I could, by the Lord's enabling, walk to Mr. B.'s house: I did so, and walked home, without any pain or difficulty. From that time I have been PERFECTLY restored to health. May this statement be for the glory of God, that His almighty power and long-suffering patience, so wonderfully displayed towards the same object, may be known.'

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"Oxford, Nov. 25, 1831."


written to a Christian Friend, shortly after her restoration.

My dear brother in Jesus,-As you have known my affliction, it will, I am sure, give you pleasure to hear of the Lord's gracious dealings with me, in that, in answer to prayer, he hath restored me to a more perfect state of health than I have known for fifteen years. In a letter received from our dear brother, when in London, a few weeks since, he mentioned his having been particularly led to ask the Lord that He would manifest his power by raising me from my bed of sickness, and glorify Himself in my restoration, and that he felt the prayer would be answered. On Monday the 17th of October, two days after his return from London, he came into my room, and was led to pray with such power as I never heard before, and the Lord enabled me to believe that his request should be granted; but it was not till the following Sabbath that the Lord brought it with power to my soul, when, as he was praying, I felt that it was done, and that feeling was accompanied with the words 'I will put strength in thee,' which God enabled me to rely on. In the evening, after service, I requested my brother to pray with me, and to praise God for granting our desires, for I should walk down stairs to-morrow. The Lord strengthened my confidence, and I believed it would be done, because God had said it; and He so filled me with Himsel

that the body sunk under the weight. Yes, my dear brother, there is a weight of glory to be felt and known, even here. My affliction had been made light to me, through the abundant mercy of God shewn to my soul; but, viewing it after the manner of men, it was great-fifteen years of unremitting pain. I do not say it was always great, but it was constant, and at times perfect agony, from the frequent formation of abscesses on the liver, which were generally about three months in forming, attended with great inflammation, requiring frequent bleeding and blistering. The liver itself was by some medical men supposed to have adhered to the side. The least change of position, as yourself have witnessed, occasioned great suffering. There were other internal complaints, which no medicine ever reached; the true nature of which, medical men were unable to ascertain. My first confinement lasted seven years, when it pleased God partially to restore me; but in every respect that restoration was very different from the present, being so very gradual that at first I could scarcely bear more than to have my clothes on, and then to lie on the sofa placed close to the bed for about half an hour at a time, and some days I was not able to leave my bed at all : when able to walk, it was with great pain and difficulty, between two persons. During the whole of the two years ofthis restoration, though I was enabled to visit Southampton and the Isle of Wight, yet I was never once free from pain. But in the present instance it was sudden, after a second confinement of nearly five years. During the last summer I had been twice induced to make an attempt to walk into an adjoining room, and once a very short time only before it pleased God to manifest his power in my restoration; but each time the sickness, shivering, cough, and violent pain, returned, which had always attended change of position; so that the complaint was thought by many to be spinal. It is also worthy of remark, that during the whole time of my illness it never once came into my mind to ask for restoration to health, till the receipt of my brother's letter from London. On Monday, October 24, 1831, it was that I rose from my bed in the strength of the Lord, and walked down stairs, as I had said I should do the day before; and on Tuesday I was not only able to take my meals with the family, but also to walk about the town.-Oh, my dear friend, what cannot the Lord do! Let gainsayers say what they please, we must, we will, give all the glory to the Lord; for it was His power, and that alone, agreeably to his own promise, 'I will put strength in thee,' which effected it. Oh, may it be a means of strengthening our faith! and pray, my dear brother, that I may live to His glory; that in spirit, soul, and body I may be His; sanctified and prepared to the service of Him, who hath ever been mindful of me. "Yours, in our precious Jesus, 'Mary Sadler."


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"The following account of Elizabeth Sawdy's case I have just written in presence of her father and mother.—

"E. Sawdy, when about six years of age, began to be afflicted with a complaint in her bowels, supposed to be an enlargement of one of

the glands which pressed upon the back-bone; so that from time to time medical advice was resorted to, till October last, when she completed her fourteenth year. On the 22d of that month a medical man in Oxford was applied to, who, having seen her on the 24th, distinctly told her father and mother that she was past the aid of medicine, declaring his belief that there was a formation in the bowels, and that, though something might be done to ease her, it was hopeless to think of her recovery. On the 26th I myself saw the child, and spoke to her of the near prospect of her dissolution. I asked her if she was not afraid to die? She answered, without a moment's hesitation, No, sir.—I said then, ' How is it that you are not afraid to die? She said, 'Because I am pardoned.'-I asked, 'When did you know that you were pardoned?' She said,' Last night.'-I then said, 'What word of Scripture taught you that you were pardoned?' She said, 'It is good for me that I have been afflicted, that I might learn thy statutes.'-From that time her faith remained unshaken; and, though day after day she was exercised with the most excruciating bodily tortures, whenever she was able to speak her language was one continued flow of Scripture, and of ejaculations of praise to God and her Lord Jesus Christ. From the Friday after I first saw her, to the morning of her recovery, she was tortured by continual spasms and convulsions, which prevented her at times both from speaking and swallowing. Her stomach, which had for some years presented the appearance of a person in a dropsy, had also contracted a hardness, which it was found impossible to remove by any applications or bathings whatever. During this time her mother, and several Christian friends, had been in the habit of praying with her, and asking the Lord to recover her, seeing that all human help was vain; and she herself, the night previous to her restoration, put up this short petition, Speak, Lord, and thy servant shall be healed. On the following morning all the symptoms remained the same; convulsions, spasms, hardness of stomach, and spitting of blood. A few minutes before ten, her mother, having gone down stairs, heard her knocking the floor above; and having gone up, she said that 'it had come to her mind that she could walk if she was to try.' Her mother said, 'If such a thing were to come to my mind I should try.' She instantly got up and walked about the room, leaning on her mother; then let go her hold and walked by herself, when she suddenly fell down upon the ground, as though she had been shot : she was then laid upon the bed in a state of convulsion, so that her mother thought it was a paralytic seizure. In this state she lay full twenty minutes, when they laid her before the fire, and propped her up with pillows till about half past eleven, when she recovered, and said, 'I am well; I feel no pain in my back, no pain in my head, and my bowels and all are well; Christ has healed me body and soul.' From that moment she has continued perfectly well; the stomach being perfectly soft, and having no extraordinary appearances. She swept the house the same afternoon, and was up at five the next morning, and returned thanks at my prayer-meeting at half past six.


"St. Ebbe's, November 25, 1831.



"Edge-Hill, Liverpool, Nov. 26, 1831.

"My very dear and much beloved friends in the Lord,

"I thank God that he has now strengthened me to embrace the privilege of writing to you, which gives me great joy and thankfulness. All the glory be to Him who alone giveth power to the faint, and to them that have no might he increaseth strength. Now, my dear friends, I will proceed to give you some little account of the wonderful dealings of our Heavenly Father, since it pleased him to separate us. My sufferings have been very great since your departure. On the 18th of October I was visited, besides my other complaints, with a severe attack of cholera, which caused most agonizing pain. For one month, night and day, my body was drawn in all directions, and most violent vomitings continued for a fortnight, which reduced me at times more like one dead than living. On the 26th of October I was laid in great pain, when, early in the morning, a strong impression was made upon my mind, as if a voice had spoken unto me; Go forth and tell what great things the Lord hath done for thy soul! I immediately felt the flesh to resist the message, and I said, I cannot; I am too weak: but the words were more strongly impressed upon my mind. Take the sword of the Spirit, and hold it up, and thou shalt be enabled to resist the devil. But still I felt the great enemy of souls arise within : but my God, who is rich in mercy, enabled me by faith to lay hold of his most holy word; for these words came into my mind with great power, 'The Eternal God is thy refuge, and underneath are the Everlasting Arms, and He shall thrust out the enemy before thee.' I immediately felt as if I could bear all things, whatsoever was the will of God: for the promises so abundantly flowed into my mind, with such beauty and peace, as I never before experienced; and I was frequently constrained to say to my family, 'The Lord is about to work some change in me or in my family.' This continued till Saturday the 29th. In the morning my sufferings increased much for some hours, until my weakness was so great that I could scarcely be heard to speak, and was even afraid to be spoken to When, all at once, about one o'clock in the afternoon, I felt filled with the power of the Holy Spirit; and I felt that the message was to them of my own family; and I was enabled to speak by the power of the Holy Spirit. The voice was so loud that it might have been heard in any part of the house. I immediately desired all in the house to surround my bed, which they did. It was all in holding forth Christ as the only refuge for guilty sinners warning them to flee from the wrath to come: the voice was unto each of them. You will be well aware, my dear friends, what the language of the Spirit of God was. I frequently told them it was not I that was speaking, but that it was really the Spirit of God speaking within me. And, my dear friends, you may think what the power of the Spirit must have been, when those who are living in neglect of God were constrained to say 'This is a message from God, and a great one too, and may we never forget it!' This speaking continued from one o'clock till about six. I felt myself during this

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