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war; in which, such enormous excesses are committed, as is scarce credible of human beings: especially of civilized mortals enlightened by revelation. Whence it is evident, that it remains to be fulfiled at the restoration of the Jews by the true Messiah, when it shall please God in his mercy, to redeem them.

L. Alexander, Printer, 40, Whitechapel Road.


[blocks in formation]

1 A new and correct translation of the Jewish Festival Service, in Hebrew and English Complete, in Six Volumes, Royal 8vo. price £6. Bound.

2 A new and correct Edition, of the Daily Prayers, Royal 8vo. price 15s. Bound.

3 A most splendid Edition, of the Service of the two first Nights of Passover, adorned with Maps, Plates, and explanations thereto, 4to. price £1. 5s. Bound.

4 The Pentateuch, in Hebrew and English, with Critical and Grammatical remarks, the whole forming a complete body of the Mosaical Dispensation; to which is added the Sections of the Prophets, with reasons

assigned for their insertion; in 5 vols 8vo. price £ 2.10s. Bound.

5 The Life of the late Benjamin Goldsmid, Esq. of Roehampton, with remarks on his unfortunate Suicide; embellished with an elegant Portrait of Mrs. Goldsmid. 12mo. price 6s. in Boards.

6 The Axe Laid to the Root; or, ignorance and superstition evident in the character of the Rev. Solomon Hirschell. Containing moral Letters addressed to him, in consequence of his ordering the trees to be Felled, which had grown for a number of years, in the Old Burial Ground, Mile-End Road; price 1s. 6d. Sewed.

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